Tuscany Candle Wax Melts

Tuscany Candle Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Tuscany Candle Wax Melts! Tuscany Candle wax melts may be found at Wegmans, Joann Fabric, Kroger, Menards, Meijer, At Home, Albertson's, Safeway, Jewel Osco, Bi-Mart, Christmas Tree Shops, and some other stores, although many of these stores don't have all scents all the time, or maybe only come out with certain scents at certain times of the year. Tuscany Candle wax melts are made by Empire Candle Co. (formerly Empire Brands Co., and Langley Empire before that).

Empire Candle Co. also makes Sonoma wax melts for Kohl's (hard wax only; MVP Group makes the soft wax), Hudson 43 (Tuscany's brand for Joann Fabric), Crafters & Co. for Hallmark. Empire also used to make several brands that are discontinued, including Cobblestone Candle (for Kirkland's), Boulevard/BLVD (these were fantastic), Vesta, Brookside, Food Network (fantastic), Thomas Kinkade, Vern Yip, and Patio Sensations. You might still be able to find some of these discontinued brands at discount stores like Ollie's and Gabe's.

Many of the scents smell quite good. They use hard wax that's easy to remove from the clamshell. Since you can buy them at the store, you can sniff before you buy.
Throw can be hit or miss, with a lot of scents that have very weak throw (although the throw improved greatly with the Fall and Winter 2019 scents). They can be hard to find, and there's not one store that carries all scents all the time. There's no Tuscany website other than the small Tuscany Candle page on the Empire Candle website, there is no information about scents or availability, and no online ordering.
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Tuscany Candle Wax Melt Reviews
2020-09Caramel AppleApple/Pear2.50
2020-09Fall FestivalFoodie3.50
2020-09Farmhouse GatheringFruity4.00
2020-09Harvest Apple CiderApple/Pear3.00
2020-09Pumpkin SpiceFoodie3.50
2020-09Pumpkin WafflesFoodie3.50
2020-05Caribbean BreezePeach3.50
2020-05Caribbean MarketOrange3.50
2020-05Coconut DaydreamsCoconut4.00
2020-05Hawaiian LeiFloral4.00
2020-05Ocean PebblesPerfumey3.50
2020-05Sunset CabanaWoodsy3.50
2020-05Watermelon LemonadeFloral3.00
2020-01Beautiful BouquetFloral5.00
2020-01Cherry FudgeFruity5.00
2020-01Sweetheart CupcakeFoodie4.00
2019-11Cinnamon & SpiceCinnamon3.00
2019-11Cinnamon ApplesApple/Pear2.50
2019-11Gingerbread CookiesFoodie4.00
2019-11Holiday FiresideFoodie3.50
2019-11Holiday HomeFoodie3.50
2019-11Holly JollyFruity3.50
2019-11Milk & CookiesFoodie3.50
2019-11Peppermint CandyPeppermint3.50
2019-11Spiced CiderApple/Pear5.00
2019-11Tree TrimmingPine4.00
2019-11White BalsamPine3.50
2019-11Winter BerryPine3.50
2019-09Candy CornFoodie3.00
2019-09Ghostly MistFresh3.50
2019-09Monster CookieVanilla0.00
2019-09Pumpkin PatchCinnamon3.50
2019-09Spider CiderCinnamon3.50
2019-09Trick or TreatFoodie4.00
2019-09Apple SpiceApple/Pear2.50
2019-09Berry PickingFruity4.00
2019-09Cafe au LaitChocolate3.00
2019-09Cinnamon Chai LatteCinnamon4.00
2019-09Citrus Clove CiderApple/Pear3.00
2019-09Copper LeavesPine5.00
2019-09Fall FestivalFoodie3.50
2019-09Farmstand CiderApple/Pear3.50
2019-09Harvest HomeFoodie3.00
2019-09Patchouli HoneyPerfumey3.00
2019-09Pumpkin AppleFoodie5.00
2019-09Pumpkin SpiceFoodie3.50
2019-09Pumpkin Spice LatteCoffee2.50
2019-09Spiced PearFoodie3.50
2019-09Vanilla Cinnamon BruleeFoodie3.00
2018-09Apple Cider DonutGingerbread0.00
2018-09Autumn AppleApple/Pear3.50
2018-09Autumn MumsPerfumey3.00
2018-09Autumn WreathWoodsy4.00
2018-09Cranberry & OrangePine3.25
2018-09Fall FestivalFoodie3.50
2018-09Falling LeavesFoodie3.00
2018-09Farmhouse KitchenFruity2.50
2018-09Harvest CiderApple/Pear3.00
2018-09Harvest HayrideFoodie3.00
2018-09Pumpkin AppleFoodie3.00
2018-09Pumpkin SpiceFoodie1.00
2018-09Spiced PearFoodie3.75
2018-09Sunflower FieldsPerfumey3.00
2017-12Cinnamon SnowCinnamon2.75
2017-12Cranberry Apple CiderApple/Pear3.00
2017-12First SnowMint3.75
2017-12Fraser FirWoodsy3.00
2017-12Gingerbread VillageFoodie3.50
2017-12Holiday HearthSmoky3.50
2017-12Peppermint MeringuePeppermint3.25
2017-11Chocolate Chip CookieFoodie2.50
2017-11French ToastFoodie2.25
2017-11Sea & SandBeachy3.75
2017-11Wine & RosesFruity2.75
2017-10Candy CornVanilla2.75
2017-10Caramel AppleApple/Pear2.00
2017-10Monster CookieVanilla2.25
2017-10Poison Apple (Trick or Treat)Apple/Pear1.00
2017-10Pumpkin AppleApple/Pear2.00
2017-10Pumpkin LatteFoodie1.00
2017-10Pumpkin PieFoodie3.00
2017-10Pumpkin SpiceFoodie2.75
2017-10Witch's Brew (Happy Halloween)Apple/Pear1.00
2017-09Autumn SlumberSmoky3.75
2017-09Chai LatteFoodie2.00
2017-09Cinnamon Cider DonutFoodie3.25
2017-09Fall FestivalCinnamon3.75
2017-09Harvest PumpkinFoodie3.25
2017-09Harvest VineyardFruity2.75
2017-09Honeycrisp AppleApple/Pear3.00
2017-09Sunday PancakesFoodie3.75
2017-09Vanilla BirchSmoky2.75
2017-06Citrus BlushOrange3.00
2017-06Sage & CitrusHerbal2.50
2016-10Apple Berry SpiceApple/Pear2.25
2016-10Butter Crunch CookieFoodie2.75
2016-10Christmas StreuselFoodie3.75
2016-10Ginger SnapsGingerbread3.50
2016-10Lemon Sugar CookieLemon/Lime4.00
2016-10Maple ButternutFoodie2.50
2016-10Merry CherryFruity3.50
2016-10Pumpkin PieFoodien/a
2016-04Blood OrangeClove4.00
2016-04Blue SageSpa2.00
2016-04Blushing OrchidFloral1.00
2016-04Cotton CandyFruity3.00
2016-04Dandy DaisyFresh3.50
2016-04Lavender CrumpetsLavender3.00
2016-04Mountain MeadowFloral2.75
2016-04Ocean PebblesCologne4.00
2016-04Puffed PetalsPerfumey0.00
2016-04Salted Caramel CakeFoodie4.00
2016-04Spring RainFloral0.00
2016-04Strawberry CakeFruity3.25
2016-04Water HyacinthFresh3.00
2015-12Cinnamon SpiceCinnamon4.00
2015-12Cranberry ChampagneFruity4.00
2015-12Evergreen & BalsamPine4.00
2015-12Frosted CookiesVanilla4.00
2015-12Gingerbread HouseFoodie3.50
2015-11Baked Apple PieApple/Pearn/a
2015-11By the ChimneyMisc1.50
2015-11Christmas CranberryFruity3.00
2015-11Christmas SpiceCinnamonn/a
2015-11Evergreen & BalsamPinen/a
2015-11First FrostPerfumey1.50
2015-11Frosted SprucePinen/a
2015-11Fruit GarlandIncense1.00
2015-11Gingerbread HouseGingerbreadn/a
2015-11Sugar PlumsFruity3.75
2015-09Alpine CabinIncense2.50
2015-09Apples & Oak LeavesApple/Pear3.00
2015-09Autumn Citrus & CinnamonApple/Pear3.25
2015-09Brandied CherriesFruity2.00
2015-09Cranberry ChutneyFruity4.00
2015-09Fall FestivalCinnamon3.00
2015-09Ginger Spiced BiscottiFoodie1.00
2015-09Glazed PearApple/Pear3.50
2015-09Marshmallow GrahamFoodie4.00
2015-09Oh My, Pumpkin PieFoodien/a
2015-09Pecan PieFoodie3.00
2015-09Pumpkin BrittleFoodie3.75
2015-09Sugared WalnutsFoodie4.00


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