Carolina Candles Walmart Wax Melts Reviews

February 18, 2023

Carolina Candles Walmart Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of 5 new Carolina Candles wax melts for Walmart: Agave & Citrus, Beachside Coconut, Green Tea & Citrus, Morning Dew, and Sunkissed Sea.

These should arrive at Walmart stores around late February or early March.

Also read my review of last year's Carolina Candles wax melts.

Agave & Citrus
A nice, sweet, fresh scent with a tiny bit of coconut and maybe a smidgen of melon (cantaloupe, not watermelon). It's fresh but not cologney, so it doesn't smell like a body wash. It might also have a hint of vanilla, as I'm getting a tiny bit of a foodie quality and it's sweeter than most fresh scents (but not a floral).

Beachside Coconut
I've smelled this scent, or this type of scent, before. It's very similar to Goose Creek Candle Vanilla Sands and Scentsy Vanilla Waves. It's a combination of oceany water and a sweet vanilla cookie, like eating cookies while sitting in front of the ocean! I'm also getting a bit of a coconut note that I don't think those other scents have, and maybe even a smidgen of butterscotch! So it's like 45% vanilla, 30% fresh, 20% coconut, and 5% butterscotch. I like it!

Green Tea & Citrus
Fantastic scent that smells like lemon iced tea. It's more lemony than other lemony iced tea scents I've smelled, and with maybe a little bit of lemon verbena as well, which gives it a tiny bit of a spa quality.

Morning Dew
A fresh, watery, sweet, slightly "icy" scent with a tiny bit of a metallic note. Up close I get a very slight nasal clearing effect which is usually present in mint scents, but I'm not sure there's mint in this scent. It's a nice scent, but it has a bit of a chemical note that I don't care for.

Sunkissed Sea
A nice, fresh scent with a peppery note, eucalyptus (I'm getting a little bit of a nasal clearing effect from up close), and a little bit of a men's body wash note (but it's not a cologne type scent).
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