AmbiEscents Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2015

October 10, 2015

AmbiEscents Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2015

Read reviews of AmbiEscents Christmas Wax Melts from Bed Bath & Beyond (2015). I loved pretty much of all these. Really great holiday and winter wax melt scents!

Baby It's Cold Outside
Sweet Peppermint and Vanilla Cream
Sweet peppermint with maybe a hint of vanilla. It smells like a candy cane!

Cozy Fireplace
Cinnamon, Clove and All Spice
Woodsy smoke and cloves, with a hint of fir. Melted, I smell just the smoky cloves.

Cran Apple Cider
Fresh Apples and Ripe Cranberries
Super sweet rich apple with a tangy cranberry note, and maybe a hint of cloves and even molasses perhaps. Fantastic scent! This is not a fall apple scent; it's too sweet, rich and warm. This may be one of my favorite scents ever. My review makes it sound like just another cranberry clove type scent, but it's not. It's the same scent as ScentSationals Apple Berry Crumble.

Cranberry Spice
Sweet tart cranberries and cinnamon on cold sniff, but when melted it's just cinnamon with a slight berry note (not much different from other cinnamony scents).

O' Christmas Tree
Siberian Fir, Pine, Cedar Wood, and Soft Musk
Fantastic Christmas tree fir scent, with that sprucy smokiness. This scent has been around for several years.

Pepperberry Fir
Fir Tree Leaves and Pepperberry
Fantastic zesty lemony peppery pine with maybe a tiny bit of a nutty note.

Pine Wreath
Pine with eucalyptus and maybe something yummy like rosemary. There's also a slight hint of sweetness, like vanilla and possibly a smidgen of berry.

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