Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts Reviews - June 2018

June 6, 2018

Big Lots Living Colors Wax Melts Reviews - June 2018

This is a review of Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts from June 2018. The wax is harder than their usual soft wax, and the throw seems to be a bit stronger than usual.

Blue Waters
This one is very hard to describe. It's a super sweet scent similar to Mainstays Peaceful Waters. It's watery but also floral, and although it's very sweet, it doesn't smell like perfume. It might have a hint of vanilla or coconut in it. I like it.

Cabana Breeze
This smells great, like a sweet young girlie perfume with sweet coconut and tropical fruit candy notes.

Coconut Mango
This smells like the inside of an Almond Joy bar (without the chocolate). It's a rich buttery almond and coconut scent with a sweet vanilla note. It smells fantastic. But there is no mango or any kind of fruit or tropical notes at all. It's most likely a dupe of an older scent with a different name.

Fiji Palm
This is a fresh green scent with a sweet peppery watery note that makes it smell a little like men's body wash. But I think I also detect a smidgen of pineapple, not sure. Melted, it's a little on the bitter side, which gives it a tiny bit of a bug spray note.

Freesia & Hyacinth
A nice pleasant watery floral scent. It's not perfumey, but maybe a little soapy like a body wash. It doesn't smell like hyacinth though, which smells a bit like lilac.

Guava Colada
This is an unusual scent. It's a fake fruity scent with a hint of a rich warm vanilla note, a smidgen of pineapple, and a little bit of a ginger ale type fizziness which makes it smell like soda. But when melted, that soda note is annoying.

Pineapple Orchid
A sweet intense fake pineapple scent, like pineapple flavored powdered drink mix or hard candy. I don't smell floral notes at all. If you like pineapple scents, this is a good one.

Tropical Sunset
This is a dupe of an older scent, maybe several. It's a sour tropical fruit scent, but it's not a bad sour, more like a "rich", slightly zesty sour. I like it. And there are no pineapple notes. Ah, I believe it's the same scent as Island Nectar, which I reviewed in May 2016.

Verbena & Pear
This is my favorite scent of the bunch. I've smelled it before, and I believe it's a dupe of an older scent. It doesn't smell like verbena or pear at all. It's a super soapy fresh shower gel type scent, not overly sweet, and a little herbal, a bit like an Irish Spring soap scent, but more soapy. It's fantastic.

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