Goose Creek Candle Wax Melt Reviews - March 2022

March 20, 2022

Goose Creek Candle Wax Melt Reviews - March 2022

This is a review of 26 new Goose Creek wax melts scents that came out in March 2022. As usual, Goose Creek Candle never disappoints! Visit

Some of these scents have been available in their candles for awhile as part of their masculine and Aromatherapy lines, and some are brand new scents.

Get warm & cozy with this flannel jacket, it's delightfully masculine.
Top: Fresh Ozone, Meyer Lemon, Dark Amber; Mid: Clary Sage, Black Peppercorn, Jasmine; Base: Velvet Sandalwood, Forest Musk
We all love labels with animals on them, and this one features a dog cuddling up against a flannel jacket! On cold sniff, the scent is fantastic too, a men's cologne scent with raw wood, pine, and brown leaves, a tiny bit of black pepper, and a hint of lemon. It smells like a sexy lumberjack! Melted, however, the woodsy notes are much more subtle, and I don't detect the lemon or pine. It's still a nice, earthy men's cologne scent that's not too sweet or rich. Looking at the notes, they're spot on except for the jasmine.

Caramel Vanilla Cone
It's a fresh take on an old favorite. Delicious warm waffle cones infused with sugary-sweet caramel.
Vanilla Cone, Creamy Vanilla, Caramel & Sugar
A fantastic, rich, sweet scent of vanilla with a little bit of caramel, a hint of white chocolate, and a tiny bit of lemon that I can smell on cold sniff and from close up when melting, but not really in the room.

Chilly Rain Showers
Invigorate your senses with lemon, limes, and fresh eucalyptus as the Spring rain begins to fall.
Icy Waters, Blooms, Lemon, Lime & Eucalyptus
A fresh watery scent with herbal notes and a hint of floral (maybe magnolia, as that has a slight lemony note). Maybe also a teensy bit of pine and eucalyptus, although no sinus clearing effects if it's eucalyptus. It's a pleasant, subtle scent where the scent itself is not strong, despite the fairly strong throw.

Cliffside Sea Spray
Cold waters splash against warm, sunlit island cliffs. So refreshing!
Saltwater, Ocean Air, Blooms, Soft Fir, Lemon & White Woods
A very sweet fresh, watery scent with a floral note (I don't know what type), a hint of bergamot that gives it a very slight cologne note (although it's not a cologne scent at all, more like a fresh, sweet body wash, but not necessarily masculine), and a teensy bit of a rich, salty note. There may also be a barely detectable smidgen of coconut way in the background. It smells a lot like White Water Springs, but this scent is much sweeter and that scent has a more peppery, soapy, cologney note. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting lemon (although lemon might be contributing to the freshness of this scent). I'm also not getting fir or any pine notes. It's a very nice, pleasant scent. Also, as of the date of this review, the notes showing on the Goose Creek candle website for the room spray version of this scent are wrong and are instead for their Sunday Drive scent.

Dragonfruit Beach
Bright, juicy dragonfruit blends with a cool island breeze for a rich tropical vacation
Dragonfruit, Mandarin Orange, Pear, & Pineapple
A very nice scent of mostly orange, with some other fruit and tropical fruit notes that might include pineapple, and possibly a hint of apple. Looking at the notes, the smidgen of apple is pear, and the other fruit is, of course, dragonfruit. This is not the same scent as Dragonfruit Splash, which had different notes that included mango and peach, so it was mostly peach with some tropical fruit notes (this scent has no peach).

Espresso Cake Pop
So addictive! It's warm vanilla cake pops with rich espresso flavoring. Yum!
Vanilla Cake Batter, Espresso Beans, Vanilla Frosting & Sprinkles
I'm not getting coffee from this scent, other than possibly a smidgen in the background. This is pure chocolate, and it's delicious! It smells like a chocolate bar rather than fudge, cake, or frosting, and it has a tiny bit of a milky note that I smell on cold sniff but not so much when melting. It's sweet but not super sweet like milk chocolate, more like slightly bittersweet chocolate (but with a smidgen of milkiness). Looking at the notes, no chocolate, but the notes are incomplete (some of their scents list top, middle and bottom notes, and some, like this scent, only show some of the main notes). I think the slight bittersweetness of this scent may be the coffee.

Eucalyptus & Mint
Feel stress free with this blend of Eucalyptus & Mint.
Top: Fresh Eucalyptus, Mint Leaves; Mid: Bright Bergamot, Sheer Freesia; Base: Light Woods
This is a nice relaxing spa scent that smells like garden mint with a hint of eucalyptus (which is subtle, so there are no Vicks VapoRub or pine notes), a smidgen of spearmint (not toothpastey spearmint, but more like garden spearmint), and a tiny bit of a laundry note. It smells a lot like ScentSationals Zen, but Zen is slightly sweeter, while this scent is slightly more minty, with a teensy bit of a nasal clearing effect. I think this is the same scent as Minted Eucalyptus from 2016, as I described it the same way (but I no longer have it to compare), and the notes are almost the same (fresh eucalyptus, mint leaves, sparkling bergamot, sheer freesia, muguet petals, geranium, tonka bean, white cedar, musk).

Nature comes to life as this blend of forest elements fills the air.
Top: Orange, Summer Leaves, Dark Woods; Mid: Wild Rosemary, Silver Fir, Clove; Base: Cedarwood, Lush Amber, Black Patchouli
A fantastic pine scent with a hint of black pepper and a hint of sweetness that most pine scents don't have. I'm also getting a smidgen of garden mint that gives it a bit of a chilly quality. It may also have a barely detectable smidgen of citrus, maybe grapefruit. It's not a woodsy, smoky, sour, or harsh pine. I really like it, although it's a winter scent rather than a spring scent. Looking at the notes, orange is the citrus (but I don't detect orange per se), and the amber and patchouli may be providing the sweetness (although I don't detect either of those notes). No mint, but rosemary is a savory herb so that could be it.

Grape Soda
The nostalgic memories of fizzy, thirst quenching grape soda on a hot summer day.
Top: Concord Grape, Red Raspberry; Mid: Fizzy Soda, Pomegranate Punch; Base: Raw Sugar, Sparkling Water
This is a super sweet concord grape scent with a little bit of raspberry. It smells like grape candy, or actually, a kid's grape flavored popsicle. I think it's way sweeter than grape soda, and I'm not getting the fizzy soda notes. I love this amazing, unique scent!

Daring & mischievous, this scent is intoxicating. Someone's up to no good…
Top: Leather, Bergamot; Mid: Suede, Cardamom, Moss; Base: Cedar, Sandalwood, Amber
Fantastic smoky masculine scent that smells like strong tobacco, smoky wood, maybe a smidgen of clove, lime and bergamot. It smells just like Black Leather (which was actually not a leather scent) but not as intense, and that hint of lime and smidgen of freshness is what differentiates it from that scent. It's like 70% Black Leather scent with 30% of that lime cologne note. Oh wait... the notes are the same as those for Black Leather, so it IS the same scent! It does smell a tiny bit different though, so maybe they added slightly more bergamot to Guilty, or the scent for Black Leather, which is from 2016, may have changed a bit over time. I LOVE this scent!

Honey & Wildflower
Embrace inner harmony with a blend of sweet honey & wildflower.
Orange Blossom, Lily, Neroli, Honey & Citrus
This smells like lily, baby powder, vanilla with a milky note, honey, musk, and on cold sniff I also detect a smidgen of black cherry that becomes barely noticeable when melted. I love this scent! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting neroli, orange blossom, or citrus. But maybe the citrus is what I'm thinking is black cherry?

Lavender & Vanilla
Feel rested with this blend of Lavender & Vanilla.
Top: Lavender, Bergamot; Mid: Lavender Fields, Vanilla; Base: Cedarwood, Tonka Bean
My beloved Lavender Vanilla has returned from 2019! This may be one of the best lavender scents I've ever smelled. I just sniffed them side by side, and they are indeed the same (and Goose Creek Candle has confirmed that as well, even though the old Lavender Vanilla is also available on their website). It's authentic lavender with a rich vanilla buttercream note, and maybe a smidgen of caramel. It also has a warm note, like amber or cashmere, and possibly another barely detectable floral way in the background, like gardenia. It's sweet but not perfumey, and all of the notes are balanced perfectly.

There are lots of other lavender vanilla scents out there, and they all smell like Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla or Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla, with that odd coconut note. While I do like those other lavender vanilla type scents, nothing compares to this one.

Looking at the notes, they're different from the older Lavender Vanilla (which were Top: Fresh Lavender, Violet, Rose; Mid: Red Fruits, Jasmine; Base: Amber, Cedarwood, Warm Vanilla). I'm not getting bergamot at all (which gives scents a slightly citrusy cologney note), rose, or any fruit notes, although maybe a hint of the violet and jasmine.

Moonlit Amber & Cashmere
Warming amber combines with a romantic sunset for a truly magical experience.
Top: Amber, Soft Vanilla; Mid: Violet, Lavender, White Woods; Base: Bright Berries, Sandalwood
A powdery Oriental perfume scent with warm amber and possibly a smidgen of lavender and fruit (peach? apple?) way in the background. Strangely, there's something in this scent that smells like dry roasted peanuts, and then I realized where I've smelled this scent before... It smells like about 30% of this scent is Ivory Rocking Horse (which I described as smelling like dry roasted peanuts with a sweet cashmere note, even though there aren't any peanut type notes). Looking at the notes, they're spot on, although I don't see any Oriental spice (or peanut) notes, but this is indeed an Oriental perfume scent (hard to find in a wax melt). I adore this super sweet, super strong, unique scent, and it lasted the entire day!

A very astute YouTuber commented that this is the same as their Noah's Ark scent, and it sure is! Thank you, "Mrs. Jones"!

Take a hike through the woods! Rest your mind as the rich forest aromas fill the air.
Top: Bergamot, Soft Eucalyptus; Mid: Amber, Cypress, Incense; Base: Oud, Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalwood
This scent doesn't smell like any oud scented wax melts or candles I've smelled, but it does smell exactly like the "description" of oud: a dark, intense, tarry, woody scent with tree sap and cedar notes. Real oud also has incensey or patchouli type notes, which this scent doesn't have, and that's why it smells different from other oud scents. Whether it's truly an oud scent or not, it's fantastic, and it smells like being in a wood shop full of raw pine and cedar woods, with maybe even a smidgen of shellac or turpentine (in a really good way). There's no sweetness at all. It smells a lot like Sonoma Evergreen & Mahogany from Kohl's. Looking at the notes, the hint of pine is actually the eucalyptus, and I'm not getting bergamot or any cologne type notes, or amber or any warm sweet notes, or patchouli. I LOVE this scent, and it lasted all day!

Passionfruit Beach Party
Nothing beats an evening beach party! Passionfruit chillers are made fresh from the island produce.
Passionfruit, Peach, Red Berries, Pineapple & Lime
A nice summery blend of coconut with tropical fruits. I'm not sure what the fruits are though. I do smell a hint of pineapple, but that's not the main fruit. It's sweet but also a bit tart, with a hint of sourness. Passionfruit is a sweet tropical fruit with a hint of pineapple, sometimes a hint of blackberry, and sometimes it smells like an overripe apple, and may have a hint of tartness. That does describe the fruit in this scent. I think I'm also getting a tiny bit of peach, a tiny bit of yellow guava (the sour fruit note), and maybe a smidgen of lemon. Looking at the notes, no coconut, even though that's definitely a main note. I like the lemon/lime note, as it differentiates this scent from a lot of other tropical scents, although when melting, the lemon note pretty much disappears, and it takes on a bit more of the sour and peach notes, but it's still a great scent.

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Enjoy freshly-baked bread with a delicious combination of peanut butter and jelly!
Strawberry & Grape Jelly, Creamy Peanut Butter & Fresh Baked Bread
This may be the same Peanut Butter & Jelly that I reviewed in 2017. The notes for that scent were, "A blend of rich, true peanut butter and super sweet concord jelly" (no strawberry or bread notes that this scent has), and I said, "I smell rich grape jelly first, then the salty nutty note. I don't smell a bready note, so this smells more like a fruit and nut health bar than a sandwich. When melted, it smells almost exactly like their Peanut Butter Sugar scent, with a smidgen of grape."

Looking at my description of the older version, they may be different, as I'm not getting a "rich grape jelly" or concord jelly note first (like that in their Grape Soda scent), and I think I'm getting strawberry as well, which I don't think I smelled in the old scent.

Strawberry Sponge Cake
Dense yet spongy strawberry cake is covered with delicious, mouth-watering icing.
Strawberry Cake, Cream Cheese Icing, Lemon, Vanilla & Buttercream
A toothachingly sweet scent of vanilla buttercream (with a sugary syrup) that's so rich it almost has a burnt or slightly smoky note (in the best way), or actually it might be a cream cheese note although this is not supposed to be a cheesecake scent. And of course I'm also getting strawberry, and maybe a hint of raspberry because it has a teensy bit of tartness. Incredible scent! Looking at the notes, they're spot on, although I don't smell lemon (but maybe that's the teensy bit of tartness that I thought was raspberry).

Suit & Tie
The evening ball is about to begin. This calls for a suit and tie!
Top: Sparkling Bergamot, California Lemon; Mid: Woodland Sage, Jasmine Flower, White Spice; Base: Oakmoss, White Woods, Sheer Musk
A very nice, warm men's cologne scent with a hint of cedar, a tiny bit of soapiness, and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of something foodie in the background, although I'm not sure (chocolate, coffee, or nut?). Looking at the notes, I'm way off! No foodie notes at all, and no cedar. I don't detect lemon, sage, or jasmine.

Enjoy the rich and elegant aroma of aged, white woods.
Top: Lemon, Bergamot; Mid: Cardamom, Jasmine, Rosemary; Base: Mahogany, Driftwood, Rosewood, Oakmoss
This is kind of similar to the Button-Up scent. Button-Up is more of a subdued cologne scent with a woodsy note, while this scent is also a cologne type scent but with more pronounced notes of wood (especially mahogany) and lemon, a bit of salty richness and warmth, possibly a tiny bit of smokiness, and a smidgen of a savory note of sage or rosemary. When melted, the salty richness comes out more, and it becomes almost like a foodie cologne scent. Looking at the notes, they're spot on except for jasmine, and while I don't detect cardamom per se, that could be the foodie note I detect. I love it!

Vanilla & Rose Petals
Feel loved with the gentle touch of Vanilla & Rose Petals.
Top: Peach Blossoms, Citron Blooms, Clementine; Mid: Damask Rose, White Jasmine; Base: Vanilla Bean, Rosewood, Sheer Musk
This is not what I expected (straight rose and vanilla). It's a fruity floral that smells like beautifully scented skin cream, and I think I do smell the rose, but I can't figure out the fruit. It's a very sweet scent, but also has a smidgen of a bitter or sour note that gives it a tiny bit of an "old fruit" vibe, although not enough to ruin the scent. I think the fruits I'm detecting are grapefruit and peach. And I'm getting just a hint of rose, as well as lily I think. It's also a little rich, so maybe also amber, musk, or the creaminess of the vanilla (although I'm not smelling the vanilla per se).

At first I wasn't sure I liked this scent, but as it was melting it really grew on me, and I now I ADORE this scent! Looking at the notes, they're spot on. Clementine is a citrus fruit that smells like sweet orange, and citron smells like lemon and lime. I don't detect orange, lemon or lime at all, but they may be what I think is grapefruit. Throw was strong, 3.5 out of 5, for about an hour, and after that it became bold, 5 out of 5, and the scent lasted all day!

Vanilla Bean
Indulge in this perfectly delectable vanilla buttercream treat.
Top: Warm Melted Vanilla, Buttercream Icing; Mid: Light Marshmallow, Sugar; Base: Milky Vanilla Cream
Super sweet vanilla buttercream with waxy jimmies/sprinkles (in a good way), a tiny bit of a milky note, and possibly a smidgen of caramel. It's like the buttercream and sprinkles on top of a cupcake rather than the whole cupcake. It's totally different from Caramel Vanilla Cone, which is also vanilla and caramel, in that this scent is sweeter and has the buttercream and jimmies/sprinkles notes that Caramel Vanilla Cone doesn't have, and Caramel Vanilla Cone is richer and "warmer", with that smidgen of lemon. Very nice!

Vanilla Sands
Soft vanilla crystals relax your soul as the waters sparkle at sunset.
Vanilla Sands, Lotus Flower, Sandalwood & Cream
This smells just like Scentsy Vanilla Waves! It's a combination of oceany water and a sweet vanilla cookie, like eating cookies while sitting in front of the ocean! The Scentsy version was a bit more of an even combination of the vanilla cookie and oceany notes, while this scent has a bit more vanilla, like 65% vanilla and 35% oceany water. It's interesting and I like it!

Volcanic Sunrise
It's the land before time... the aroma of orange, grapefruit, strawberry & lime fill the air of a pre-historic oasis.
Orange, Grapefruit, Strawberry & Lime
A fantastic, citrusy, sweet but slightly tart combination of orange, grapefruit, and lemon or lime. You can never go wrong with this type of scent! Looking at the notes, I don't smell strawberry. The scent started dissipating within 1 hour, and by 2 hours it was gone, but it's such a great scent that I almost didn't mind!

White Water Springs
Lose yourself in relaxation as you soak in remote island hot springs.
Rushing Waters, Grapefruit, Salt, Blooms & Eucalyptus
A pleasant, sweet, fresh, watery scent that smells a bit like a body wash and is perfect for the bathroom. It has a hint of floral (not sure what kind), and I also get a teensy bit of a nasal clearing effect from up close, so it may include a smidgen of eucalyptus (which I think I do detect). It smells a lot like Cliffside Sea Spray, but that scent is much sweeter and when I sniff them side by side, this scent is more peppery, soapy, and cologney (even though I don't get the peppery note by itself). This scent smells like a blend of Cliffside Sea Spray and a cologne scent. Looking at the notes, I don't smell grapefruit or any fruity or citrus notes at all.

Wild Mint & Birch
A mind-clearing blend of wild mint & birch
Green Leaves, Mint, Gardenia, Birch & Vanilla
A weird but interesting scent that smells like garden mint with a savory herb like sage, cucumber or aloe, maybe a smidgen of lemon and pepper, and a note of light wood or brown leaves. It would smell like a salad if it weren't for the wood/leaves note. It's so unusual and I've never smelled anything like it. Not sure if I want my house to smell like this, but I do like it and I can't stop sniffing it! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting gardenia or any sweet or floral notes at all.

Wildflower Ginger Tea
Experience an emotional cleanse with a blend of wildflowers and ginger tea.
Tea Leaves, Honeysuckle, Jasmine & Citrus
A fantastic scent of jasmine, gardenia, tea, a hint of lemon, and a barely detectable smidgen of ginger (I probably wouldn't notice it if it weren't in the scent name). Actually, it smells a lot like magnolia (which smells like sweet lily with a lemony note). It's sweet and rich, but also has a tiny bit of saltiness. There's also a tiny bit of a green, herbal note in the background (although that could be the jasmine, which is similar to gardenia but more green and fresh). I LOVE this scent! Looking at the notes, they're not complete, as ginger is not listed even though it's in the scent name and I do smell it.

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