Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews 2016

April 12, 2016

Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews 2016

This is another review of Colonial Candle Wax Melts. The scents are very rich and complex. These particular scents threw quite well, although in general the throw is not always as strong as I'd prefer.

Autumn Bliss
Bright notes of bergamot, mandarin peel and blackberries shine on top. Sweet notes of vanilla, cyclamen leaves and acai berries mingle throughout. Amber crystal lies beneath this blend.
TOP: Blackberries, Italian Bergamot, Mandarin – MIDDLE: Cyclamen leaves, Vanilla, Acai Berries – BOTTOM: Warm Amber, Sandalwood, Sheer Musk
Tart cranberry with wood maybe, but there's also a fake candy type note. Looking at the scent notes, okay blackberries, that makes sense. After a few hours it took on more tart, sour notes that made it smell a little like tropical fruit.

Sip on Brazil's most popular cocktail with notes of sugar cane rum, honey, and lime
TOP: Tangy Lemon, Bergamot – MIDDLE: Cardamom, Currant, Orange Blossom – BOTTOM: Vanilla Bourbon, Musk
This smells like some kind of lime industrial cleaner with a citronella note. It doesn't smell like a lime beverage at all. And after a few hours it turned into a sour lime scent. Not awful, but not great. I think mixing it with something sweet like vanilla would help.

Cedar Mint
Rejuvenate with notes of eucalyptus leaf and garden herbs flowing over blue jasmine, amber crystals, and soothing sandalwood.
TOP: Eucalyptus Leaf, Mediterranean Bergamot, Garden Mint – MIDDLE: Geranium, Blue Jasmine, Dew-Kissed Hyacinth – BOTTOM: Crystalized Amber, White Sandalwood, Sheer Musk
Fresh laundry type scent with a hint of mint, very similar to ScentSationals Zen.

Citrus Woods
Luminous citrus notes are highlighted by a bouquet of sun-kissed florals and warm cedarwood.
TOP: Brazilian Bergamot, Mandarin Zest, Blackcurrant Berries – MIDDLE: Jasmine Petals, Golden Freesia, Sun-Kissed Water Lily – BOTTOM: Warm Cedarwood, Amber Crystals, Benzoin
Smells like floral scented toilet paper or shampoo, but in a good way. I do detect a little bit of the citrus and woods when melted, as well as the floral. It's a nice scent.

Cranberry Cosmo
Cheers to the cocktail-inspired fragrance of tart cranberry with a touch of citrus.
TOP: Lemon Zest, Sweet Orange – MIDDLE: Cranberry, Raspberry – BOTTOM: Creamy Milk
Cranberry punch with a slight orange note. But it also has a rich yummy berry note and a slight cough drop note (in a good way). Looking at the notes, yes I do smell a smidgen of lemon. And there's the orange. And raspberry, that's the rich yummy berry.

Fresh Aloe
A fresh fusion of Polynesian palm leaves, rainforest bamboo, and sparkling citrus.
TOP: Soft Bergamot, Lemon Slice – MIDDLE: Neroli Blossom, Water Lily, Marine Accord – BOTTOM: Fijian Palm Leaf, Polynesian Hibiscus, Sea Grass
It just smells like raw cucumbers. Too bland, would probably smell better mixed with something savory, lemon, floral, laundry, or a fresh air or water scent.

Guava & Papaya
An invigorating tropical scent of guava nectar, papaya, and grapefruit
TOP: Sweet Clementine, Violet – MIDDLE: Mango, Papaya, Dewy Guava – BOTTOM: Gingerroot, Coriander, Amber, Cassia
Sweet fruit candy with an apricot note

Mango Salsa
Savor the wedges of succulent mango fruit, sugared guava, and sun blushed papaya.
TOP: Tropical Citrus, Mango – MIDDLE: Papaya – BOTTOM: Mango, Coconut
This smells just like authentic salsa, with the sweet mango notes and the sour savory salsa notes (which I guess is supposed to be the pepper, onion, or cilantro in the salsa). Looking at the scent notes though, I don't see anything that would give it that sour savory scent. This smells more like salsa than mango or papaya, and I don't smell coconut or citrus at all. Although it's an authentic scent, I don't think it's a scent I want wafting through my house. A visitor said it smells like cat pee and I kind of agree!

Orange Blossom
An intoxicating fruity blend of sun ripened orange, juicy kiwi and fresh squeezed lime wrapped in fresh cilantro.
TOP: Fresh Squeezed Lime, Crushed Garden Cilantro – MIDDLE: Sun Ripened Orange, Pureed Red Fruits, Juicy Kiwi – BOTTOM: White Musk, Sheer Woods
On cold sniff it's a very light floral maybe with a hint of fruit; I expected it to smell like neroli (which I love), but it doesn't. Melted, it's totally different from cold sniff, and better. It smells like sweet candied fruit. Maybe apricot? Has a warmth like amber or wood, which seems to increase after an hour or so. Very nice scent. Looking at the scent notes, there's the fruit and the woods. And musk, that must be what I think is a floral.

Sweet Iced Tea
Nothing refreshes on a warm sunny day like a tall glass of iced black tea with a touch of sparkling citrus, sweetened with honey.
TOP: Sparkling Grapefruit, Lemon Zest
Medium: Peach Nectar, Crushed Rose Petals – BOTTOM: Honey Drizzle, Black Tea Leaves
THE most authentic iced tea scent I think I've ever smelled in a wax. If I close my eyes, I really think I'm smelling slightly sweetened iced tea with just a smidgen of lemon. And the scent lasted all day!

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