WoodWick Wax Melt Reviews (Walmart)

August 26, 2021

WoodWick Wax Melts Reviews from Walmart

This is a review of the WoodWick Elderberry Bourbon and Juniper & Berry wax melts scent from Walmart, the only 2 new WoodWick wax melts at Walmart for Fall 2021.

Elderberry Bourbon
A richly complex fragrance of deep red berries, aged wood, bourbon, and clove
On cold sniff this smells like a combination of fruit and wood. But melted, I don't really smell the wood, and it smells like a deep, rich scent of plum and blackberry, with a bit of mahogany (although not actually woodsy), and a smidgen of vanilla. I really like it. I don't smell bourbon per se, but maybe that's what makes it so rich. Although on cold sniff and from close up, it has a slightly tart wine note that thankfully I don't actually smell in the room (although when melting, I do detect a smidgen of a blackberry wine note that I do like). And in the room it's so rich that I get almost a caramely note (which is probably the bourbon), that I don't smell on cold sniff or close up. Looking at the notes, I don't smell clove (although that might be adding to the warmth and richness).

Juniper & Spruce
Juniper berry, blue spruce, and frosted sage perfectly balanced with soft notes of tuberose and cedar
Despite the scent name, there are NO pine, spruce or juniper type notes in this scent! This is the least sprucey spruce scent I've ever smelled! It's a sweet scent with herbal, fruity (peach?) notes, and sweet floral (jasmine or gardenia?) notes. It has a smidgen of bitterness that makes it smell a little bit like ScentSationals Enchanted, although I don't actually smell rose. And there "could" be a barely detectable smidgen of garden mint or something green, way way in the background. It's a nice scent, but smells like a lot of other scents.

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