Yankee Candle Fall 2021 Walmart Wax Melts Reviews

September 7, 2021

Yankee Candle Fall 2021 Walmart Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the 3 new Yankee Candle wax melt scents at Walmart for Fall 2021: Farm Fresh Peach, Merry Berry, and Woodland Road Trip.

Farm Fresh Peach
Delicious local peach jam, sampled at a farm stand on your woodland road trip
Top: Green Leaves, Apricot, Orange; Mid: Peach, Prune; Base: Musk, Plum, Vanilla
It's peach. Just peach. Nothing but peach. It's not a particularly authentic or juicy or yummy peach. It's just a typical wax melt or candle peach. It's not bad though, and it doesn't have the "cat pee" vibe that a lot of peach scents tend to have. So if you like peach scents, you'll probably like it. Looking at the notes, I don't get plum, musk, vanilla, or green leaves.

Merry Berry
It's a tradition to bake this cherished recipe for raspberry-filled sugar cookies together to share with family and friends
I thought this might be the same as the old Yankee scent called "Merry Berry Linzer", which had a very similar photo on the label (I've never tried it though), but someone in our group said it's not the same. This is a super sweet, super rich, succulent, fake (not in a bad way) strawberry and raspberry scent. I don't smell any cookie or bakery notes, so it's a bit one-dimensional, but I love it! Disappointed that the throw is so weak.

Woodland Road Trip
A journey through the fall landscape – with enticing jasmine, fir, vetiver, and warm suede – brings us closer as we travel together.
Top: Green Mandarin, Frosted Jasmine, White Rose; Mid: Douglass Fir, White Vetiver, Clary Sage; Base: Madagascar Vanilla Bean, White Suede, Labdanum
This is not at all what I expected based on the scent name. It's a sweet perfume scent, with a very sweet floral (jasmine? gardenia?) (although it's not a floral scent) and a hint of patchouli in the background. It does have a barely detectable smidgen of a "brown fall leaves" note on cold sniff, but I don't really smell that in the room. Looking at the notes, I get the jasmine, suede (probably what I think is patchouli), and vanilla. But I don't get mandarin (orange), rose, or vetiver (a lemony note). I'm not getting fir or sage either, but those may be the smidgen of brown leaves note I think I detect. I love sweet, perfumey scents, so of course I really like this one.

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