Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Lemonade Wax Melt Reviews

June 30, 2017

Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Lemonade Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Lemonade Wax Melts. Nice sweet tart lemonade scents, perfect for the hot days of summer!

Berry Berry Lemonade
Juicy blackberries and sweet cranberries, dusted with confectioners sugar
This is a standard slightly bakery fruity scent. It's similar to Wild Berry and Wild Berry Cobbler, but not as rich or sweet. It's a very nice scent, but a bit generic. I've smelled this scent many times in the past, so it's a dupe of something else. And there's no lemon note in it. If you like berry scents, Wild Berry and Wild Berry Cobbler (which are the same scent) smell better. Looking at the scent notes, they're the same as Wild Berry and Wild Berry Cobbler, but this is a mistake, as the scents are indeed different.

Cherry Lime Lemonade
Luscious red cherry and a sweet vanilla base
This is my favorite of the Lemonade collection. It's super strong on cold sniff, and smells like cherry soda. Although I don't smell lemon, there may be a smidgen of lime since there's a bit of tartness to the cherry. A fun, summery scent! Looking at the scent notes, well there's no lemon in it! In fact, they're the same notes as their Jolly Rancher Cherry scent, so it might be the same scent.

Comparing this to Better Home & Gardens Chilled Cherry Limeade from earlier this year, that scent definitely has a lemon note and is more tart/sour, is richer and more "full bodied", and smells like hard candy or a lemon/cherry flavored cough drop. Hanna's Cherry Lime Lemonade smells more like cherry soda, with more of a fake, slightly soapy note. They're both great scents, but they're totally different from each other.

Lime Lemonade
An enjoyable quality of citrus zest with a punch of effervescent spirits.
I smell orange more than lime, but there might be a lime note in there. It smells like orange lime soda but without fizziness. Refreshing! Looking at the scent notes, they're the same as their Sparkling Citrus Zest scent, which smells like orange soda. I just smelled both of them side by side, and they do smell the same. But the Lime Lemonade smells a little richer and creamier. Although the Sparkling Citrus Zest scent I have is a few years old. This scent only lasted about 1 hour.

Old Fashioned Lemonade
Sweet lemons with a splash of vanilla cream
You know how companies keep using the same lemon scents over and over, just with different names? This one is totally new! It's a very sweet lemon, not overly tart, with a little bit of a vanilla note and a smidgen of kitchen lemon. It's not exactly a lemonade scent as it's not tart enough. It's not really a bakery scent either as it's not a rich cake-y scent, maybe a lemon candy scent? I'd say it's more of a bakery lemon than a lemonade or candy lemon because of that slight vanilla note. However you'd classify it, it's fantastic. And a nice, new, different type of lemon scent!

Peach Lemonade
Mandarin, apricot, mango, guava, dewberry, ginger and coconut
This is a nice, authentic peach scent like the fuzzy outside of the peach. It's not very sweet, and it may be just slightly creamy like peaches and cream. It doesn't smell like a fake peach scented room spray, and it's also not a sour peach scent like Juicy Apricot Jam or White Peach Nectar. It's very nice and summery. But there's no lemon note.

Watermelon Lemonade
Juicy watermelon, zests of lemon, orange, and fresh floral undertones, on a sweet candy-like accord of sugar cane and malt notes
I believe this is the same scent as their Watermelon Sorbet scent (a mouth-watering sweet candy-like watermelon with maybe a slight strawberry note). I only smell watermelon, no lemon, but that's okay because it smells fantastic and very summery! Looking at the scent notes, they're different from the Watermelon Sorbet, although this smells the same. The notes are the same as their Jolly Rancher Watermelon scent.

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