Hobby Lobby Wax Melts (DD)

Hobby Lobby Wax Melts (DD)

Read Reviews of Hobby Lobby Wax Melts (DD). Hobby Lobby wax melts are some of the most fantastic and uniquely scented retail wax melts available, and in general the throw is excellent.

Hobby Lobby wax melts are made by Darsee & David Candles, exclusively for Hobby Lobby stores. They are made with hard paraffin wax. Hobby Lobby comes out with new wax melt scents twice a year, in the summer and mid or late fall. They may occasionally come out with 2 or 3 fall or Christmas "type" scents, but they never have seasonal collections the way ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens does at Walmart. A lot of their scents are perfumey, floral and incensey type scents.

Hobby Lobby wax melts are $2.99, but they have half price sales all the time (as often as every 2 or 3 weeks, usually for 1 week at a time, both in-store and online), bringing the price to $1.49!

Fantastic and very unique scents with excellent throw in general. They have many half price sales, bringing the price of the wax melts to $1.49. You can buy in the store, and sniff before you buy, but you can also order from their website.
They only come out with new scents twice a year, and they only put 4 or 5 of each scent on the shelves. Once they sell out, it can take a few weeks for them to get that scent back in. However, you can still purchase the scents online if they're not available at the store, although it can take 1 or 2 months for new scents to become available on the website.
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Hobby Lobby Wax Melt Reviews
2020-07Bamboo & BirchCucumber3.50
2020-07Crushed Violet & VanillaLavender3.50
2020-07Indigo IslandFresh3.00
2020-07Italian Bergamot & SandalwoodLemon/Lime3.00
2020-07Moss & Black Cypress (No. 18)Smoky2.50
2020-07Sugar RoseFloral3.00
2020-07Timber & PatchouliSmoky3.50
2020-07Tonka & Island Vetiver (No. 37)Cologne2.00
2020-07Tropical PatchouliTropical3.50
2020-07Water BlossomSavory3.00
2020-07Zero Gravity (No. 40)Cologne3.50
2019-10Aspiration (No. 11)Savory3.50
2019-10Azul BayHerbal3.50
2019-10Balance (No. 13)Fruity5.00
2019-10Citron SpringwaterSpa4.00
2019-10Clementine & MangoOrange4.00
2019-10Ebony & MuskCologne5.00
2019-10French ToastFoodie3.50
2019-10Kona CoffeeCoffee5.00
2019-10Serenity (No. 12)Lavender2.50
2019-10White Chocolate BarkChocolate3.50
2019-06Black Tourmaline No. 30Smoky3.75
2019-06Cake PopFoodie3.00
2019-06Cannoli ChipsFoodie3.25
2019-06Feelin' CozyFoodie2.75
2019-06Peppered AgaveHerbal4.00
2019-06Pumpkin PretzelFoodie3.50
2019-06Rejuvenate No. 08Fresh3.75
2019-06Roasted PumpkinFoodie3.00
2019-06Snow CoconutCoconut3.50
2019-06Sooth No. 10Fresh3.25
2018-10Calm (No. 06)Cologne5.00
2018-10Cleanse (No. 03)Spa5.00
2018-10Elegant PearlApple/Pear3.75
2018-10Firewood & SaffronIncense3.25
2018-10Floral BlossomsPerfumey3.25
2018-10Italian Bergamot & CashmereCologne3.75
2018-10Oud & AmberIncense3.00
2018-10Peony & YuzuGrapefruit4.00
2018-10Refresh (No. 05)Currant5.00
2018-10Relax (No. 04)Spa4.00
2018-10Rosewood BloomsFloral5.00
2018-10Sea Salt & LotusBeachy5.00
2018-10Sweet EssenceMelon3.75
2018-10Unicorn DreamsPerfumey3.00
2018-10Uplift (No. 02)Perfumey3.75
2018-07Lavish VelvetPerfumey3.50
2018-07Madagascar Vanilla & CedarIncense3.50
2018-07Persian CitronOrange5.00
2018-07Pomegranate SorbetFruity3.00
2018-07Summer Breeze & LinenFresh4.00
2018-07Tonka & OudCologne3.75
2018-07Velvet Tonka BeanPine3.50
2017-12Amber PetalsPerfumey3.50
2017-12Apple Spiced CiderApple/Pear3.00
2017-12Christmas TreePine3.25
2017-12Exotic OasisPerfumey2.75
2017-12Gardenia BlossomsFloral3.75
2017-12Gourmet TaffyFoodie3.50
2017-12Grammie's ToffeeFoodie4.00
2017-12Grapefruit & CinnamonTropical3.25
2017-12Jelly BeanFruity3.75
2017-12Lavender & OakwoodLavender3.75
2017-12Sunflower MeadowFloral5.00
2017-12Tangerine & White MuskGrapefruit4.00
2017-12Warm CookiesFoodie3.25
2017-12Water Lily & BergamotCologne3.75
2017-12White Sage & EucalyptusHerbal4.00
2017-12Wood ShopCologne3.25
2017-08Coriander & CassisCurrant3.75
2017-08Flower ShopFloral3.25
2017-08Lavender & SageLavender2.75
2017-08Lemongrass VerbenaSpa3.25
2017-08Midnight RendezvousCologne2.50
2017-08Palm BeachCoconut5.00
2017-08Wind River PinePine3.25
2017-08Woodland WalkPinen/a
2017-06Candied PecansFoodie3.75
2017-06Coastal VanillaTropical3.00
2017-06Coconut Milk & PatchouliPerfumey3.50
2017-06Papaya & PineappleTropical4.00
2017-06Sage TeakwoodCologne3.75
2017-06Sweet JasminePerfumey2.50
2015-12Aged DriftwoodSpa3.50
2015-12Amber & VanillaCologne3.00
2015-12Beach GetawayFresh3.00
2015-12Berry & Vanilla BurstFruity3.00
2015-12Berry CheesecakeFruity3.00
2015-12Blackberry CardamomCinnamon3.50
2015-12Cape CodSpa3.50
2015-12Cashmere PetalsPerfumey1.00
2015-12Cherry Lime SpritzerFruity3.00
2015-12Christmas MorningCinnamon4.00
2015-12Coconut DreamCoconut3.00
2015-12Golden SunsetFresh3.00
2015-12Honeysuckle BouquetPerfumey3.00
2015-12Italian LinenLaundry2.00
2015-12Lavender DreamsLavender3.00
2015-12Lotus BlossomCologne3.50
2015-12Misty MorningHerbal2.00
2015-12Mountain RetreatWoodsy1.00
2015-12Oriental Lily & FreesiaFloral0.00
2015-12Persimmon & GingerFruity2.50
2015-12Pomegranate & BerriesFruity2.50
2015-12Pumpkin PieFoodie3.50
2015-12Rolling GreensHerbal2.00
2015-12Sage & CitrusHerbal3.00
2015-12Spiced LemongrassLemon/Lime3.00
2015-12Sun-Drenched DenimFresh5.00
2015-12Sweet MemoriesPerfumey2.00
2015-12Sweet TeaFoodie4.00
2015-12Vanilla SouffléVanilla3.00
2015-12Vintage LuxePerfumey3.00
2015-12White BirchApple/Pear1.50
2015-12White GardeniaPerfumey4.00


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