Chesapeake Bay Wax Melt Reviews 2017

March 30, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Wax Melt Reviews 2017

This is a review of Chesapeake Bay wax melts from Target, from 2017. As with other Chesapeake Bay wax melts I've reviewed, the throw is only mediocre.

This is not a eucalyptus scent (eucalyptus smells like menthol and pine). It's a fantastic fresh, green herbal scent with a very slight men's cologne note. It also has that slight mossy note like Mountain View, but much less so. It does have a very tiny bit of a sinus-clearing menthol note when you sniff it from very close while melting.

This smells like Liquid Smoke combined with a little bit of a sweet tobacco note. It smells fantastic, and very strong on cold sniff.

Hinoki Bonsai
This smells like a light raw wood with a sweet peppermint note. It's a spa type scent, a little similar to ScentSationals Zen, but with some different notes.

Island Orchid
This is a fresh floral scent with a slightly bitter background. It's not overly sweet, and smells a bit like body wash.

Morning Roast
If there were an award for the most incorrectly named scent, this one would win. With the name "Morning Roast" and a picture of coffee beans on the label, one would expect that this were a coffee scent. But there is not a smidgen of coffee in this scent. It smells like a nice soapy subtle men's cologne or body wash. When I first smelled it at the store, I smelled a couple of them to make sure the one I picked up wasn't a fluke. And the lids are permanently attached to the clamshell, so it's not like anyone could have switched lids. There had to have been a mix-up at the factory!

Mountain View
This has a light raw wood note, but there's also some kind of mossy or swampy note in the background, but not in a bad way. It's a nice natural scent.

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