Hobby Lobby Wax Melt Reviews

December 13, 2015 (Part 1)

Hobby Lobby Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Hobby Lobby Wax Melts from December 2015 (Part 1). This is my first review of Hobby Lobby Wax Melts (DD brand), and I really like them!

Because there are so many scents, I've broken the review into two parts: Part 1 (A to I - this review) and Part 2 (L to W).

Aged Driftwood
Bleached Cedar, Cool Sand & Dusty Sage
This is a spa type scent with clean fresh air, wood, and green herbal notes. I definitely smell the wood, although not cedar per se. I don't know what sand smells like, but this doesn't have any kind of beachy notes. And the green herbal note is the sage. There's no sweetness in this scent, and it has a slight waxy note on cold sniff.

Amber & Vanilla
Warm Vanilla, Golden Amber & Smokey Myrrh
This is slightly spicy soapy scent with a smidgen of cologne (which may be the myrrh). I do detect a hint of amber, but not any vanilla.

Beach Getaway
Ocean Air with a Hint of Vacation
A typical fresh air scent with a hint of saltiness. No particular notes stand out. It also smells a little like body wash, either feminine or masculine, and it's not overly sweet. I have a lot of fresh air scents very similar to this one.

Berry & Vanilla Burst
Tart Berries, Sweet Coconut & Caramel
This has a fake berry scent, like that from a Tuscany Candle wax melt. It's almost like a Christmas berry like bayberry (not cranberry). It has a soapy note, and I don't smell coconut or caramel.

Berry Cheesecake
Blueberries, Raspberries & Vanilla Cheesecake
Very strong on cold sniff. I smell the blueberries first, with a raspberry note, and the creaminess of the cheesecake. The berries don't smell authentic, and have a very sweet slightly candy note, but that does not detract from the overall scent. But when melted, it took on a very slight sweet poop note that kind of smelled like my cat had an accident!

Blackberry Cardamom
Hand-Picked Blackberries & Crushed Cardamom
I'm not sure what cardamom smells like, but this smells like a Christmas scent, cinnamon with a berry note.

Candied Pecans
Crushed Pecan, Vanilla & Brown Sugar
I definitely smell the nut, plus the sweetness of the brown sugar, and maybe a barely noticeable trace of cinnamon. This is light on cold sniff. It smells much better melted than on cold sniff. Melted, it almost has a slight perfumey quality to it, which smells amazing when mixed with the brown sugar and nuttiness.

Cape Cod
Bleached Woods, Oakmoss & Cedarwood
This has a spa quality to it, a salty soapy scent with a very slight herbal note (like rosemary or oregano) and a smidgen of mint, even though mint is not one of the notes. It doesn't have the sinus clearing effect that mint has, but it just has that note. It is quite soapy, like a bar of natural herbal soap. But it's not a body wash scent, as it's not really sweet. I don't really smell wood, although maybe a barely noticeable hint of cedar that I wouldn't know was there if I didn't know it was one of the notes. It smells better on cold sniff than when melted; melted, it's a little too "herbal soapy" to me, and would smell better with some sweetness added.

Cashmere Petals
Pink Jasmine, White Flowers, Sugar & Creme
This is a very girly sweet cashmere and floral perfume scent, like all the perfumes at the store with pictures of a pop star on the front! It's not like Pink Sugar, as there's no berry notes, and there's more floral than Better Homes & Gardens Sugared Lavender Twist.

Cherry Lime Spritzer
Sparkling Bing Cherries
This smells like sweet cherry soda with a slight fizziness. It's not a tart black cherry scent.

Christmas Morning
Fir Balsam, Clove & Mandarin
I smell cinnamon, berries and cloves, with a hint of pine. The pine almost smells like fresh green grass.

Coastal Vanilla
Vanilla Orchid, Coastal Breeze & White Musk
This is definitely a tropical scent. I smell mango I think, or maybe it's pineapple, with a slightly tart lemony, orange or satsuma note. But it's not a harsh tropical scent, due to the sweetness of the vanilla and a slight ambery perfume note. Fairly strong on cold sniff, so disappointed that throw was so weak when melted.

Coconut Dream
Coconut Milk, Macadamia Nut & Vanilla
I smell coconut with maybe a smidgen of barely noticeable nut. It's not a tropical coconut.

Coconut Milk & Patchouli
Sweet Coconut, Sandalwood And Exotic Patchouli
This smells like cashmere or amber, with a slight milky coconut note. But the cashmere may just be the combination of the coconut and the patchouli. This is a fantastic and classy scent. When melted, I smell more of the coconut, but it's not a harsh or tropical coconut at all, and it works really well with the patchouli.

Warming Scent of a Cozy Fireplace
Smoky scent with a cologne note and a smidgen of spice (clove I think).

Fresh Baked Gingerbread Cookies
Very buttery bakery scent with a hint of ginger. Doesn't smell exactly like gingerbread. When melted it smells like very creamy coffee with just a hint of sugar and a smidgen of ginger, but not an intense coffee scent.

Golden Sunset
Warm Breeze, Valencia Oranges & Fresh Water
Fantastic and unique scent, and very difficult to describe. It's clean, watery, sweet and slightly orangey. One of my favorite scents.

Honeysuckle Bouquet
Honeysuckle, Jasmine & Rose
A beautiful honeysuckle perfume scent. I definitely smell the honeysuckle, and a little bit of jasmine, and just a smidgen of rose. It's definitely a perfume scent rather than an authentic flower scent, and has a bit of an old-fashioned quality to it.

Italian Linen
Pressed Cotton, Green Vine & A Touch Of Citrus
A nice fresh laundry scent. I don't smell any citrus at all.

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