WoodWick Melon Blossom Wax Melt Review

February 19, 2021

WoodWick Melon Blossom Wax Melt Review

This is a review of the WoodWick Melon Blossom wax melt scent from Walmart, the only new WoodWick scent at Walmart for the spring 2021 season.

Melon Blossom
A sun-drenched combination of juicy melon, cucumber, and baobab traced with violet left and lemon blossom
This smells like watermelon candy, jasmine, and maybe peach. But some of the sweetness is tempered by a dull, watery cucumbery note. I'm not a fan of watermelon, cucumber or peach scents in general, so I'm not really a fan of this scent. Although it does smell better melted than on cold sniff, a bit sweeter and with more of the floral note. Looking at the notes, there's the melon and cucumber. I guess violet is the floral. I don't detect lemon at all. Baobab is a tree from Africa and Australia. Baobab flowers supposedly have a tart, citrusy scent at first, but in full bloom they supposedly smell like decaying flesh. Thankfully I don't smell anything nearly that bad in this scent!

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