Kohl's Sonoma Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2020

October 21, 2020

Kohl's Sonoma Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2020

This is a review of the new Sonoma Christmas Holiday 2020 wax melts from Kohl's. Only 4 of the scents are new: Holiday Memories, Naughty and Nice, Pomegranate and Fig, and Sugar and Spice.

Holiday Memories
Berry, Spice, & Pine
A typical sour apple scent like apples that have fallen from the tree in the fall, turned brown and mixed with fall leaves. It's nice but rather standard. Looking at the notes, no apple, but this is absolutely an apple scent.

Naughty and Nice
Juniper, Black Pepper, & Bergamot
Oh, this one is so unusual, and I LOVE it! It smells like pine and black pepper! It's bold and potent, like espresso, but it's not a coffee type scent at all. Looking at the notes, they're right on target. Although bergamot is often found in cologne scents, and I don't detect any cologne notes in this scent; this scent is not sweet at all, but there may be a smidgen of barely detectable sweetness way way in the background.

Pomegranate and Fig
Plum, Floral, & Sandalwood
A super sweet, super fruity scent of raspberry, blackberry or plum (or all three), mixed with a little bit of a super sweet floral, like gardenia. This is a fruit-scented lipstick or body cream scent, rather than a foodie fruity scent. It's fantastic, and did I mention super sweet??

Sugar and Spice
Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, & Creamy Frosting
A cinnamon roll scent that's much sweeter and sugary than most, doesn't have as much of the bakery note, and has a smidgen of apple. Although it's a rather standard scent, it does have some differences, and it smells great.

The other 7 scents are repeats from 2019 and older: Balsam Fir, Cozy Fireside, Frosted Woodland Pine, Gingerbread House, Holiday Cookies, Spiced Holly Berry, Winter Berry and Spruce.

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