Mainstays Essential Oil Infused Wax Melts Reviews - February 2021

February 24, 2021

Mainstays Essential Oil Infused Wax Melts Reviews - February 2021

This is a review of the Mainstays Essential Oils wax melts: Basil, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Mandarin, Patchouli, Peppermint, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree.

These wax melts are found in the essential oils and diffusers section of Housewares, which is usually in the same aisle as candles and wax melts. The scents dissipated pretty much within 2 hours, except for Lime and Patchouli, both of which lasted all day (at least 12 hours).

Because the throw is so weak on most of these, I thought maybe they require a drop or two of the essential oil (in the same scent) into the wax, but that's not the case as it's not mentioned in the instructions on the back of the lid.

This smells exactly like authentic basil, like you just rubbed a basil leaf. I love that scent! Although I don't think I want my house smelling like a salad.

Cinnamon Leaf
I found this one after I did the video. This is not a natural cinnamon scent. It smells like the super sweet cinnamon glaze on top of a cinnamon bun. It's a great scent, better than many cinnamon roll type scents I've smelled, but more cinnamony.

A true, authentic eucalyptus scent that almost has a camphor type note. Great for clearing stuffy sinuses (well, if the throw were stronger!)

An earthy, woodsy, natural cinnamon type scent. Quite nice.

An authentic lavender scent with a hint of a medicinal, sage type note. On cold sniff it's a little bit sweet, slightly more than real lavender. But when melted, much of the sweetness dissipates and it's quite medicinal.

This smells like the Lemongrass scent, but slightly less sweet and slightly more bland.

This may be one of the best scents I've ever smelled. It smells just like an upscale spa or fancy salon. I don't know if it's an authentic lemongrass scent, because lemongrass is usually a soapy, citronella type of lemony scent. This one doesn't have that citronella note, and it's actually rather sweet, and not as lemony as other lemongrass scents I've smelled. I do get the soapy note, and a bit of lemon, but there's another herbal note in there, not in a savory way at all, more like maybe a smidgen of some kind of incense. It smells exactly like a scent from an old wax melt vendor called Lake Providence Lodge (which is out of business) called Fancy Salon, which was one of my favorite scents ever and I was hoping I'd find another one like it eventually.

Fantastic scent that smells more like a super sweet lime beverage rather than an essential oil. It's also not as citrusy and tart as a real lime. Melted, it's super sweet, like lime syrup with extra sugar. It smells great though, and would probably make a really interesting mixer with other scents like vanilla, lavender and mint.

Mandarin is basically orange, and this is definitely an orange scent, but a little bland and with a bit of a grapefruit note.

I found this one after I did the video. It's not true patchouli at all, but it smells fantastic. It's a very sweet musky perfumey, soapy incense scent with a smidgen of baby powder (which I think is actually nag champa) and a hint of oriental spices. I believe it's exactly the same as the old Pier 1 Patchouli scent. The scent lasted all day.

This is peppermint, but unlike an authentic garden mint, it's like peppermint candy, although not quite as sweet as a candy cane.

An authentic floral, not overly sweet, with a barely detectable smidgen of garden mint. It's pleasant, but not minty, and definitely not spearminty.

Sweet Orange
I found this one after I did the video. It's very weak on cold sniff, but it does smell like the rind of the orange, with that slight bitterness that makes it smell authentic. It's different from the Mandarin scent though. Smells great!

Tea Tree
This does smell like tea tree oil, but it also has a eucalyptus note on cold sniff. Nice scent, but not something I would want my house to smell like as it's quite medicinal.

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