Yankee Candle Walmart Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2017

December 10, 2017

Yankee Candle Walmart Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2017

This is a review of Yankee Candle Christmas wax melts from Walmart from 2017. There weren't many new Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Christmas scents this year. The few that I saw on the Walmart shelves disappeared quickly and were not replaced.

Glad Tidings
This was available at some Walmart stores, but I couldn't find it. However, it's available in the UK. I don't know if it's the same scent, but the description from the Yankee Candle UK website is "Bright and happy as a mantle hung with Christmas stockings waiting to be found, full of warm amber and edged with sweet citrus." People who did find this said they really liked it.

Holiday Apple Wreath
A welcoming holiday mix of apple, cinnamon stick and fresh clove woven with vanilla
I smell cloves with sweet apple and a little bit of cinnamon. A typical nice warm winter scent. I've heard this is the same as the regular Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath scent, although the notes on the Yankee Candle website are different.

Merry Cherry
A spirited concoction of juicy cherries and spicy cinnamon to ring in the holidays
This scent has returned from 2015. It's a sweet maraschino cherry syrup scent with a very slight perfumey note, not overpowering or harsh or black cherry. I don't smell any cinnamon at all. This is a summer type scent rather than a winter scent. It's a fun, happy scent! When I reviewed this scent in December 2015 (when it was sold in the rectangular package), throw was around a 3.5 out of 5.

Sparkling Bright Christmas
This smells like lemon verbena with that clean soapy note. It has a slight spa lemon quality. There's something else in there, maybe lime, but also a tiny bit of a sour note (but not bad). I thought I detected a smidgen of pine, but I don't think so. This is a unique scent, and I like it. It's not really a winter scent though. I've heard this is the same as the regular Yankee Candle All is Bright scent (with description "a blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on warm musk").

Spiced Orange & Clove
Whole orange pierced with rich and earthy clove
This is a typical orange pomander scent, kind of like cloves plus a note of orange, a bit more savory than sweet, but there's also a waxy note in there. I'm not a fan of orange pomander in general, so I don't like this one.

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