Yankee Candle Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Yankee Candle Wax Melts. Very good scents and throw, but pricey at Walmart for $3.93 to $4.18, and even more so at Kohl's for $5.49 (although usually on sale at Kohl's for $4.11). Deceptive packaging makes you think you're getting more wax than you are.

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2023-03Art in the ParkFloral4
2023-03Twilight TunesSmoky4
2022-11Silver Sage & PinePine4
2022-11Snow Globe WonderlandPine4
2022-11Spun Sugar FlurriesPerfumey5
2022-08Apple & Sweet FigFruity5
2022-08Autumn Nature WalkPine4
2022-08Golden AutumnPerfumey4
2022-08Snowflake KissesPerfumey3
2022-08Winter Night StarsCologne3
2022-03Energizing Grapefruit & RosemaryGrapefruit4
2022-03Grounding Vetiver & IncenseIncense4
2022-03Joyful Jasmine & GardeniaFloral4
2022-03Mindful Cypress & SageFruity3
2022-03Optimistic Lotus Blossom & AloeHerbal4
2022-03Peaceful Lavender & Sea SaltFresh4
2022-03Renewing Coconut & IrisCoconut3
2022-03Revitalizing Ginger & LemonLemon/Lime4
2022-03Soothing Oak & PatchouliIncense4
2022-03Tranquil Rose & HibiscusFloral4
2022-03Wild OrchidFloral3
2021-12Iced Berry LemonadeOrange4
2021-12Majestic Mt. FujiFresh2
2021-12Mango Ice CreamPeach3
2021-12Sakura Blossom FestivalFloral3
2021-12Sweet Plum SakeFruity4
2021-10Citrus BarkCologne4
2021-10Cozy Cabin EscapeFoodie4
2021-10Sunlit AutumnWoodsy3
2021-10Twinkling LightsPerfumey4
2021-10Winter WoodsPine5
2021-09Farm Fresh PeachPeach4
2021-09Merry BerryFruity2
2021-09Woodland Road TripPerfumey3
2021-01Beach EscapeFresh5
2021-01Cliffside SunriseFruity4
2021-01Coconut IslandCoconut4
2021-01Moonlit CoveFresh3
2021-01Tropical StarfruitTropical5
2020-11Alpine MintChocolate3
2020-11Autumn LeavesPine4
2020-11Cafe Al FrescoCoffee4
2020-11Christmas EveFruity4
2020-11Christmas Morning PunchFruity4
2020-11Happy MorningFruity4
2020-11Magical Frosted ForestPine4
2020-11Santa's CookiesFoodie5
2020-11Singing CarolsPine4
2020-10Alfresco AfternoonFruity4
2020-10Berry AppleFruity4
2020-10Candlelit CabinSmoky5
2020-10Cranberry Pie PopFruity4
2020-10Garden PicnicPeach4
2020-10Holiday HearthFoodie4
2020-10Icy Blue SprucePine4
2020-10Mandarin Cinnamon TeaFoodie3
2020-10Pear & Pinecone WreathApple/Pear4
2020-10Pecan Pie BitesFoodie4
2020-10Santa's TreatsVanilla3
2020-10Summer DaydreamFloral3
2020-10Sweet Pea MadeleinesVanilla3
2020-10Warm and CozyWoodsy4
2020-10Water GardenFloral3
2020-02Catching RaysFresh4
2020-02Poolside OasisFresh4
2020-02Roseberry SorbetMisc4
2019-08Alpine MorningLemon/Lime4
2019-08Dried Lavender & OakLavender4
2019-08Evergreen MistPine3
2019-08Farmstand FestivalFruity5
2019-08Golden ChestnutCinnamon4
2019-02Blush BouquetPerfumey4
2019-02Floral CandyPerfumey5
2019-02Seaside WoodsIncense4
2019-02Turquoise GlassFresh4
2019-02White Strawberry BelliniFruity5
2018-11Frosty GingerbreadGingerbread4
2018-11Poached Pear FlambeApple/Pear3
2018-08Apple PumpkinApple/Pear4
2018-08Autumn WreathApple/Pear4
2018-08Balsam & CedarPine4
2018-08Cranberry ChutneyFruity4
2018-08Crisp Fall NightCologne4
2018-08Enchanted MoonPerfumey4
2018-08Honeycrisp Apple CiderApple/Pear4
2018-08Kitchen SpiceCinnamon4
2018-08Luscious Pumpkin TrifleFoodie4
2018-08Pumpkin PieFoodie4
2018-08Silver BirchPine4
2018-08Sparkling CinnamonCinnamon4
2018-08Spiced PumpkinClove4
2018-08Sugared Cinnamon AppleApple/Pear4
2018-08Warm Luxe CashmerePerfumey2
2018-02Bahama BreezeTropical5
2018-02Beach WalkFresh4
2018-02Black CherryFruity4
2018-02Clean CottonLaundry4
2018-02Coconut BeachCoconut4
2018-02Color Me HappyTropical4
2018-02Home Sweet HomeCinnamon4
2018-02Honey ClementineLemon/Lime5
2018-02Juicy Citrus & Sea SaltGrapefruit4
2018-02Lemon LavenderSpa5
2018-02Life's a BreezeFresh4
2018-02Lilac BlossomsFloral5
2018-02Mango Peach SalsaPeach3
2018-02Meadow ShowersFresh4
2018-02Midnight JasmineFloral4
2018-02Midsummer's NightCologne4
2018-02Pineapple CilantroTropical4
2018-02Pink SandsCoconut3
2018-02Red RaspberryFruity3
2018-02Sage & CitrusSpa4
2018-02Salted CaramelFoodie4
2018-02Sicilian LemonLemon/Lime4
2018-02Strawberry Lemon IceFruity4
2018-02Sun & SandBeachy4
2018-02Sun Drenched Apricot RosePeach4
2018-02Sweet NothingsPerfumey4
2018-02Vanilla CupcakeVanilla3
2017-12Glad TidingsPerfumeyn/a
2017-12Holiday Apple WreathClove2
2017-12Merry CherryFruity4
2017-12Sparkling Bright ChristmasSpa5
2017-12Spiced Orange & CloveClove4
2017-09A Fine Fall DayCinnamon4
2017-09Apple Cinnamon CiderApple/Pear4
2017-09Banana Walnut BreadFoodie4
2017-09Beautiful Fall PumpkinsFoodie3
2017-09Bountiful HarvestFoodie3
2017-09Cool Autumn NightsCologne4
2017-09Cozy CornerPerfumey3
2017-09Creamy Pumpkin CupcakeFoodie4
2017-09Delicious CranberryFruity5
2017-09Fresh Balsam FirPine4
2017-09Homemade Pumpkin PieFoodie4
2017-09Mandarin OrangeOrange4
2017-09Pumpkin Apple HarvestApple/Pear4
2017-09Pumpkin Berry ParfaitApple/Pear4
2017-09Shades of FallPerfumey3
2017-09Sparkling Cinnamon SpiceCinnamon4
2017-09Vanilla Spiced PumpkinFoodie4
2017-09Warming Pumpkin CreamFoodie4
2017-02Above the CloudsFresh4
2017-02Buttercream FrostingVanilla4
2017-02Catch a WaveBeachy3
2017-02Classic DenimLaundry4
2017-02Clear Mountain LakeFresh3
2017-02Creamy Vanilla CoconutVanilla4
2017-02Exotic JasmineFloral4
2017-02Fragrant Spring MeadowPerfumey4
2017-02Freedom's FlagFresh3
2017-02Fresh AppleApple/Pear3
2017-02Fresh CitrusTropical5
2017-02Island Mango CoconutPeach4
2017-02Lemon CupcakeLemon/Lime4
2017-02Lovely LavenderLavender4
2017-02Marshmallow Vanilla SquaresFoodie4
2017-02Moonlit NightCologne4
2017-02Paradise FoundFloral3
2017-02Perfect MargaritaLemon/Lime4
2017-02Pink Island SunsetCoconut4
2017-02Red Berry & LimeFruity2
2017-02Spiced Apple BerriesApple/Pear3
2017-02Sunlit LeavesFresh3
2017-02Sunny SandsBeachy4
2017-02Sweet & Salty CaramelFoodie5
2017-02Sweet LilacFloral4
2017-02Sweet PeachPeach4
2017-02Time for TeaSpa5
2017-02Tropical SkyFresh4
2017-02Warm & Happy HomeCinnamon4
2017-02Wild Blue IndigoFruity5
2016-09Fall MorningApple/Pearn/a
2016-09Peaceful BeachFreshn/a
2015-12Holiday Spice CakeCinnamon3
2015-12Sage & Red BerryPine2
2015-12Santa's TreatFoodie1
2015-12Winter MorningPerfumey2

More About Yankee Candle Wax Melts


As of 2020, Yankee Candle no longer sells the oval shaped clamshells in their stores or on their website. The only wax melts they carry now are "singles", which are $2.00 for .8 oz. (pricey for one-time use). The oval shaped clamshells are still available at Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, and other stores, including discount stores such as Big Lots and Gabe's (although these may be discontinued scents from other stores).

Walmart has been coming out with fewer and fewer new scents since 2017 (when they were first sold at Walmart), when there were something like 25 new scents in both the spring and fall of 2017 and 2018, as well as a couple of holiday scents. But in 2019 there were only 5 new spring scents, 5 new fall scents, and no holiday scents. And only 3 new spring scents in 2020.

Deceptive Packaging

At $3.93 to $4.18 at Walmart, and $5.49 (but usually on sale for $4.11) at Kohl's, these are more than double the cost of the ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens wax melts at Walmart, which are $2.00 each. The packaging is bigger, so you think you're getting more. However, if you look at the weight, you'll see that at 2.6 oz., the Yankee Candle wax cubes are pretty much the same weight as standard 2.5 oz. wax melts. The wax cubes are spaced apart, so you're just paying for more plastic! Also, the wax does not reach the top of the pack, but is indented so it falls quite a bit below the top. These are the same illusive packaging techniques used for other products such as shampoo, where the bottle is only 3/4 full and the bottom is concave.

Yankee Candle Wax Melts Packaging Yankee Candle Wax Melts Packaging

Scent Quality and Throw

Marketing ploys aside, the Yankee Candle scents are fantastic, and most of the wax melts also come in candles. The throw from these wax melts is much better than their votives (and tarts, which have been discontinued), both of which are dry and crumbly. The consistency of these wax melts is similar to ScentSationals wax melts. In fact, the throw on the Yankee Candle wax melts rivals that of other Walmart wax melts! At over double the price though, they're quite expensive.

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