IllumiScents by Candle Warmers Wax Melts Reviews - January 2024

January 18, 2024

IllumiScents by Candle Warmers Wax Melts Reviews - January 2024

This is a review of 7 new IllumiScents wax melts from Walmart from January 2024, made by Candle Warmers Etc.: Cotton Candy Dreams, Palo Santo & Amber, Pink Peony, Queen of the Night, Sea Salt Crystals, Sun-Kissed Honeysuckle, Tropical Passionfruit.

Illumiscents wax melts are made by Candle Warmers Etc.. They're $2.48 at Walmart as of the date of this review (but they might be $2.99 at some stores).

Cotton Candy Dreams
Top: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple; Mid: Sugar cane, Cotton Candy; Base: Vanilla, Musk
This is the same as CandleWarmers Pink Cotton Candy (same notes too). This does indeed smell like cotton candy, but it also kind of smells like fruity bubble gum, with that artificial berry note, but not in a bad way. It also has a tiny bit of tangines, which might be a very fake raspberry (but not in a bad way).

Palo Santo & Amber
Top: Tonka, Aromatic, Palo Santo; Mid: Herbal, Wood, Palo Santo; Base: Amber, Wood, Moss
A very nice woodsy scent with just a smidgen of mesquite and smokiness, just enough to give this kind of a "desert" wood or incensey feel, rather than a dark wood. It's not sweet at all. I can imagine this scent in a spa, maybe mixed with a bit of sweet lavender.

Pink Peony
Top: Floral, Sweet; Mid: Peony, Berry; Base: Musk, Vanilla
A very nice scent that smells like a cross between pink sugar (sweet candy-like scent with hints of raspberry and girly perfume notes) , cotton candy, and a feminine floral perfume.

Queen of the Night
Top: Lily of the valley, black plum; Mid: Ylang Ylang, Violet, Jasmine; Base: Dark Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk
A perfumey scent with a hint of jasmine, a tiny bit of a fruity note, and maybe a smidgen of sandalwood. It's quite nice.

Sea Salt Crystals
Top: Bergamot, Fresh, Aromatic Cashmere; Mid: Tuberose, Lavender, Neroli; Base: Tonka Bean, Moss, Amber
A nice, fresh, slightly watery scent with a spa feel. It's salty and has barely any sweetness. It would probably smell great mixed with lavender, or any sweet non-foodie scent.

Sun-Kissed Honeysuckle
Top: Spring Air Accord, Sweet Orange, Sparkling Lemon; Mid: Sun-kissed Honeysuckle, Lush Jasmine, Tiger Lily; Base: Orange Flower, Dewy Greens, Smooth Musk
This is definitely a honeysuckle scent, although it's sweeter than most, and not authentic, more like honeysuckle with a slightly chemical perfumey note. That doesn't mean it's not a nice scent though, because it is. The notes are the same as IllumiScents Summer in Bloom, but I described that one a little differently.

Tropical Passionfruit
Top: Citrus, Berry; Mid: Passionfruit, Pineapple; Base: Fruity Sweet, Fizzy Champagne Accord
This smells more like cherry to me than a tropical scent. I'm not getting pineapple or any "sour" type tropical fruit notes. It's extremely sweet, like a sweet fruity drink. I like it, but wow, it's really sweet. Blending it with a not-so-sweet vanilla scent might tone it down a bit.

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