Candle Warmers Etc. Wax Melts

Read reviews for Candle Warmers wax melts, which can found at as well as various stores and gift shops.

Their classic wax melts are a 50/50 paraffin/soy wax blend, and the Artisan and Aromatherapy wax melts are 100% soy. They're manufactured in the Candle Warmers warehouse in Utah.

Candle Warmers Etc. also makes IllumiScents wax melts for Walmart.

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2022-05Apple Pie (from trio)Foodie4
2022-05Baked Goods trioFoodie4
2022-05Buttercream Cupcake (from trio)Foodie4
2022-05Capri Citrus (from trio)Fruity3
2022-05Cinnamon Roll (from trio)Foodie3
2022-05Floral Romance trioFloral4
2022-05Fresh Fruit trioFruity4
2022-05Light & Airy trioFresh3
2022-05Morning Rain (from trio)Fresh3
2022-05Ocean Waves (from trio)Fresh4
2022-05Pink Blossom (from trio)Floral4
2022-05Spring Love Spell (from trio)Floral3
2022-05Sun-Dried Cotton (from trio)Laundry3
2022-05Sweet Cherry (from trio)Fruity4
2022-05Sweet Peony (from trio)Floral3
2022-05Watermelon & Lemon (from trio)Lemon/Lime4
2022-02Mint LemonadeLemon/Lime4
2022-02Pink Cotton CandyFruity4
2022-02Rose PetalsFloral5
2021-11Bahama BeachTropical5
2021-11Balsam FirPine3
2021-11Buttered Maple BourbonFoodie2
2021-11Cranberry SageFruity5
2021-11First FrostWoodsy3
2021-11Frosted ForestPine4
2021-11Hawaiian JungleTropical4
2021-11Holiday SpiceCinnamon3
2021-11Holly & IvyPine4
2021-11Home for ChristmasPine4
2021-11Lavender & White SageLavender2
2021-11Macintosh AppleApple4
2021-11Mahogany TeakCologne4
2021-11Maple Buttered RumFoodie4
2021-11Orange Cream CupcakeOrange4
2021-11Pink Love SpellPerfumey1
2021-11Sugared CitrusOrange4
2021-11Sunkissed CottonLaundry5
2021-11Wild Berry CheesecakeFruity4
2021-06Birthday CakeVanilla2
2021-06Caramel MacchiatoFoodie2
2021-06Caramel PopcornFoodie4
2021-06Cinnamon ChurroGingerbread4
2021-06Citrus GroveOrange4
2021-06Sweet Pumpkin PieFoodie4
2021-06Vanilla Cinnamon StickFoodie3
2019-06Clarity (Aromatherapy)Lemon/Limen/a
2019-06Energize (Aromatherapy)Orangen/a
2019-06Grounding (Aromatherapy)Woodsyn/a
2019-06Romance (Aromatherapy)Currantn/a
2019-06Tranquility (Aromatherapy)Perfumeyn/a
2017-11After the RainFresh2
2017-11Blackberry CobblerFruity5
2017-11Cozy CashmerePerfumey4
2017-11Eucalyptus SpearmintMint4
2017-11Freesia BlossomFresh2
2017-11Lavender VanillaLavender4
2017-11Lemon SugarLemon/Lime4
2017-11Ocean TideFresh4
2017-11Roasted EspressoCoffee4
2017-11Summer MangoOrange5
2017-11Watermelon LemonadeLemon/Lime4
2017-11White PeonyFloral4
2016-01Cherry BlossomPerfumey3
2016-01French CurrantCurrant5
2016-01Pepperberry WreathPine4
2016-01Sea SpaFresh2
2016-01Serene WoodsSpa1
2016-01Vanilla PearFruity2
2016-01Woodland PinePine3
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