Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2022 (#2)

February 14, 2022

Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2022

This is a review of 5 Sonoma wax melts from Kohl's for Spring 2022: Blue Hawaiian, Havana Sands, Hibiscus Kiwi, Island Nectar, Pretty & Pink. I reviewed 8 other new scents separately.

Of these 5 scents, only Blue Hawaiian is a returning scent, while the other 4 are brand new scents. I've also reviewed 8 MORE new scents HERE. The reviews are separated because these 5 scents were not available when I bought the 8 other scents.

Blue Hawaiian
Pineapple Juice, Maraschino Cherry, Coconut Cream
This scent first came out in 2018 and returns every year. I smell pineapple, coconut, and black cherry, and the combination of pineapple and black cherry, while a bit sweet, is also quite tart and lip-puckeringly harsh. It smells a bit like fake, powdery Flintstones vitamins, and I can taste the tartness in the back of my throat. I've never been a fan of this scent.

Havana Sands
Bergamot, Amber, Sandalwood
A lovely scent of vanilla, baby powder, sandalwood, and maybe just a barely detectable smidgen of bergamot that gives it a cologney note (but it's not a cologne scent at all). It's a bit perfumey, but not quite as sweet as baby powder.

Hibiscus Kiwi
Kiwi, Hibiscus, Sugar
A very nice scent of apple and mango that gives it a tiny bit of a peachy note, and maybe a smidgen of banana. I don't really detect a floral note. It's a very sweet scent, and I LOVE it!

Island Nectar
Mango, Grapefruit, Berry
I smell peach (but it's probably mango, which smells like peach), grapefruit, and a tiny bit of zestiness which could be lemon, as well as a smidgen of tropical fruit way in the background (although that could be the mango). I'm not a fan of most peach scents, but if they're really sweet, then it's okay. But this scent only has a little bit of sweetness, so I don't care for it, although that tiny bit of lemony zestiness makes it more interesting.

Pretty & Pink
Fruit, Rose, Vanilla
I expected based on the scent name that this would be a Pink Sugar type scent (very sweet cotton candy type perfumey scent with notes of raspberry and lemon drops), but it's not. It smells like 50% peony or rose, 25% blackberry, and 25% vanilla. It's rich and sweet, but not overly sweet, and it smells great. Looking at the notes, they're spot on, although I wish the notes provided were complete and more descriptive. Despite the rose note, there's no bitterness in this scent.

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