Colonial Candle Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2019

November 1, 2019

Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews 2019

This is a review of Colonial Candle Christmas 2019 Wax Melts. I bought these at Gabe's for $1.99 instead of the Colonial Candle website, where they're $4 (although they sometimes have 50% off sales). I'm only reviewing 3 of their 11 seasonal scents because the others smelled kind of generic to me (although I did review Fall Festival and Amber & Oud last year.

Mint Cocoa
Sweet peppermint infused with dark cocoa, stirred with creamy vanilla, and topped with whipped cream
A perfect blend of super sweet chocolate and peppermint, with a sweet vanilla buttercream note. Fantastic, yummy scent, and it lasted all day.

Vanilla & Bourbon
Coconut milk, butter rum, rich bourbon with warm spices, and hints of caramel and vanilla
Incredible scent that smells like a combination of vanilla buttercream, a slightly musky sweet floral perfume, a warm ambery note, and notes of caramel, tobacco, and a smidgen of that rum or bourbon note. It's such a fantastic scent, and I'm so disappointed that it doesn't throw well.

Yuletide Carol
Red currant, apples, chrysanthemum and sugar, finished with vanilla bean and soft musk
Very nice currant scent (fig-like soapy scent with a tiny bit of tartness) mixed with a fruit like cranberry, with just a smidgen of bitterness (not nearly enough to ruin the scent). Looking at the scent notes, the slight bitterness is the chrysanthemum and the other fruit is the apples (although I don't really smell apple per se).

This is a completely different scent (with different notes) from Yuletide Carol from 2018. That scent may have been older than 2018, and it's in the standard oval shaped clamshell rather than the tall rectangular clamshell.

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