Hobby Lobby Wax Melts (DD)

Read Reviews of Hobby Lobby Wax Melts (DD brand by Darsee & David Candles, made exclusively for Hobby Lobby). Their scents are unique and, in general, throw very well.

Hobby Lobby comes out with new DD wax melt scents twice a year (available in stores and online), in the summer and fall (but no "seasonal" collections). They cost $2.99, but are frequently on sale for half price.

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2022-08American PieFruity4
2022-08Black Sand & CashmerePerfumey2
2022-08Cedar in SpringHerbal2
2022-08Citrus FizzLemon/Lime5
2022-08Day Dreamin'Coconut4
2022-08Frosty Mocha LattePeppermint2
2022-08Lavender Sea Salt #14Lavender3
2022-08Let's Stay InFruity3
2022-08Nestling PinesPine2
2022-08Rooftop GardenCoconut4
2022-08Summer NightsFloral5
2022-08Vanilla & Berry AmberFruity3
2022-08Wild CashmerePerfumey3
2021-06Amber BlossomsFloral3
2021-06Amberwood & CedarPerfumey3
2021-06Citrus & Wild Rose (No. 48)Savory4
2021-06Crushed EucalyptusSavory4
2021-06Grandpa's ChairIncense4
2021-06Maple & Cream LatteFoodie4
2021-06Orange DreamsicleOrange3
2021-06Vanilla Cashmere & CedarIncense3
2020-07Bamboo & BirchCucumber4
2020-07Crushed Violet & VanillaLavender4
2020-07Indigo IslandFresh3
2020-07Italian Bergamot & SandalwoodLemon/Lime3
2020-07Moss & Black Cypress (No. 18)Smoky2
2020-07Sugar RoseFloral3
2020-07Timber & PatchouliSmoky4
2020-07Tonka & Island Vetiver (No. 37)Cologne2
2020-07Tropical PatchouliTropical4
2020-07Water BlossomSavory3
2020-07Zero Gravity (No. 40)Cologne4
2019-10Aspiration (No. 11)Savory4
2019-10Azul BayHerbal4
2019-10Balance (No. 13)Fruity5
2019-10Citron SpringwaterSpa4
2019-10Clementine & MangoOrange4
2019-10Ebony & MuskCologne5
2019-10French ToastFoodie4
2019-10Kona CoffeeCoffee5
2019-10Serenity (No. 12)Lavender2
2019-10White Chocolate BarkChocolate4
2019-06Black Tourmaline No. 30Smoky4
2019-06Cake PopFoodie3
2019-06Cannoli ChipsFoodie4
2019-06Feelin' CozyFoodie3
2019-06Peppered AgaveHerbal4
2019-06Pumpkin PretzelFoodie4
2019-06Rejuvenate No. 08Fresh4
2019-06Roasted PumpkinFoodie3
2019-06Snow CoconutCoconut4
2019-06Sooth No. 10Fresh4
2018-10Calm (No. 06)Cologne5
2018-10Cleanse (No. 03)Spa5
2018-10Elegant PearlApple/Pear4
2018-10Firewood & SaffronIncense4
2018-10Floral BlossomsPerfumey4
2018-10Italian Bergamot & CashmereCologne4
2018-10Oud & AmberIncense3
2018-10Peony & YuzuGrapefruit4
2018-10Refresh (No. 05)Currant5
2018-10Relax (No. 04)Spa4
2018-10Rosewood BloomsFloral5
2018-10Sea Salt & LotusBeachy5
2018-10Sweet EssenceMelon4
2018-10Unicorn DreamsPerfumey3
2018-10Uplift (No. 02)Perfumey4
2018-07Lavish VelvetPerfumey4
2018-07Madagascar Vanilla & CedarIncense4
2018-07Persian CitronOrange5
2018-07Pomegranate SorbetFruity3
2018-07Summer Breeze & LinenFresh4
2018-07Tonka & OudCologne4
2018-07Velvet Tonka BeanPine4
2017-12Amber PetalsPerfumey4
2017-12Apple Spiced CiderApple/Pear3
2017-12Christmas TreePine4
2017-12Exotic OasisPerfumey3
2017-12Gardenia BlossomsFloral4
2017-12Gourmet TaffyFoodie4
2017-12Grammie's ToffeeFoodie4
2017-12Grapefruit & CinnamonTropical4
2017-12Jelly BeanFruity4
2017-12Lavender & OakwoodLavender4
2017-12Sunflower MeadowFloral5
2017-12Tangerine & White MuskGrapefruit4
2017-12Warm CookiesFoodie4
2017-12Water Lily & BergamotCologne4
2017-12White Sage & EucalyptusHerbal4
2017-12Wood ShopCologne4
2017-08Coriander & CassisCurrant4
2017-08Flower ShopFloral4
2017-08Lavender & SageLavender3
2017-08Lemongrass VerbenaSpa4
2017-08Midnight RendezvousCologne2
2017-08Palm BeachCoconut5
2017-08Wind River PinePine4
2017-08Woodland WalkPinen/a
2017-06Candied PecansFoodie4
2017-06Coastal VanillaTropical3
2017-06Coconut Milk & PatchouliPerfumey4
2017-06Papaya & PineappleTropical4
2017-06Sage TeakwoodCologne4
2017-06Sweet JasminePerfumey2
2015-12Aged DriftwoodSpa4
2015-12Amber & VanillaCologne3
2015-12Beach GetawayFresh3
2015-12Berry & Vanilla BurstFruity3
2015-12Berry CheesecakeFruity3
2015-12Blackberry CardamomCinnamon4
2015-12Cape CodSpa4
2015-12Cashmere PetalsPerfumey1
2015-12Cherry Lime SpritzerFruity3
2015-12Christmas MorningCinnamon4
2015-12Coconut DreamCoconut3
2015-12Golden SunsetFresh3
2015-12Honeysuckle BouquetPerfumey3
2015-12Italian LinenLaundry2
2015-12Lavender DreamsLavender3
2015-12Lotus BlossomCologne4
2015-12Misty MorningHerbal2
2015-12Mountain RetreatWoodsy1
2015-12Oriental Lily & FreesiaFloral1
2015-12Persimmon & GingerFruity2
2015-12Pomegranate & BerriesFruity2
2015-12Pumpkin PieFoodie4
2015-12Rolling GreensHerbal2
2015-12Sage & CitrusHerbal3
2015-12Spiced LemongrassLemon/Lime3
2015-12Sun-Drenched DenimFresh5
2015-12Sweet MemoriesPerfumey2
2015-12Sweet TeaFoodie4
2015-12Vanilla SouffléVanilla3
2015-12Vintage LuxePerfumey3
2015-12White BirchApple/Pear2
2015-12White GardeniaPerfumey4
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