AmbiEscents Winter Wax Melt Reviews 2021

October 6, 2021

AmbiEscents Winter Wax Melt Reviews 2021

This is a review of AmbiEscents Winter 2021 wax melts from Bed Bath & Beyond: Orange Cranberry, Rudolph Cookies, Spruce it Up, Warm Vanilla Cream.

Orange Cranberry
Zesty citrus and juicy cranberries with a subtle hint of vanilla
This is a super sweet succulent fruity scent that smells just like jelly candies made with raspberry, strawberry, and orange. I don't really smell cranberry, as that would be tart, and there's no tartness in this scent. I get just a hint of the citrus from the orange, but looking at the scent notes, it's not "zesty". This is not at all like Better Homes & Gardens Cranberry Mandarin Splash (which had a slightly fake, bitter note I never cared for). Oh wait, I think it's the same as ScentSationals Strawberry Orange, and the wax is even the exact same shade of orangey red. Notes are different though. I sniffed them side by side, and if it's not the same, it's extremely close.

Rudolph Cookies
Caramel drizzle over cinnamon, clove, ginger, and brown sugar
Although this sounds like every other caramel cinnamon cookie scent out there, it's definitely not a dupe of anything I've smelled. It's so much better! It's super sweet, rich, buttery caramel (not salted caramel) with toffee, brown sugar, ginger, a hint of coffee, a smidgen of whipped cream (or really milky coffee). It's not a cookie scent, but more like a rich topping that you would pour over a dessert (or in my case, eat right from the spoon!). The notes don't do it justice, and I don't really smell cinnamon. I don't usually get too excited about bakery scents, but this one is to die for!

Spruce it Up
Macintosh fragrance is coupled with cool juniper and fresh vetiver
I smell pine, ginger, apple, and a hint of citrus (orange or lemon), like 60% pine, 20% ginger, 10% apple, and 10% citrus. It's a brand new scent (no dupes that I know of), and it's very nice!

Warm Vanilla Cream
Crushed cinnamon, vanilla bean, and mouthwatering sugar
This smells like vanilla pumpkin cookies. I smell nutmeg with a hint of cinnamon (pumpkin spices) along with a milky vanilla note. I can definitely smell the milky vanilla, so it's maybe 60% pumpkin and 40% milky vanilla. It's a rich cookie scent, and although it's sweet, it's not nearly as sweet as other cookie type scents. I like it! It's different from AmbiEscents Vanilla Pumpkin Cream (which has more cinnamon and very little vanilla), ScentSationals Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream, Better Homes & Gardens Pumpkin Marshmallow Topping, and Better Homes & Gardens Warm Pumpkin Cookies. It might be the same as Better Homes & Gardens Whipped Pumpkin Cream, but I no longer have it to compare (and I like this scent much more than I liked that one).

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