Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts Reviews - March 2020

March 14, 2020

Big Lots Living Colors Wax Melts Reviews - March 2020

This is a review of Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts from March 2020. These are nice spring scents.

Hinoki Bamboo
This smells like a combination of a hothouse gardenia with an odd, slightly sour, "green" note. More like hothouse plants but not the flowers. It's a scent that "should" be sweet, but it's only just a tiny bit sweet. It's similar to Sonoma Bamboo from Kohl's, but not as sweet. On its own I'm not sure I like it, but I think it would add a rich hothouse note to a sweet perfumey floral scent. Melted, it smells better, and just a little sweeter, and more like the Sonoma Bamboo scent, plus a hint of a soapy note. It's actually quite nice.

Pink Cherry Blossom
This is my favorite out of all the scents in this collection. It smells like cherry blossoms with a bit of Pink Sugar perfume (with that hint of raspberry), and a hint of marshmallow. It's super sweet and girly, a bit like ScentSationals Girlfriend Night. It's not the same as last year's Cherry Blossom scent, which was a fruity floral cherry blossom scent with a vanilla buttercream note and maybe a hint of caramel, but no Pink Sugar notes. That was a great scent too, but I adore this one!

Raspberry Jasmine
I was most excited about this scent, but it's quite weak on cold sniff. Melted, I do smell raspberry along with a little bit of a floral, but it's not an overly fruity raspberry, more like a perfumey raspberry, but in a good way. And although it's sweet, I thought it could be a bit sweeter, and it has a barely detectable smidgen of bitterness, although not enough to ruin the scent. It's a nice scent, but I expected more of an equal combination of bold raspberry and actual jasmine.

Rooftop Terrace
This is a sweet scent that smells like cedar wood with a very slightly salty note, and a harsh slightly bitter metallic chemical note that smells like some kind of wintergreen industrial cleaner. I think this is a dupe of an older scent, Zen Garden, as I described it the same way.

Sea Salt
A sweet, very slightly salty fresh watery scent with a bit of a floral note. It could be a body wash type scent but not men's because of the floral. It's a nice, pleasant scent. This is not the same as last year's Sea Salt scent, which was more herbal and peppery and not as sweet and floral.

Spring Breeze
The main note is peach. It's quite sweet and very rich (almost too rich), more like grilled peach. But it also has a note of coconut that I don't detect on cold sniff, and maybe a smidgen of pineapple. It's more of a tropical scent. I'm not a fan of peach scents and they often have a "cat pee" note, but this one doesn't. It actually smells better melted than it does on cold sniff. But the scent started dissipating within 2 hours.

Underwater Lotus
A very nice combination of a floral (magnolia I think), a little bit of a watery note, a hint of laundry, and maybe a smidgen of orange blossom/neroli. It's sweet, with a rich, very slightly salty note with a barely detectable smidgen of lemon (which is probably the magnolia).

White Honeysuckle
This is not a honeysuckle scent. It does have a sweet floral perfumey note that I suppose could be honeysuckle perfume, but the main note is a slightly sour tropical fruit note with a little bit of a milky quality. It's actually quite nice, although I'm not a fan of those sour type tropical fruit scents.

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