Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melts

Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melts. Sonoma wax melts and candles are available exclusively at Kohl's. They used to be manufactured by Langley Empire, which then became Empire Brands Co., and now they are made by Empire Brands and MVP Group Intl. You'll notice that some of their wax melts are in a slightly taller package and use hard wax, and some of melts are in a regular sized package and use soft wax. The hard wax melts are made by Empire Brands (which also makes Tuscany Candle wax melts, Crafters & Co. melts for Hallmark, and Hallmark brand wax melts), and the soft wax melts USED TO BE made by MVP Group Intl. (which also makes Mainstays wax melts for Walmart, Colonial Candle wax melts, Burt's Bees wax melts, Living Colors melts for Big Lots, Red Shed melts for Tractor Supply, K-Mart and Sears brand melts, and several dollar store brands.)

Sonoma wax melts can be found at Kohl's stores, as well as the Kohl's website to ship to your home or your local store. They "say" that the regular price for each melt is $6.99, but they're always on sale for $3.49 or $2.99 (which I think is their "real" regular price).

2019 Update: It appears that MVP Group Intl. is no longer making the soft wax melts, so the only melts available are the hard wax melts made by Empire Brands.

Nice scents for the most part. And their fall and winter scents tend to throw quite well. And of course being able to sniff them at the store is a plus. You can also order online from the Kohl's website for delivery to your home or local store.
Many of their scents don't throw well. They repackage a lot of older scents, and lately it seems that very few of their scents are "new" (maybe 2 per season).
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Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melt Reviews
2021-01Aloha BeachGingerbread2.50
2021-01Blooming OrchardFloral3.00
2021-01Blue HawaiianTropical3.50
2021-01Coconut Sea SaltCoconut3.50
2021-01Fresh Morning DonutsFoodie4.00
2021-01Guava Fruit SmoothieTropical4.00
2021-01Lilac FieldsFloral5.00
2021-01Mango MargaritaTropical4.00
2021-01Paradise KissPeach3.00
2021-01Rose All DayLemon/Lime3.50
2021-01Smells Like SunshineFloral3.50
2021-01Summer Berry LemonadeLemon/Lime5.00
2021-01Tahitian PineappleTropical3.50
2020-10Holiday MemoriesApple/Pear3.50
2020-10Naughty and NicePine5.00
2020-10Pomegranate and FigFruity3.50
2020-10Sugar and SpiceFoodie5.00
2020-08Autumn HayrideSmoky5.00
2020-08Baked AppleApple/Pear3.50
2020-08Be Leaf In YourselfPine3.50
2020-08Caramel ToffeeFoodie5.00
2020-08Cinnamon Spice CookieFoodie5.00
2020-08Confetti Birthday CakeVanilla3.50
2020-08Fall in LoveApple/Pear3.50
2020-08Falling LeavesApple/Pear5.00
2020-08Feelin' SaltyFoodie4.00
2020-08Pumpkin SpiceFoodie3.50
2020-08Vanilla Pumpkin LatteCoffee5.00
2019-12Blue CitronOrange5.00
2019-12Cactus RoseFloral3.50
2019-12Coastal CapriHerbal3.50
2019-12Coastal SunsetLavender4.00
2019-12Garden of FlowersFloral4.00
2019-12Passion Fruit PunchFruity4.00
2019-10Balsam FirPine3.50
2019-10Cinnamon SpiceFoodie5.00
2019-10Cozy FiresideIncense3.50
2019-10Enchanted ForestPine3.00
2019-10Frosted Woodland PinePine3.50
2019-10Gingerbread HouseFoodie3.50
2019-10Holiday CookiesFoodie3.50
2019-10Marshmallow Candy CanePeppermint3.50
2019-10Spiced Holly BerryApple/Pear3.00
2019-10Sweet AppletiniApple/Pear3.50
2019-10Winter Berry & SprucePine5.00
2019-08Autumn NightsPine2.50
2019-08Bourbon PumpkinFoodie3.50
2019-08Crackling CedarwoodFoodie3.00
2019-08Harvest GatheringApple/Pear3.00
2019-08Lakeside CampfireSmoky3.50
2019-08Pumpkin GingerbreadFoodie3.50
2019-08Toasted MarshmallowFoodie3.50
2019-03Citrus CoastGrapefruit3.25
2019-03Coconut MahoganyCoconut3.25
2019-03Coconut MojitoCoconut3.75
2019-03Limoncello FrostingLemon/Lime5.00
2019-03Tropical RainforestCologne3.00
2019-03Tropical ShoresCoconut3.75
2019-03White LavenderLavender1.50
2018-07Apple SpiceApple/Pear3.50
2018-07Bergamot DriftwoodCologne2.50
2018-07Bourbon Pumpkin BruleeFoodie3.00
2018-07Crackling CedarwoodFoodie3.50
2018-07Crafted Caramel AppleApple/Pear5.00
2018-07Cranberry OakFruity3.50
2018-07Farmstand Peach CobblerPeach3.50
2018-07Golden SunflowerSpa3.50
2018-07Harvest Pumpkin PatchFoodie2.50
2018-07Hot Apple CiderApple/Pear3.50
2018-07Iced VanillaVanilla3.50
2018-07Juniper and CypressPine4.00
2018-07Rustic CedarCologne2.75
2018-07Weathered WoodsCologne2.50
2018-03Blooming HoneysuckleFloral5.00
2018-03Endless SunshineFloral3.75
2018-03Pink Velvet CupcakeFoodie3.25
2018-03Walk in the ParkFresh3.25
2018-03Weekend GetawayApple/Pear3.50
2018-01Coconut MelonTropical3.25
2018-01Coconut MojitoCoconut3.50
2018-01Lush Island PalmSavory3.50
2018-01Sea Salt SandsCoconut2.50
2018-01Tropical RainforestCologne3.50
2018-01Vanilla TeakwoodIncense3.75
2018-01Watermelon SangriaMelon3.00
2017-11Falling SnowPeppermint3.75
2017-11Merry & BrightPerfumey3.75
2017-11Silent NightSmoky3.75
2017-11White Birch & PomegranateFruity3.25
2017-11Winter BlessingsPeppermint3.75
2017-10Candy Cane LanePeppermint3.25
2017-10Caramel Eggnog SwirlFoodie5.00
2017-10Cocoa & MarshmallowsChocolate4.00
2017-10Cozy FiresideIncense3.75
2017-10Deck the HallsCinnamon3.00
2017-10Evergreen & MahoganyWoodsy3.75
2017-10Gingerbread HouseGingerbread3.25
2017-10Home for ChristmasApple/Pear5.00
2017-10Roasted ChestnutsFoodie4.00
2017-10Sugared Pine & CinnamonFoodie3.00
2017-10Tree FarmPine2.25
2017-08Brown Sugar PeachesPeach2.00
2017-08Cherry BlossomPerfumey2.75
2017-08Coconut PumpkinFoodie3.25
2017-08Cozy Mountain RetreatFresh3.00
2017-08Eucalyptus & Mint LeafMint3.75
2017-08Farmstand BerriesPerfumey2.00
2017-08Fireside MemoriesFoodie2.75
2017-08Lakeside CampfireFresh3.25
2017-08Lavender BlossomLavender3.00
2017-08Mahogany & CedarCologne2.75
2017-08Pumpkin GingerbreadGingerbread5.00
2017-08Sandalwood CottonCologne2.75
2017-08Soft CottonPerfumey3.00
2017-08Sugared VanillaVanilla0.00
2017-08Thankful HarvestApple/Pear3.75
2017-08Toasted MarshmallowFoodie3.00
2017-08Tranquil WatersCologne3.25
2017-08White Pumpkin MarshmallowFoodie3.25
2017-08Woodland BerryPine3.25
2017-04Ciao BellaSpa2.50
2017-04Mediterranean CoastWoodsy2.50
2017-04Tuscan SunApple/Pear3.75
2017-03Key Lime PieLemon/Lime3.50
2017-03Peach GelatoPeachn/a
2017-03Raspberry LemonadeFruity2.75
2016-10Apple CiderApple/Pearn/a
2016-10Autumn BreezeFoodie3.00
2016-10Cinnamon Sugar DonutFoodie3.50
2016-10Harvest SunriseWoodsy3.50
2016-10Holiday EggnogFoodie3.25
2016-10In From The ColdIncense3.00
2016-10Lakeside CampfireCologne2.75
2016-10Pumpkin Cranberry MuffinFoodien/a
2016-10Pumpkin Pecan PieFoodie3.00
2016-10Snow DaysPerfumey3.75
2016-10Tree FarmPinen/a
2016-10Under the MistletoePinen/a
2016-10Vanilla & EvergreenPine3.25
2016-10Winter Berry SprucePine4.00
2016-01Be Loved (Rose & Currant)Floral3.00
2016-01Be Mine (Lilly & Vanilla)Perfumey2.75
2016-01Be Rejuvenated (Citrus Mist)Grapefruit2.50
2016-01Be Relaxed (Lavender Blossom)Lavender2.50
2016-01Be Revitalized (Eucalyptus & Mint)Mint3.00
2016-01Be Soothed (Green Tea & Cedar)Herbal2.50
2016-01Be Tranquil (Sea Minerals & Citrus)Fresh1.00
2016-01Green Apple & KaleApple/Pearn/a
2016-01Lemongrass & HerbsHerbaln/a
2016-01Peach & ApricotPeachn/a
2016-01Strawberry BasilFruity4.00
2015-11Balsam & OakWoodsy3.50
2015-11Frosted SprucePine3.50
2015-11Holiday CookiesVanilla4.00
2015-11Holiday EggnogFoodie4.00
2015-11Mistletoe & HollyPine4.00
2015-11Roasted ChestnutsFoodie4.00
2015-11Silver Spruce & ClovesFoodie3.00
2015-11Winter HearthIncense3.00
2015-11Winterberry & PineFruity4.00
2015-11Woodland PinePine4.00
2015-10From the VineSavory3.00
2015-10Vineyard WalkSavory3.75
2015-10Wine CellarWoodsy3.00
2015-10Wine TastingMisc3.75
2015-08Cozy HomeClove5.00
2015-08Garden MumsFloral4.00
2015-08Harvest MoonSmoky5.00
2015-08Pumpkin AleFoodie5.00
2015-08Pumpkin DonutFoodie4.00
2015-08Pumpkin FarmFoodie3.50
2015-08Pumpkin HarvestApple/Pear2.75
2015-08Pumpkin LatteCoffee5.00
2015-08Pumpkin PatchFoodie3.50
2015-08Woodland TrailSavory3.25


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