Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2017

March 5, 2017

Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2017

This is a review of Better Homes and Gardens Wax Melts from Walmart for Spring 2017. This review is a little different from past reviews in that I've included comments that members of the Scented Wax Melts Retail Facebook Group left about each scent. You can see which scents are the most popular! Everyone has different opinions, so the best thing to do is to go to Walmart, sniff the wax and buy it if you like how it smells. And remember that a lot of variables can affect throw (how far the scent "throws" in the room when you're melting it).

Bamboo & Lily Blossom
Tranquil lily and the watery freshness of lotus reveals elements of green bamboo dappled with citrus sunlight and luminous marines, over aquatic musk and smooth woods
This smells like aloe, which is a cucumber type scent with a fresh water note. There's also maybe a smidgen of floral way in the background (I guess that's the musk), although this is not a sweet scent at all. Not one of my favorites.

"I didn't care for this one at all. I didn't purchase it. But I do think the packaging is pretty."

"Smells better warmed!"

"On cold I didn't get much of anything."

"It had a medium throw from one cube in the plug in. It smells spa like.. I do smell a little bamboo.. but a little more floral."

"Something is turning me off from this scent. It's strong which is good. But I'm returning my unopened one."

Blue Coconut Waters
Coconut with a sweet tropical fruit note and a fresh watery note in the background. There's a very slight sour note way in the background that has a little bit of a chemical or vinyl note.

Brazilian Riviera Carnival Duo
This duo is from last year, and the package is dated 2015.
Samba Nights
A rich sweet fruity warm ambery perfumey scent. This smells like it has a fig note in it, which makes scents smell classy. Fantastic scent!

Watermelon Bellini
I'm not a fan of watermelon scents, but I love The Watermelon Bellini side. It's watermelon with a sweet rich berry, strawberry I think.

"It is very light and it don't last long but i still want to hoard it cuz when you can smell it it smells amazing."

"This confused the heck out of me. I got fruity for a while then floral. The scent combo didn't work for me."

"Haven't melted this yet but I like it on. I melt a cube from each side either together in one warmer or if I'm my living room one in each warmer."

"I melted just the Samba Nights and couldn't smell much, then I added the Watermelon Bellini and thought it smelled surprisingly like muffins! It was a nice smell but I'm not big into bakery."

"I can't describe the smell, but I love this one. Both sides."

"I get watermelon and even a little bit of a berry or grape. But I really like it! I just hate that it doesn't last long."

"I'm not sure what Samba nights is. It smells a bit like incense to me."

Chilled Cherry Limeade
Bold, sun-ripened cherry, juicy blackberry and glistening red currant swirl with tangy lime zest, tart lemon and a hint of refreshing grapefruit
Crazy strong on cold sniff. Smells like cherry with a smidgen of tart sweet bitter lime, although it's mostly a cherry scent and it's not very tart. It's not an authentic fruit scent, more like a cherry flavored drink. And it has a tiny bit of a soapy note (although it's not a perfumey scent at all). This is a fantastic, happy summer scent that's already a favorite among wax lovers who have tried it (including myself). Kids will love this one too. This lasted the entire day (at least 8 hours).

"The Cherry Limeade smelled amazing!! Eeeek! I can't wait to buy more lol!"

"Smells like a cherry slushee type of drink. I don't get lime on cold. It's pretty strong on cold!"

"The cherry limeade candle smells AMAZING and performs very well."

"Cherry Limeade is my favorite, with Mango Creampop a close second."

"OMG! That's my favorite fragrances out of all of the ones I purchased today and let me tell you that it's super strong on cold sniff!"

"Still going at 10 hrs"

"Smells just like Yankee Candle Cherry Limeade, super fizzy scent. Throw is about a 3.5 out of 5."

"It smells like Luden's cough drops to me. Liked it at first but the cough drops smell annoyed me after an hour or so."

"I wish there was more lime in this wax melt to give it a tartness."

"Today I melted Cherry Limeade in the kitchen and foyer and WOW is it good! Smells great, had a strong throw and was still going when I turned it off at the 10 hour mark, though it was weaker at about 8 hrs. This one is a winner for me!"

"Ick, ick, ick. It just smelled gross to me in store. Cherry scents do it to me everytime."

"I think it's a fun smell. It's light refreshing remind me of Summer. And it throws and burns a thousand times better than Yankee's"

"I did buy the candle in this scent and I have to say it had 10 times more throw than the Yankee Candle Cherry Limeade I got last year which had 0 throw I was so disappointed."

"Smelled it on cold, bought two packs, didn't melt them yet, but I'm sure, according to the scent on cold, that it'll be one of my favorites of the Spring scents..."

"I love the smell... I think it smells like Ludens cough drops... You know, the ones that don't actually taste like a cough drop or help your cough but taste good. Lol"

"I love it! I've got 3 packs so far. It reminds me of Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade; another favorite of mine. Think I'll invest in a jar of this."

"I purchased the jar first in this scent and burned it for two nights it burnt very well and the throw was actually very good I'd say a 3.5 or 4 out of the 5."

"Love this one. Great scent, strong throw and lasted a looong time. Went back and bought 8 more packs."

"Cherry Limeade going right now, I love it!! So far it's kicking butt!"

"Cherry Limeade was strong and lasted a long time for me - about 10 hrs."

Georgia Peach Tea
This refreshing scent mingles sun ripe apricots with sweet sun tea infused with sweet Georgia peach and juicy orange.
Although this is a fantastic scent, it does not smell like tea. It smells like a luxurious body cream with a hint of peach and a barely noticeable smidgen of lemon, and a fig note that makes scents smell classy, and a very slight soapy note. I think it's the fig note that makes gives this scent a very slight ScentSationals Blackberry Cider or Scentsy Luna note. But looking at the scent notes, there's no fig or any perfumey notes! It does have a slight perfumey scent though, but it's not overly sweet. There's also a creamy richness, and a little bit of a foodie quality. I love this scent! Although throw was very good, the scent itself is subtle.

"The throw was awesome in my 24w warmer but I didn't like the scent very much. I had high hopes for that one."

"This had a very light throw. And I got more of a ginger scent rather peach or tea"

"I didn't think it smelled like tea, but I did like the smell. I just didn't get it because the scent was extremely light for me on cold."

"I barely got any throw and the little throw it did have only lasted for a couple hours max."

"Maybe it's my Southern heart, but I totally got peach tea on cold sniff on this one. I'm very sensitive to the smell of peaches and don't like it much so I didn't get it. Maybe it's different in the warmer?"

"I melted this one today and love it! It didn't have a lot of throw, but enough for my bathroom. I thought I detected a tea scent, but maybe it was just a relaxing note that tea scents do for me?"

"I melted it in a 24 watt and tried a tea light warmer. And I still didn't get a throw."

"I've heard light throw from a lot of people. But its been the opposite for me! Great throw...fills up the whole house. Bad batch maybe?"

"I have it in my bedroom too where I actually like it a bit lighter so it's perfect. But you're right. The throw is low."

"I love this scent but sadly I got almost no throw from it either."

"My new favorite for this week is Sunset Island and Peach Tea. They both have a perfume scent which I love in my wax and candles. I have the peach tea melting in my bedroom."

"Wow this is so disappointing. I'm melting this in a 24 watt warmer in my bedroom and I can still barely smell it."

Habanero Mango Salsa
Sweet, spicy blend of mango salsa and habanero peppers. Mandarin, juicy orange and cinnamon lead add further zest while sugared starfruit and vanilla beans provide balance.
Similar to the old ScentSationals Mango Salsa but not as intense. This scent has a bit more of the fruity notes and less of the savory cilantro salsa notes. It's like a fruity scent (red fruits and a smidgen of a tropical fruit which is probably the mango) with a smidgen of pepper, but not enough pepper to be a savory scent.

"Honestly it doesn't have much fragrance on cold sniff, it's kind of weak and I don't get much mango or habanero, but the notes sounded interesting enough to at least try it and see if it's better in the warmer."

"Ok I'm not impressed with this one, I had high hopes. It's so weak! I get the faintest whiff of mango and a spicy scent that doesn't remind me of habanero really."

"Can't wait to melt this one. On cold I definitely pickup a"chili"scent. I think it will be interesting for sure."

"I felt disappointed in this one, it was very weak. I got just barely a hint of mango when I was right next to the warmer."

"Sniffing this in the store I could barely smell anything. I like the packaging, very eye catching but on cold sniff it just wasnt strong enough to justify purchasing, especially since I had so many others I wanted."

"The cilantro note turned me off. I just can't."

"This is the one new scent out that I didn't care.. too savory like you said.. plus the throw was almost non-existent."

Island Coconut Lime
Freshly fallen, cracked coconut fruit blended with the zesty brightness of island lime fused with sweet sugarcane and a hint of vanilla
A fresh watery coconut scent with just a hint of lime, and a bland, soapy, slightly waxy note that I don't care for (although it's still a nice scent). It's only a tiny bit sweet.

"Smells like a coconut with a splash of lime. Pretty strong on cold!"

"LOVE this one soooo much! Lime with coconut is what I got. Can't rate the throw yet. The first time I couldn't believe how awesome the throw was, but the next time, it was just medium. Have to melt a 3rd to see which time my nose was accurate"

"Smells like lime with coconut. It throws about medium for me."

"This coconut lime is what I'm most excited for in a melt. It's my #1 scent of time, I love stocked up in years past from Yankee and woodwick so seeing an affordable brand put this out has me estatic!"

"The Coconut Lime is probably my favorite."

Malibu Mango Melon
Indulgent blend of Malibu melon and exotic mango enriched with pink papaya, sugared honeydew and salted pineapple water. Coconut milk and Hawaiian sugar cane add a luscious finish.
I smell watermelon first, then the sweet tropical fruit note of the mango. I'm not a fan of watermelon scents in general, but the added mango makes this one a bit more "full bodied" than just a typical watermelon scent.

"Today I melted Malibu Mango. I thought it smelled very, very similar to Sugared Melon Kiwi - a scent I don't like so I didn't like this one. But for those who like SMK you'll like this one. It was medium throw. Don't know its staying power since I dumped it after a couple hours."

"2nd place for worst new scent."

Maui Beach Waves
Calming turquoise waters flow over the tropical sweetness of sparkling island nectars, the aquatic green freshness of dune grass, amber sands and a touch of sun-warmed driftwood.
I smell coconut and fresh water with a slight aloe/cucumber note that smells a little bit waxy. There may be a fruity note way in the background but barely noticeable. Yep, the fruit is the "island nectars" in the scent notes.

Peaches and Cream
Sweet summer peach fruit splashed with zesty lemon and sprinkled with white sugar served with freshly whipped heavy cream.
This smells like peaches with a rich creamy background. It's not overly sweet, and it's not a fake peach scent either. It smells almost exactly like last year's Mainstays Peach & Mango. I'm not a fan of peach scents, but this one is very nice because it's not that fake peach room spray type scent. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell any lemon at all.

"Have this going right now. I really like it and the throw is good. I get more cream than peaches."

"I don't even like the smell of peaches but the Peaches and Cream was so creamy I decided to give it a chance."

Salt Water Driftwood
This fresh ozonic, woody fragrance pairs coarse sea salt, bergamot waters and amber waves with ocean driftwood and indigo cedar while Mediterranean lavender, sand pine and beach birch swirl in the heart.
This smells like strong men's cologne mixed with a warm floral like honeysuckle, with a slight note of light wood like sandalwood, and a little bit of a salty ocean note. It smells better on cold sniff than melted though. Melted, there's a note I can't figure out, maybe a tropical note, or an intense green natural or floral scent although this is not overly sweet, or a really old perfume note. I don't know if I like this one or not.

"I like it."

"Smells like the vinyl lining of a pool."

"I like this. Not extremely strong (which I like) very clean-- spa like?"

"Why am I smelling sweet cow manure?"

"Love this one so fresh!"

Salted Pistachio Sorbet
Fantastic salty pistachio scent with a buttery richness in the background. It's not overly sweet, which is good. It also smells like almonds (because pistachios do smell like almonds). It's not a Serendipity scent, which is a common vendor wax scent with notes of almond, cherry, and coconut. I don't detect cherry or coconut in this scent, although some other people have said they do detect those notes. Although when I smelled it again on cold sniff, maybe it does have a smidgen of cherry and coconut, but if so, it's barely noticeable.

"I actually smell the salt and I think that is why i am not sold on it. Wish it had more vanilla and a stronger throw. It is just ok"

"Love it! I wish the throw was stronger."

"I LOVE this one sooo much! But wish it had a better throw."

"Dupe of crunchy pistachio vanilla from Yankee candle!!!"

"I love this one and the throw has been strong for me but I have a small space so I think that makes a difference and I used my 20w hot plate. I get a slightly salty note but I get more of the nutty scent similar to the yankee, which I love. I prefer this type of pistachio versus the overly sweet pistachio."

"I haven't bought this one. I was excited about it, but when I found it in store and sniffed it, it had some underlying funkiness to it that kept me from buying it. Perhaps it will smell differently to me next time."

"I smelled this one in the store and passed. Something about it I didn't like."

"Love it!!!! This was one of the last spring scents to be out at my Walmart I was so happy to have finally found it so I picked up."

"After passing up Salted Pistachio Sorbet a few times I decided to try it because everyone here says its amazing. Melted it last night and I love it!"

"My 4 year old picked out the pistachio one to melt first. I hope it smells as good melted as it does on cold. Never thought I'd like a pistachio scent, but it smells so yummy."

"Well, my 4 year old says the pistachio sorbet smells like cherry pie. Lol I do smell something that smells like cherry, but I get no pie. I'm not sure what it smells like, but it's really, really good. I'm definitely getting more."

"Totally agree about the cherry note, but from what I've heard thats common with Pistachio scents!"

"I couldn't place what the pistachio one smelled like either but it does smell really good on cold. I'm not a huge fan of cherry stuff, but it has a sweet note to it!"

"I really liked it on cold and I melted it this evening. Smells wonderful without being overbearing."

"Pistachio sorbet I was so excited, BUT....NO!!"

"It smells too similar to something else."

"I love it. It reminds me of the scent Serendipity. Cherry and coconut."

"I tried smelled Pistachio Sorbet today and it was just ok. I didn't get it but I probably will try it at some point"

"I smelled that one today and didn't like it at all."

"Pistachio Gelato. The bomb."

"I think this is a scent like Himalayan pink sea salt your either going to love it or hate it. I have not melted mine yet but bought 2 I like the cold smell."

"I wanted to love Pistachio Sorbet, but I'll have to sniff it again next time I go, today it smelled like popcorn or corn chips or something, so I didn't buy it."

"I didn't care for it. I will try it again, tho bc I did try so many tht day and I think my nose gets confused."

"Omg! This might be my favorite ever..."

"It is my favorite,I got a whole sleeve of them."

Sea Spray Linen
Nuances of tropical sea spray, salt water and fresh ozone wash into sun bleached linen in this irresistibly clean, fresh scent. Beach flower, warm sandalwood and vanilla sands transports you to your favorite summertime beach.
I love this scent! It smells like ScentSationals Fresh Air mixed with a fabric softener scent. It's primarily a laundry scent, so it has a soapy note, but it's also fresh and watery with a slight floral note and maybe a smidgen of some kind of fruit way in the background but barely noticeable if it's there at all (there's no fruit in the scent notes). Even if you don't like laundry scents, you'll probably like this one because it's not a biting detergent type scent.

"Sea spray smells sooo good. It's a very clean perfumey scent."

"This one isn't bad, if you like clean type scents. Throw is about a 4/5 for me. It smells like a clean laundry detergent to me."

"I'm not a fan of Better Homes & Gardens Line Dried Linen (don't throw tomatoes at me please)! It's just too strong or something. BUT I really like the Sea Spray Linen a LOT! Have been melting in main bath and laundry room."

"Sea Spray has to be one of my all time favorites! It is VERY strong and lasts for days on 1 cube."

"I have it in a wall warmer in the bathroom. 1 cube and it's still throwing on day 4/5. Love it and it's strong. Amazing for 1 cube!"

"I think I'm going to love it!! On cold it smells like Better Homes & Gardens Line Dried Linen with a beachy twist! It smells like it's going to be super strong too! Can't wait to melt it!"

"Good throw but it smells a little medicinal (or some "off" smell) after a while to me"

"To me this smells almost exactly like April Showers from Yankee Candle. I didn't pick it up so I couldn't smell them side by side but I think April Showers has a slight lemon note that this one doesn't have."

"I have this melting now and really enjoy it! It definitely has a summer feel to it in my opinion.

Sliced Apple Cinnamon
The classic scent of sweet orchard apple and sugar-dusted pear warmed with spicy shimmers of grated cinnamon, golden nutmeg, and brandy-steeped clove
A nice, but typical, sweet cinnamon apple scent. It smells like the inside of an apple pie (without the bakery notes). This is a new "core" scent that's going to be available year-round.

Smoked Coconut Palm
Warming notes of smoked coconut and toasted palm leaves with sweet accords of sugared pineapple and sugarcane
I love this scent! It's coconut with a palm note, which is a woodsy nutty type scent. It also has a strong milky buttery note.

"I LOVE this one! I smell coconut and a woody/smoky note. It doesn't smell like spring/summer to me but it also doesn't smell like fall/winter, either. To me, it's an anytime scent and I'm definitely stocking up."

Summer Fruit Medley
This smells a lot like the old ScentSationals Rainbow Fruit scent, but with more grapefruit and lemon. I smell grapefruit and orange first, with a salty lemon note, but I also smell a hint of red berries like strawberries. The label shows oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, kiwi, strawberries, and blackberries. Fantastic scent, and it lasted 12 hours!

"I havent gotten to melt it yet, but on cold it is SUPER strong. I feel like the name sounds familiar so I thought it was an old scent coming back, but I don't remember a fruit scent like this that was as strong as this on cold."

"I can't decide which one is my favorite, but I'm loving the Fruit Medley and Salted Pistachio Sorbet."

"Didn't care for the grapefruit note in this. Found it sour."

"I like the smell on cold but warmed the citrus really comes out but it has a off putting under tone in it I cant place. Like a medicinal undertone. I only have it on 1 warmer not sure I would repurchase this one."

"I think that"medicinal"note you're smelling is the grapefruit, which is bitter. I also detect a lemon note which, mixed with the other fruit notes, is a little sour. Although this is not a top 10 favorite for me, I really like it.

"I wish they would have mixed in a berry scent. If the label shows a variety of fruit you would hope the scent reflects that."

"Just got this one...smells really nice. It smells punch-ish to me, but there's definitely more of one fruit that's sort of dominating... mango maybe? Or guava? Something I'm not super familiar with lol."

"With two cubes ScentSationals Hello Sunshine and Fruit Medley were almost overpowering in the most wonderful way."

"I have two cubes of this in right now. Super strong, very bright. I definitely catch that grapefruit bitterness but it works well for me. It's weird because I usually avoid grapefruit type scents, but I have been all about this Fruit Medley and ScentSationals Hello Sunshine, both which seem heavy with the grapefruit/citrus notes."

"It is definitely grapefruit, and tart. I love it but can see where this is one that may not be popular for most. It has excellent throw and lasts a really long time too."

"This one has a grapefruit note (to my nose). It also has great throw and lasts a longggg time. I love it!"

"I like it, but had to turn off the melter after about an hour. Too strong for me!"

Sunset Island Sands
Pineapple, mango and guava with tropical florals, warm undertones and precious blonde woods
A lovely warm rich perfumey scent. I can't figure out the notes, but I've smelled it before. I don't detect any tropical notes. Maybe a smidgen of lemon, although barely noticeable. No lemon or tropical notes at all when melted, just a nice warm perfumey scent. For some reason this one took forever to melt. One cube took almost an hour to melt completely!

"Have it in the Bathroom,love the smell!"

"I wish this one threw better! It had a slight perfume vibe, but without that artificial sharpness I dislike about perfume-y waxes. Very creamy and nice but dark and musky too."

"On cold this smelled exactly like Bath and Body Works Endless Weekend to me (which is one of my favorite summer scents)."

"I don't get any tropical notes but def a rich perfumey scent."

"Yes! I sniffed that yesterday and it was wonderful! Drives me nuts that I can't find the scent notes anywhere online! Does anyone know what they are in this one?"

"I'm finding this one is a dupe for Goose Creek Candle Sunset Sparkle.. nice scent for sure!"

"Took mine a long time to melt. Reminds me of Caress soap. Lovely scent and quite a good throw but not overpowering which I love. Filled up my whole apartment without being too strong near the warmer. I'll be buying more of these. They're already sold out at my Walmart."

"My hubby picked this one out, and I melted it last night, but I'm not a big fan. It definitely reminds me of something else I've melted that I also didn't like, but I can't remember which."

"This one reminds me of ScentSationals Dazzling Sky Duo. Not an exact dupe but similar."

"This scent right here is my current obsession. I've been burning it for about 8 hours and it's still going strong."

Sweet Watermelon Buttercream
A flavorful blend of sweet watermelon, honeydew and strawberry leaf gives way to a delicious heart of whipped butter cream and sugared peony. Vanilla bean and sugared musk create a delectable finish worth celebrating.
I smell the sweet vanilla buttercream primarily, but I do detect the slight watermelon note in the background. It comes through as a slightly bitter note, but not strong enough to detract from the buttercream scent. It's an "okay" scent.

"Smells just as the name states, a very sweet, candied watermelon, with a sweet frosting note. Pretty strong on cold!"

"I have watermelon buttercream going and I'm loving it! It has a really good throw."

"Omg it's sweet deliciousness! It smells like a piece of watermelon cake. More sweet then fruity!"

"The watermelon buttercream smells really good. It's not like a tart watermelon it's more of a bakery watermelon."

"Tried watermelon buttercream and couldn't detect much scent. Has anyone else tried this one?"

"I just bought it tonight. On cold I could detect both melon and buttercream. I'll let ya know when I melt mine."

"Mine was super strong. I turned it off hours ago and still can smell all through the house."

"Even my husband even said he couldn't really smell it. It's a faint sweet smell..that's about it."

"Mine was super duper strong in my mainstays 24 watt warmer."

"If you need me I'll be licking my warmer! On a serious note, this one is really lite and that's disappointing...I was most excited for this one."

"I didn't like it either but I don't like watermelon scents anyway so my opinion doesn't matter lol."

"I don't like it not a good one it's my least favorite out of all the ones I got it was the only crappy one."

"With the exception of the Watermelon Buttercream, I LOVE all of these!"

"I thought it smelled too much like cake frosting. Wasn't my thing. I gave it away. I wanted more watermelon. I liked the watermelon scent that is in the new duo Brazilian Riviera Carnival a lot better. Just not my favorite."

"It threw pretty well for me! I love the buttercream undertone to it."

"My husband said it smelled like playdo to him lol so i didnt get it."

"I melted mine all last night and today. I'm going to give it about a 3 to 4 out of 5 on throw. It definitely throws more buttercream than watermelon though but overall I thought it was nice."

"I only smelled sugar so I did what I always do, added lemon!"

"It seemed strong to me but that could be because I absoutely hated the scent and dumped it after an hour. I was hoping for a watermelon candy type scent but what I smelled was a skunky sickening scent. I thought this one would be my favorite out of all the new I bought but so far it's the worst, with Malibu Mango Melon in 2nd place for worst new scent."

"Too sweet and the scent wore off after about two hrs. I was disappointed. It smelled great on cold."

"I liked this one but not enough to repurchase. On cold I get both watermelon and buttercream. When melting I got mostly buttercream, it had a great throw and threw mostly buttercream but only if I was really close to the warmer I could detect the melon."

"It was too weak and did not last long."

"Agree with the others. It seemed strong at first but the scent wore off quickly."

"Ugh! Hated it!! For me this one was awful! Had a skunky, off-smell to my nose."

"I thought it smelled like Play-Doh"

"I melted Watermelon Buttercream in the bedroom, the one I thought would be my favorite, but after an hour I had to turn it off. This one did NOT agree with me. To my nose it had a weird nauseating note to it, kind of a skunky smell."

"My students told me that the Watermelon one smelled like a wet/moldy mop. :( I quickly turned it off!"

"Wow I love the Watermelon Buttercream I will be stocking up on this one."

"I really do get Watermelon and Buttercream I was so surprised!"

"Smelled too sweet to me"

Tropical Papaya Orchid
A lovely warm ambery perfumey scent with a hint of fig (which makes scents smell rich and classy), and maybe a smidgen of sweet salty lemon. On cold sniff I thought I detected a tropical fruit note, but I don't smell it when melted. It smells a little like ScentSationals Blackberry Cider.

"I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I don't usually care for florals but this is a perfect combo of floral/fruity and a bit of perfume. It's my favorite new scent so far."

"Okay why does this smell like sandalwood to me?? Throw is ok, good for my bedroom but wouldn't use it in a big room. I like it...just confused that I'm smelling sandalwood..."

"I love all of these scents with Papaya Orchid being my fave, I'm gonna stock up on it."

"it has a fruity floral scent and it light so u can kick it up with something else. I didn't think it'd be a fave bc of the orchid but it's lovely"

Warm Spring Sunshine
A fruity mix of Granny Smith apple, white peach and melon. A fresh, floral blend of spring daisy, garden florals and rain water rest on a calming base of sunlit amber and musk.
The picture of flowers on the label is misleading, because although this does have a floral note, it's primarily a fruity scent. It's a very sweet, candy like fruit scent with a very slight floral note way in the background. On cold sniff the floral note is more easily detected, but I don't really smell it when melted. I smell melon first, and maybe pear, but I also detect strawberry and possibly a smidgen of peach and/or banana. It's a great scent!

"I loved it on cold, but I could barely smell it once melted."

"I put this one in my 13 watt plug-in warmer in my bathroom and it fills the room nicely. It's a citrusy floral."

Whipped Mango Creampop
This scent mingles mango, sun-kissed orange, tart tangerine, sweet clementine, fresh berries and tropical pineapple into a delicious base of vanilla meringue and cream soda
I smell pineapple and maybe another slightly sour tropical fruit which is probably the mango, but I also smell a little bit of coconut and a smidgen of a sweet buttercream note in the background. When melted though, I don't smell the buttercream at all, just pineapple with a hint of coconut.

"I melted two cubes of this yesterday and it was delightful! Smelled like a sweet, creamy mango."

"I melted this yesterday and I loved it! It smells like a creamy mango and the throw was strong with just 1 cube."

"DUPE alert! To me, this smells just like Bath & Body Works' Sunny Coconut candle from last summer! Which is citrus-like with coconut. Strong on cold!"

"Whoever said this smells like Bath & Body Works Sunny Coconut on cold, it really does!!"

"I've only tried BHG Whipped Mango Creampop & ScentSationals Water Lily & Lotus so far.. Both smelled strong when I first started melting them but within a couple hours they fizzled out :( I was so bummed."

"I have high ceilings and an open-floor plan, but I've still had good luck with throw so far. Mango Creampop was VERY strong for me. I use a 24 W warmer."

"I didn't like whipped mango creampop on cold, and didn't realize until later it was because of the coconut notes lol I'm not a fan of most coconutty stuff."

"I was kinda surprised it's called Whipped"Mango"lol cause I only smell Coconut... Maybe it'll be different when melted?"

"Cherry Limeade is my favorite with Mango Creampop a close second."

"I've melted BHG Whipped Mango Creampop & so far & I completely agree, smelled super strong the first few hours but fizzles out."

"Mmmm, melted Mango Creampops yesterday - So good! I don't know if it was the clamshell photo that had a subconscious effect on me but to me it smelled like an orange creamsicle rather than mango. So yummy! Throw was medium strong but it didn't last as long as Cherry Limeade, which was still going at 10 hrs. This one lasted about 5-6 hrs."

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