Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2022

February 10, 2022

Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2022

Read Aldi Wax Melt Reviews from Spring 2022 (Huntington Home). The 4 regular scents are Grapefruit & Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt & Jasmine, Sugared Petals, and White Almond. The 4 odor neutralizing scents with Clairscent® technology are Citrus Sunshine, Coconut Cream & Lily, Sea Salt Air, White Peach & Apricot.

This is the first time that Aldi has come out with 8 new scents at the same time instead of 4.

Grapefruit & Vanilla
An incredible rich, sweet, warm fruity scent with a bit of tartness (but it's not bitter) which is probably from the grapefruit (although I don't smell grapefruit per se), and vanilla, and possibly a smidgen of amber for warmth (but no woodsy notes, unless maybe sandalwood?), and another fruit that I can't figure out (I think it's plum, but maybe blackberry). It may also have a smidgen of floral (jasmine? orchid?) because it's not just a fruity scent, more like an expensive fruit-scented body cream, but it's not quite that sweet. It reminds me a little of ScentSationals Mystic, although it's not the same scent. Interestingly, the notes for Mystic include blackberry, elderberry (YES, this is the fruit I'm smelling!), jasmine, orchid, and vanilla! I adore this amazing scent!

Sea Salt & Jasmine
This does indeed smell like the scent name: the sweetness of jasmine combined with a very slightly salty oceany water note. Old cold sniff I detect a teensy bit of a metallic note in the background. When melted, I smell way more of the jasmine, the metallic note disappears, and the oceany water note is just subtle enough to temper a tiny bit of the floral. It's very sweet, and fantastic!

Sugared Petals
This is not a floral scent... it's orange! And it's a nice, bright orange that might have a hint of other fruit in it, but no grapefruit (although it's "bright", it's not overly citrusy, nor is it pungent, tart, sour, or bitter). It's sweet, but not sweet enough to be an orange candy scent. It's a bit similar to Better Homes & Gardens Over the Rainbow. I'm not getting any floral notes at all. It's a fantastic orange scent, and I love it!

White Almond
This incredible, very popular scent has returned from last year. It smells like pure almond extract with a bit of sweetness added, like angel food cake but not quite as sweet, and it's not a bakery scent. It smells like marzipan, which is a much sweeter alternative to almond paste. I'm also getting quite a bit of cherry (like maybe 20%). I compared it side by side with last year's scent, and last year's scent had very little cherry (if at all), even though both scents are pretty much identical. It could just be that last year's scent is older, and sometimes scents change a bit as they age, and different batches might even smell slightly different. Last year's notes were almond, amaretto, and vanilla, but I don't know what this year's notes are, if they're the same or different. Either way, they're both fantastic scents, and perfect on their own. But also great to mix with other scents to add a sweet almond note, like chocolate, vanilla, coconut, peppermint, cherry, and any bakery scent, as well as floral and woodsy scents.

Odor eliminating melts:

Citrus Sunshine
Fresh, a bit peppery, a little clean (but not soapy or laundry), and with a tiny bit of grapefruit (like 15%) to give it just a tinge of that citrus note (although it's really a fresh scent rather than a citrusy scent). It's just a little sweet and kind of bland, but still quite nice.

Coconut Cream & Lily
This is a cashmere vanilla scent, which is vanilla with a warm, ambery, slightly perfumey note. But I think I do detect a hint of coconut, although it's not coconutty enough to call this a coconut cream scent. I think I'm getting a smidgen of the floral as well. It's similar to ScentSationals Coconut Sands and Yankee Candle Coconut Beach, but both of those scents are more coconutty and not as sweet. It's also similar to Better Homes & Gardens Salted Coconut & Mahogany, but when comparing them side by side, I do smell the coconut in this scent and not as much in the Better Homes scent. So it's kind of a cross between the ScentSationals and Yankee scents, and the Better Homes scent. I really like it!

Sea Salt Air
A peppery, savory scent with an herbal note, rather than a fresh, oceany, or watery scent. I definitely detect eucalyptus, but I'm not getting any nasal clearing effects, so maybe it's sage with a hint of pine. There's no sweetness in this scent, or it could be just a tinge. It's kind of similar to Citrus Sunshine, but that scent doesn't have the eucalyptus note, and this scent is more savory, less sweet, and doesn't have a citrus note. I like it, and more so than Citrus Sunshine. It would also blend well with other scents, such as fresh, pine, woodsy, herbal, spa, citrus, and even to tone down too much sweetness in floral and perfumey scents.

White Peach & Apricot
This smells a little bit like the Citrus Sunshine scent, but zestier, a teensy bit savory, and of course with the peach note. This is a somewhat even combination of peach and grapefruit (maybe 60% peach and 40% grapefruit). It doesn't have that "cat pee"peach note, but it's also not a sweet peach juice type scent. The grapefruit adds just enough tartness. It could also have a bit of yuzu (a zesty citrus fruit with notes of lemon, lime, bitter grapefruit, orange, and oregano) way in the background because I think I'm getting a tiny bit of all those notes along with the peach. It's a great scent, and not overly sweet.

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