Trapp Fragrances (Candles) Wax Melts

Trapp Fragrances (Candles) Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Trapp Fragrances (Candles) Wax Melts. Everyone should have at least a couple of Trapp Wax Melts in their scented wax melt collection. These are high quality luxury melts, not scents to melt in your kid's room or put by the cat litter box. They're meant to be savored, like a fine wine! So get out the champagne and strawberries, draw a bath, and enjoy the sophisticated scent of a Trapp wax melt!

Trapp Fragrances Wax Melts can be ordered from the Trapp Fragrances website.

Most of these scents are different from scents I've smelled in any other wax melt brand. They're incredibly authentic and realistic. Many of them smell like an upscale furniture store or expensive hotel. And most of them had excellent throw, several of which were scent monsters that took over the house. And for the most part, the scents lasted a very long time, many hours, even an entire day.

They are expensive, $8.00 for 2.6 oz. in 2018, while the average price for other retail/ store-bought wax melt brands is around $2 to $3. You can buy 3 for $21, which works out to $7.00. That's still expensive, but then again, the scents are phenomenal, and these are luxury melts that you're not going to buy every day.

The wax is quite soft and messy, greasy and very slippery, and some have watery oil on the surface. I had a few bars slip out of my hands as the heat from my hands started melting them. The wax is also difficult to get out of the package because of how slippery it is and because of the shape of the pieces. Like most wax melts out there, the pieces are scored so that you can easily break them apart. But the pieces are different sizes, so unless you've used this brand before, you won't know how much to put into the warmer. I've figured that the largest piece (in the top corner) is roughly the size of one regular sized cube of wax. The smaller pieces can be put into the warmer two at a time. So although you get 9 sections of wax, you really get 6 melts out of them, which is standard among wax melts. You also have to make sure that when you're done, the plastic package snaps completely shut. With a couple of them I went back and saw that one end had not snapped shut when I thought I had closed them. A small opening could allow the oils to seep out and create a mess, as well as causing the scent to dissipate in time when mixed with the air.

In summary, I feel that the "pros" of these fantastic, sophisticated, high quality, authentic, excellent throwing, long lasting scents outweigh the "cons" of the high price, messy wax, and difficult packaging.

Complex, authentic, sophisticated and luxurious scents that you won't find anywhere else. Fantastic scents, throw and duration.
Extremely expensive. Very messy, slippery wax. Clamshells don't close easily; you have to make sure they snap shut on every side. Pretty much only available online, although you may find 2 or 3 discontinued scents at Tuesday Morning stores. They rarely come out with new scents (maybe 2 or 3 a year), so the 33 or so scents on their website are pretty much all they have.
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Trapp Fragrances (Candles) Wax Melt Reviews


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