Hallmark Wax Melt Reviews (Crafters & Co.)

2016 and 2018

Hallmark Wax Melt Reviews (Crafters & Co.)

This is a review of Crafters & Co. wax melts from Hallmark stores. They can be found at some Hallmark stores (specifically the Hallmark Gold Crown stores, although not all stores carry them), as well as Gabe's (which may carry discontinued scents). They're not available from the Hallmark website. These are made by Empire Brands Co., the company that makes Tuscany Candle melts and some of the Sonoma melts for Kohl's. The wax is hard.

Cashmere & Pearls
Sparkling citrus and rose wrapped in ribbons of vanilla
I smell the warm cashmere (a rich ambery scent with a hint of a laundry note) and maybe a hint of vanilla. It's sweet but not overly sweet, a nice subtle scent for the bedroom. When melted, there's a hint of a creamy fruity note. Looking at the scent notes, the fruit note is probably the citrus (although it's not a citrusy scent), and I don't smell rose per se although there is a little bit of a floral note.

Dragon Fruit
Sweet blend of exotic fruit scents
A very nice slightly raspberryish and very slight tropical type fruit scent with a little tartness, but also a sweet rich note with a hint of warmth from a smidgen of amber or cashmere that gives this a very slight perfumey note. It smells similar to Tuscany Candle Berry Bliss, but with the addition of a slightly more tart, fruitier note.

Lime & Basil
Zesty citrus rounded out by basil
I definitely smell the lime but it's not an annoying overly citrusy lime, more like a very slightly floral lime with a very slight laundry note. I don't smell basil.

Linen Breeze
Citrus, floral and smooth sandalwood
This scent has a hint of a laundry note, but it's not really a laundry scent. I can't figure out the notes. Laundry and a little bit of floral and vanilla and a hint of light wood and perhaps a smidgen of barely detectable orange. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on, although I do smell vanilla too. It's a sweet scent, but not overly sweet, and it smells nice. Melted, though, it took on a weird chemical note, and then I realized that I've smelled this scent before but I don't remember where. I still like it though.

Refreshing Sage
Earthy sage with sun-ripened lemon and a touch of sweet balsam
This smells like really old perfume. I happen to kind of like that scent, although this is a little harsh. It's sweet with a little bitterness and an old soap note, and maybe a peppery and herbal note too. It doesn't actually smell like sage, which is a very savory herb without any sweetness, like oregano. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell lemon, but I think I do smell a hint of the balsam, which does sometimes have a soapy note, although there's no pine notes in this scent at all.

Sea Salt Blossom
Like a fresh sea breeze, these scented wax melts will invigorate a room's ambience.
A fresh, slightly salty water scent with a peppery note and just a hint of a sweet floral. I have lots of other scents that fit this description, but this one is different and I really like it.

Seaglass Orchid
Sea water, fresh air and citrus
It's a sweet fresh watery scent with a slight floral note and maybe a hint of vanilla and amber. I think I also detect a smidgen of fruitiness, maybe apple?

Tranquil Waters
Refreshing ocean breeze and flowering garden
A watery floral scent with a cologne note, and a little bit of a peppery note and perhaps a smidgen of lemon. It's nice and unique, although I do have several scents that are similar.

Warm Vanilla
The unmistakable scent of vanilla
Fantastic rich milky vanilla scent. It has a smidgen of a bakery note, so it smells a little bit like a vanilla cookie. It does have a little bit of warmth and I think that might be from a barely detectable hint of amber or cashmere which gives it a very slightly perfumey note.

White Tea Ginger
Soothing white tea and slightly spicy ginger with notes of citrus and musk
Tea with a slight floral note and maybe a hint of lemon verbena. Melted, the floral is a little more pronounced than the tea. It smells a bit like soap or bubble bath, in a good way. Nice relaxing bedroom or bathroom scent.

Wild Sunflowers
A sunny blend of orange zest, citrus blossom, floral tones and sheer musk
A bright, pleasant sunflower type floral with a hint of honey. Fantastic scent!
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