Hobby Lobby Wax Melt Reviews

June 10, 2017

Hobby Lobby Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Hobby Lobby Wax Melts from June 2017. The label design has changed, and the wax consistency is slightly different (old wax was harder and had some bubbles in it, while new wax is still hard but the surface is smooth, even, and very slightly greasy). No new scents came out in 2016 (nothing new between 2015 and June 2017).

Candied Pecans
Crushed pecan, vanilla & brown sugar
A nutty brown sugar cinnamony scent. Very nice, although I'm so over fall scents and this is pretty much a typical fall bakery scent. I definitely smell the nut, plus the sweetness of the brown sugar, and maybe a barely noticeable trace of cinnamon. Melted, it almost has a slight perfumey quality to it, which smells amazing when mixed with the brown sugar and nuttiness. When I reviewed this scent in 2015 with the old formula, throw was 3.5 out of 5, so it's improved slightly.

Coastal Vanilla
Vanilla orchid, coastal breeze and white musk
This is definitely a tropical scent. I smell mango I think, or maybe it's pineapple, with a slightly tart lemony, orange or satsuma note. It's a great scent, but I'm surprised I don't see any tropical fruit in the notes. I reviewed this scent in 2015, and the throw was 2 out of 5. The throw seems to have improved with the new wax formula.

Coconut Milk & Patchouli
Sweet coconut, sandalwood and exotic patchouli
I also reviewed this scent in 2015. It smells like cashmere or amber, with a slight milky coconut note. But the cashmere may just be the combination of the coconut and the patchouli. This is a fantastic and classy scent. It's not a true coconut scent, and not tropical at all. Throw was the same as the old wax formula.

Papaya & Pineapple
Juicy papaya & island pineapple
This is a tropical scent, but not an intense tropical scent, and no coconut. I'm not a fan of pineapple scents, but the sweet pineapple mixed with the slightly sour papaya smells fantastic. It almost has a slightly lemony note. When I reviewed this 2015 with the old wax formula, throw was 3 out of 5, so it's improved.

Sage Teakwood
Warm sage & aged wood
This is a brand new scent. It smells like sweet cedar wood with a warm perfumey or cologney note and a smidgen of a natural "green" note. It's very nice.

Sweet Jasmine
Crisp white jasmine
This is a brand new scent. It was weak on cold sniff. It smells like jasmine perfume with a little gardenia.

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