Trapp Fragrances Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Trapp Fragrances Wax Melts, which are expensive ($9.00!), high quality, luxury melts with fantastic, unique, authentic scents and very good throw. Visit

The wax is soft and greasy, and some have watery oil on the surface. The pieces are oddly shaped, making them messy and difficult to break off with the slippery texture. And the different sized pieces make it difficult to know how much to put in the warmer. You also have to make sure to completely snap the clamshell shut. Still, the pros outweigh the cons, and we highly recommend these luxury wax melts!

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2018-07Amber & Bergamot (No. 21)Perfumey4
2018-07Burmese Wood (No. 45)Incense4
2018-07Fine Linen (No. 67)Floral4
2018-07Guava Mango (No. 12)Fruity4
2018-07Patchouli Sandalwood (No. 7)Incense4
2018-07Pure Peony (No. 63)Floral4
2017-10Fireside PumpkinFoodie4
2017-10Golden CypressPine4
2017-10Lemon Sugar CookieLemon/Lime4
2017-10Orange CloveCinnamon4
2017-10White FirPine4
2017-07Bamboo Sugar Cane (No. 28)Tropical4
2017-07Black Orchid Ylang (No. 70)Floral4
2017-07Black Pepper (No. 41)Misc2
2017-07Bob's Flower Shoppe (No. 13)Floral5
2017-07Fig & Mimosa (No. 66)Currant3
2017-07Fresh Cut Tuberose (No. 8)Perfumey5
2017-07Indigo Acai (No. 71)Perfumey4
2017-07Jasmine Gardenia (No. 60)Floral5
2017-07Lavender de Provence (No. 25)Lavender5
2017-07Lemongrass Verbena (No. 10)Spa4
2017-07Mediterranean Fig (No. 14)Herbal4
2017-07Orange Vanilla (No. 4)Orange5
2017-07Quince & Pomegranate (No. 61)Fruity4
2017-07Sexy Cinnamon (No. 39)Cinnamon4
2017-07Teak & Oud Wood (No. 68)Woodsy4
2017-07Water (No. 20)Perfumey4
2017-07White Lotus & Lychee (No. 64)Tropical4
2017-07Wild Currant (No. 24)Currant5
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