WoodWick Wild Berry & Beets Wax Melt Review

March 9, 2022

WoodWick Wild Berry & Beets Wax Melt Review

This is a review of the WoodWick Wild Berry & Beets wax melt scent, the only new WoodWick scent at Walmart for Spring 2022.

I only found this at one Walmart store (for $5.00), and as of March 9, 2022 it's not on the Walmart website. But you can find it on the Yankee Candle/WoodWick website for $6.00.

Wild Berry & Beets
Top: Mint, Wild Strawberry, Wild Raspberry; Mid: Beets, Orange, Winter Greens; Base: Patchouli, Oak, Orris
Why would anyone want their house to smell like beets? Beets smell like wet potting soil, with a petrichor note (rain falling on warm dirt or pavement), but not in a good way. But the scent of sweet berries and potting soil seemed like it might smell fairly good, like berries in a garden on a rainy day. This scent, however, definitely does not smell good.

On cold sniff this smells like pine, cranberries, and bitter vinegar. But when melted, that vinegar note really comes out and it ends up smelling like old cat pee. While some peach scents tend to smell like fresh cat pee, this smells like a cat peed on the carpet and it was left there for several days or weeks. I was actually looking for the source of the pee, wondering why one of my cats would have done that, when none of them have never peed anywhere except the litter box. It's a ghastly scent that reminds me a bit of Yankee Candle Sweet Plum Sake.

Looking at the notes, I do get raspberry and hints of orris (a root-like, earthy, slightly swampy scent with powdery notes of violet, pepper, raspberry and white florals), but I'm not getting mint or patchouli, and I'm guessing the horrendous old cat pee vinegary note is the beets, although real beets smell nothing like that.

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