Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews 2018

November 15, 2018

Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews 2018

I gave up on Colonial Candle wax melt reviews last year because of poor throw, so I was pleasantly surprised that most of these scents threw quite well.

Amber & Oud
Description: A seasonal splash of citrus and fruits paired with warm spices and a hint of golden honey.
TOP: Ripe Strawberry, Red Delicious Apple, Lemon Sparkle – MIDDLE: Pineapple Juice, Golden Honey, Mandarin Rind – BOTTOM: Cinnamon Bark, Warm Clove, Bayberry
Amber is a warm perfumey note, and oud is a dark resinous woodsy scent. This scent is neither. This scent was obviously given the wrong name. It's a cinnamon apple scent with a warm clove note on cold sniff, and an apple cider scent with a little bit of a mulling spices note. Looking at the scent notes, they describe this scent, but not the scent name. It's a nice scent though, but definitely not Amber & Oud. In fact, Colonial Candle did have an Amber & Oud scent in 2015 that was closer to the actual scent name; it smelled like cedar, amber and baby powder.

Cozy by the Fire
Smoke and wood with cashmere, amber, sandalwood and patchouli
I expected a smoky, woodsy or tobacco scent based on the name, but this smells like perfume that's a little old. But in a good way. There may also be a bit of vanilla and maybe oriental spices in this one, and possibly a smidgen of patchouli and a little bit of warmth from amber. Looking at the scent notes, no, there are definitely no smoky notes. It's a nice scent.

Emerald Fir
A festive swirl of ground cinnamon, peppered clove, and darkened maple
This is a pine scent with a slightly waxy, sour, clay like note. I don't smell cinnamon, clove or maple. I don't like this scent.

Fall Festival
Description: A woodland escape with notes of citrus and palm leaf blended with a sage and illuminate notes of amberwood, teak, and white cedar.
TOP: Iced Bergamot, Palm Leaf, Lemon – MIDDLE: Freesia, Rose, Sage – BOTTOM: Amberwood, Teak, White Cedar
This one is very weak so I can't figure out what I'm smelling. It's kind of like apple with a floral or perfumey note, and maybe a hint of cedar and possibly a fresh air note.

Pink Peppercorn
Crushed cardamom seeds with oriental spices and cashmere woods
A nice black pepper scent with a clove note and maybe a smidgen of sandalwood. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on. It's a nice, unique scent.

Raspberries and Cream
A delicious raspberry confection whipped with notes of plum, exotic passion flower, and warm amber
This smells like very sweet fruity candy made with strawberry, raspberry and plum, but I think it also has a hint of a warm perfumey note. Very nice scent.

Sage Leaf & Honey
Fresh clary sage is balanced with nuances of lemon flower and tupelo honey with traces of Tuscan herbs and sheer woods.
This is a very difficult scent to describe. When melting, in the room it smells a little fresh and green, maybe slightly herbal but not a cologne or body wash type scent, maybe a smidgen of floral and light wood, slightly sweet. Up close I do detect the honey but it's almost like honey and tobacco. It's not a savory scent, which I would expect from sage, but that's a good thing. Looking at the scent notes, I don't detect lemon at all.

Sweet Black Plum
Sugared plum is celebrated with sparkling citrus, white clove and jasmine leaf
Very nice fruity scent of plum and maybe raspberry, but with a warm amber perfume note. It's similar to other plum-based perfumey scents like Scentsy Luna, but a little more fruity and not as perfumey. Looking at the notes, I don't smell citrus or cloves, but I do smell the jasmine, and that's the warm perfumey note that I thought was amber.

Sparkling nuances of citrus mingle in the breeze with jasmine petals, wisteria, and pink magnolia blossoms
A fantastic sweet floral with maybe a hint of jasmine, orange blossom/neroli, and possibly a smidgen of honey and musk. Looking at the notes, I don't detect citrus. I love this scent, and it lasted all day (at least 10 hours).

Yuletide Carol
Figs and blackberries blended with sweet berries and floral notes finished with warm floral and wood notes
Super sweet buttery sugar with a little bit of caramel and maybe a smidgen of a warm ambery perfume note, and possibly a tiny bit of strawberry or raspberry. Definitely not a holiday scent, but I love it. Fantastic scent!

This scent is probably older than 2018, because it's a completely different scent (with different notes) from Yuletide Carol from 2019 (in the tall rectangular clamshell).

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