Awesome Wax Works Reviews

June 21, 2019

Awesome Wax Works Reviews

This is a review of Awesome Wax Works wax melts clamshells and liquid squeeze melts. Awesome Wax Works can be found on Etsy at, and on Facebook.

Awesome Wax Works is a small company in Texas that makes wax melts, candles, car scents, and air freshener. Their wax melts come in a variety of sizes and formats, including clamshells, shapes, soy "wax bits", and "squeeze melts" (a liquid format that can simply be squeezed from a tube into your wax warmer!)

I reviewed their 6-cube clamshell wax melts and their squeeze melts. The squeeze melts I reviewed come in 1.9 oz. tubes, but they are switching over to a 4 oz. size.

I liked all of these scents! Be warned that they are VERY sweet, much more so than similar scents from other companies. But that's okay, because I like sweet scents! I found the squeezable format easy to use, although it's difficult to tell how much you need (easy to squirt too little or too much into the warmer tray), and some of the lids would not snap shut again after I opened them (had to tape them closed or else the liquid would leak out everywhere). However, one of the reasons they are switching to different tubes is due to the issue with the caps; the new tubes will have better caps and will be able to stand upright.

The liquid wax does not dry into solid wax. It turns into a more solid version than what's in the tube, but it's still very soft, like slightly melted tub margarine. It makes cleanup a little messy, but at least you don't have to chip away at hard wax to remove it from the warmer.

Berry Bliss (Squeezable)
This smells like pink sugar (a sweet fruity perfumey scent with raspberry notes) but the perfumey note is very subtle. I definitely smell the raspberry, and possibly strawberry too.

Bubble Gum
This smells like sweet banana flavored bubble gum. And it does smell like bubble gum specifically, not just banana candy. It's a totally fake banana scent, which is perfectly okay since that's what is should smell like. There may be a smidgen of another fake fruity note as well, perhaps strawberry or cherry. I like it!

Clean Cotton
A nice sweet laundry detergent scent. It has a tiny bit of a chemical note, but not enough to detract from the scent. It's not a soapy scent, nor is it a "harsh" detergent scent.

Cotton Candy (Squeezable)
Finally a cotton candy scented wax melt that actually smells like cotton candy! This is indeed a true cotton candy scent of super sweet caramelized sugar with a hint of strawberry candy. It's not perfumey. Fantastic scent! I have a Prince Matchabelli body spray from 2006 called Cotton Candy, and this scent smells almost exactly like that.

Cowboy (Squeezable)
I would expect that a scent named "Cowboy" would have a leathery, smoky note. But this is a very sweet fresh watery type scent with a cologne note as well as a floral note. It's a very pleasant scent, and perfect for a bathroom.

Creme Brulee
Such a yummy scent, this smells like buttery caramel, brown sugar, and butterscotch. Fantastic!

This doesn't smell like Downy to me, but I still love it. It's a super sweet musk perfume scent with gardenia, and possibly a smidgen of a laundry note.

Dragon's Blood
This is the ultimate hippie incense fragrance, a sweet ambery Nag Champa type scent with a hint of patchouli and a slight baby powder note. I love it!

Exotic (Squeezable)
A nice sweet fruity scent that smells like strawberry with a hint of watermelon. On cold sniff I detect a smidgen of apricot as well, but I don't smell that when melted.

Frankincense & Myrrh
This is a sweet musky perfume scent with a hint of oriental spices and incense, Nag Champa (with that slight baby powder note), and a smidgen of soapiness. It's a fantastic scent that smells almost exactly like Pink Zebra Soft Patchouli and Pier One Patchouli.

Fruit Slices (Squeezable)
Super sweet candy like orange with a smidgen of grapefruit. It's not a bakery or Fruit Loops cereal type scent. It smells like, well, orange candy slices sprinkled with sugar. Yummy!!

Green Tea and Lemongrass (Squeezable)
This is very light on cold sniff. I smell a hint of lemon and maybe a slight floral note in the background. But when melted, I couldn't smell anything at all, and barely anything from even a few inches away.

Hydrangea flowers don't have a scent. But this wax melt smells fantastic. It's a rich, musky perfume scent with a strong lilac note.

A plain leather scent without any other notes. It's not a smoky scent and has no sweetness at all.

Magnolia and Peony (Squeezable)
Magnolia is a floral with a lemony note, and Peony has a rose note. I don't smell either of those with this scent. I do smell lilac and another floral, like a wildflower of some kind. It's a very sweet scent, but not perfumey, and it has a hint of soapiness. I LOVE this scent!

Pomegranate (Squeezable)
Fantastic, super rich, super sweet strawberry scent with just a smidgen of tartness.

Strawberry Banana (Squeezable)
I smell mostly a sweet, artificial banana (but in a good way, like banana candy), with just a hint of fake strawberry (again, in a good way). It's very sweet!

Strawberry Coconut (Squeezable)
I smell mostly the strawberry, but I do detect a hint of coconut as well. The combination almost gives it a banana note. It's an artificial scent, and very sweet, like fruit scented candy. But that's not a bad thing, as it smells great!

Strawberry Leather
I've discovered through Awesome Wax Works' clever scent combinations that leather scents are great mixers that can add an interesting twist to just about any fragrance. And that's certainly the case with this Strawberry Leather scent. It's an equal mix of leather and a sweet artificial candy like strawberry (but not in a bad way). It sounds like an awful combination, but it's actually fantastic.

Vanilla Leather
Leather is the predominant note, mixed with sweet vanilla buttercream. It sounds like an awful combination, but it smells incredible!
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