Mainstays (Walmart) Fall 2019 Wax Melt Reviews

August 21, 2019

Mainstays (Walmart) Fall 2019 Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of the Mainstays Fall 2019 Wax Melts from Walmart (Alpine Forest, Apple Cider Donut, Cozy Gathering, Velvet Sunset, and Warm Fall Leaves).

Alpine Forest
It's pine, and on cold sniff there's something kind of sour, savory and biting in the background. However, when melted, the sour note is very subtle and it smells more smoky. So although I don't care for it on cold sniff, I do like it when melted!

Apple Cider Donut
This is a super salty, salty pretzel scent with a hint of caramel and a smidgen of apple. It's definitely not an apple cider or donut scent. It smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Pretzel Cone & Pralines (from Meijer), which is also the same scent as the Spiced Caramel Corn side of Better Homes & Gardens At the Fair duo. It also smells very similar to ScentSationals Pumpkin Apple Muffins. Melted, it's very very salty, but it smells great!

Cozy Gathering
This smells like men's cologne with aromatic, Eastern spices (not foodie spices like cinnamon), a bit of a pine note, and maybe a hint of warm amber. There might also be a smidgen of something rich, foodie and salty way in the background, like a teensy bit of a popcorn note, but not nearly as much as Better Homes & Gardens Moonlit Magic Pumpkin. It's a bit harsh, but not in a bad way.

Velvet Sunset
Someone in our group said that this scent smelled familiar to them, and when I smelled it I immediately knew why. The first thing I smell is banana. There's also a bit of a tropical fruit note, and a hint of a sweet candy note with maybe a bit of vanilla, as well as a smidgen of a sour note that makes it smell kind of like old bananas, and possibly a barely detectable perfumey note way in the background. If some of these notes sound familiar, yep, this scent is similar to Mainstays Purple Sands (although definitely not the same scent). Purple Sands also smells like old bananas, with the sour note and tropical fruit note. But it's more sour than Velvet Sunset, and not as sweet as it doesn't have the candy note. I would kind of call it "Purple Sands Light"; it has all of the notes I like from Purple Sands, with very little of the notes I don't like.

Warm Fall Leaves
This is a typical old fallen apples and brown leaves scent that comes out this time of year, with that slight sour apple cider note. Just about every wax melt brand has this type of scent in the Fall. This one might have a smidgen of pine in it too. It's a nice Fall scent. I think it's similar to Bath & Body Works Leaves, but I've never smelled that one so I can't confirm it.

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