AmbiEscents Wax Melts

AmbiEscents Wax Melts

Read Reviews of AmbiEscents Wax Melts from Bed Bath & Beyond AmbiEscents is a ScentSationals brand, so of course these smell and perform fantastically. They're slightly more expensive than Walmart wax melts though.

2020 Update - Bed Bath & Beyond increased the ONLINE price of their AmbiEscents wax melts from $2.99 to $3.99! As of now, the in-store price is still $2.99. And now, disappointingly, MOST of their "new" scents are dupes of ScentSationals scents, with only a few exceptions.

AmbiEscents wax melts are made by ScentSationals, so of course they're great scents that perform very well. And since they can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, you can sniff before you buy. You can also order online for delivery to your home or local store. If you can't find the SS or BHG scent you like at Walmart, AmbiEscents may have a dupe for it.
Not as much of a selection as ScentSationals or Better Homes & Gardens. They are $2.99 in-store, and $3.99 on the Bed Bath & Beyond website, instead of $2.00 which is what SS and BHG wax melts cost (although Walmart wax is more expensive online as well). Most of their "new" scents since 2019 have been dupes of ScentSationals scents.
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AmbiEscents Wax Melt Reviews
2020-01Cake MacaronChocolate4.00
2020-01Flamingo ShoreTropical5.00
2020-01Girls' Night OutPerfumey4.00
2020-01Happy CamperSmoky5.00
2020-01Kitchen SpiceChocolate4.00
2020-01Lemonade PopsLemon/Lime4.00
2020-01Life's a BeachPerfumey3.50
2020-01Raspberry SmoothieApple/Pear4.00
2020-01Sea's the DayPerfumey3.50
2019-11Butter Rum MochaFoodie4.00
2019-11Farmhouse BalsamPine3.00
2019-08Cinnamon ChurroCinnamonn/a
2019-08Warm WelcomeFoodien/a
2019-03Aloha CoconutLemon/Lime3.50
2019-03Boss LadyPerfumey3.75
2019-03Confetti CakeVanilla3.25
2019-03Cotton BlossomLaundry5.00
2019-03Cotton CandyFoodie3.25
2019-03Flower FestivalTropical3.50
2019-03Hawaiian HoneysuckleTropical2.00
2019-03Ocean WavesCoconut3.50
2019-03Ripped JeansLaundry4.00
2019-03Shake It UpFruity5.00
2019-03Tropical GardenFresh5.00
2019-03Vitamin SeaFresh3.50
2018-11Candy Cane CrushPeppermint2.50
2018-11Cran Apple CiderApple/Pear5.00
2018-11Pine WreathPine4.00
2018-11Rustic WoodlandCinnamon3.75
2018-11Santa's Sugar CookiesVanilla3.25
2018-11Snowball Donut HolesFoodie3.50
2018-11Sugar PinePine5.00
2018-10Apple Cider DonutFoodie3.00
2018-10Apple Pumpkin CupcakeFoodie5.00
2018-10Ginger PumpkinFoodie4.00
2018-10Spiced Pumpkin SwirlFoodie3.50
2018-10Turning LeavesApple/Pear5.00
2018-10Vanilla Pumpkin CreamFoodie3.75
2018-02Beach SandTropical3.75
2018-02Blush PeoniesPerfumey3.75
2018-02French LavenderLavender3.00
2018-02Spa Day (#SpaDay)Laundry3.25
2018-01Citrus Zest (#SunRaySelfie)Grapefruit5.00
2018-01Crisp Waters (#ShoreThing)Fresh4.00
2018-01Fruit MarketFruity3.00
2018-01Italian LimoncelloSpa5.00
2018-01Luxe LinenLaundry3.25
2018-01Maui BeachFresh3.50
2018-01Soft Cotton (#SpaRobe)Laundry3.75
2018-01Sunset in ParadiseTropical3.75
2018-01Sweet Jasmine (Relax & Unwind)Spa3.75
2017-04Apple & OudCologne4.00
2017-04Himalayan Rock SaltSpa4.00
2017-04Pine MeadowSpa3.50
2017-04Zen GardenMint3.75
2017-03Eucalyptus & HerbEucalyptus2.00
2017-03In The CloudsFloral3.25
2017-03Laundry BasketLaundry4.00
2017-03Lemongrass & PeppermintSpa5.00
2017-03Sparkling WatersLaundry3.00
2016-09Creepy Candy CornFoodie3.50
2016-09Jack O'LanternFoodien/a
2016-09Pumpkin PatchFoodien/a
2016-09Purple People EaterCinnamon4.00
2016-09Scarecrow CiderFoodien/a
2016-09Spiderweb SpiceCinnamonn/a
2016-09Thankful HarvestFoodie5.00
2016-04Beach FrontCoconut3.00
2016-04Cherry BlossomPerfumey1.50
2016-04Citrus PineappleTropical4.00
2016-04Green AloeCucumber4.00
2016-04Into the WoodsWoodsy1.50
2016-04Strawberry MacaroonFruity3.50
2015-12Antique VanillaFoodie4.00
2015-12Aspen BirchSmoky5.00
2015-12Brazilian SunsetTropical4.00
2015-12Cottage WindowFloral3.00
2015-12Lemon Mint BlossomSpa1.00
2015-12Oatmeal CookiesFoodie4.00
2015-12Orchid DreamsPerfumey3.50
2015-12Passion Fruit LoveTropical4.00
2015-12Pink CitrusGrapefruit3.00
2015-12Pomegranate MistFruity3.50
2015-12Pomegranate SangriaFruity3.00
2015-12Raspberry VanillaFruity3.00
2015-12Sophisticated SpiceIncense3.50
2015-12Tumbled Sea GlassFresh4.00
2015-12Warm Maple ButterFoodie4.00
2015-10Baby It's Cold OutsidePeppermint3.50
2015-10Cozy FireplaceClove3.50
2015-10Cranberry SpiceCinnamon4.00
2015-10O' Christmas TreePine5.00
2015-10Pepperberry FirPine3.75
2015-09Brazilian TeakwoodWoodsy2.75
2015-09Hazelnut MacchiatoCoffee5.00
2015-09Pink FreesiaFloral2.50
2015-09Pink GrapefruitLemon/Lime4.00
2015-09Smokey Mountain MistFresh3.75
2015-09Vanilla ButtercreamVanilla4.00
2015-09Yogurt ParfaitVanilla3.25


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