Better Homes & Gardens Fall Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - 2017

August 12, 2017

Better Homes & Gardens Fall Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - 2017

This is a review of Better Homes & Gardens Fall Wax Melts from Walmart (2017). SS and BHG doesn't have just "typical" generic fall scents. They're creative with their blends, and they smell great!

A Thankful Harvest
This scent came out several years ago and has returned this year. It's a very nice, rich, buttery pumpkin scent with a hint of nutmeg. It's not very sweet though, so not really like pumpkin pie, but more like the rich, slightly salty, buttery crust of the pumpkin pie. I couldn't find scent notes for this one.

Around the Campfire
A cool fall evening breeze infused with caramelized marshmallows joins the scent of gently smoked hickory, birch and oak wood wrapped with ambered myrrh and olibanum.
A smoky salty sweet marshmallowy scent with a smidgen of a cologney note. I can smell the graham cracker! The marshmallow is not as "authentic" as I'd like though, but then again the scent name is just "Around the Campfire", although there's a picture of marshmallows over a campfire on the label. It's an "okay" scent to me, but not my favorite. Looking at the scent notes, "olibanum" is another name for frankincense, which is a woody mentholic herbal medicinal tree sap scent. Myrrh is a resinous spicy balsamic scent. I think it's these two notes that make this scent smell a bit "off" for me. I don't like my marshmallows smelling like menthol or tree sap.

Aspen Evergreen Walk
Fresh notes of crushed fir needle, warm woods and luminous woodland herbs are cooled by a crisp, ozonic autumn breeze infused with soft wood smoke highlights and pure ambered musk.
A fresh crisp biting eucalyptus pine. I think this is the same scent as ScentSationals and AmbiEscents Sugar Pine. It's a bit too "biting" for me.

Autumn Afternoon Stroll duo
This duo came out a few years ago and has returned this year.
Golden Oak Leaves
A strong sagey pine scent that smells a lot like ScentSationals Mountain Twilight or Better Homes & Gardens Crisp Fall Leaves (it might in fact be the same scent as Crisp Fall Leaves).

Apples & Acorns
This smells like tart, slightly sour apples, similar to the new ScentSationals Welcome scent but with different notes. I don't care for it.

Banana Pumpkin Bread
This delicious scent blends warm banana bread and pumpkin puree with golden honey, shaved cinnamon and brown sugar. Vanilla bean and caramel swirl infuses a creamy richness.
A rich buttery banana bread scent with a salted caramel note. OMG it's incredible! There may be a smidgen of pumpkin spice, but barely detectable. This is really not a pumpkin scent.

Cinnamon Apple Dumpling
Slow-baked orchard apples warmed with fresh-ground cinnamon, golden nutmeg and aromatic clove swirled in brown sugar, butter pastry and vanilla sugar
This is a dupe of an older apple pie type scent, maybe ScentSationals Warm Apple Pie, not sure. It's rich and sweet and apply with cinnamon and cloves and a bakery note, just like an apple pie. It's not a fake apple pie scent. Very nice.

Comfy & Cozy Duo
This duo came out a few years ago and has returned this year. Despite its name, this is more of a fresh air type duo than a laundry duo.
A generic sweet clean scent

A clean scent with a mossy note. It's very similar to (if not the same scent as) an old Better Homes & Gardens scent called Southern Spanish Moss.

Crisp Fall Leaves
Crisp autumn apple, lustrous greens and smooth woodland elements infused with balsamic evergreen, ambered leaves, juicy berry and cinnamon-spiced vanilla
This scent came out a few years ago and has returned. It's a biting, slightly sour pine scent with a sour woodsy note with a little smokiness. It smells a lot like ScentSationals Mountain Twilight. Looking at the scent notes, it might be the "balsamic" note that gives it the smoky sourness I don't like.

Fall Into Autumn
Golden acorns and crisp green apple that combine with warm notes of smooth applewood and red cedar nestled with aromatic leaves, white orchard pear and gently spiced harvest berry
This scent came out last year and has returned this year. The label shows apples and chestnuts. I do smell a little bit of apple, but it's like old apples that fell on the ground. It's not a sweet scent at all. It's sour and a little bit woodsy with a slight sagey pine note. It smells a little bit like Crisp Fall Leaves but not as biting, and with the slight apple note. I don't like this one, but most people seem to love it!

Farm Apple Pumpkin
Ripe and ready, farm fresh apples and pumpkins are an Autumn treasure
This scent came out in 2014 or 2015 I believe, and returns every year. It's a strong sweet apple scent, but more of an apple cider than straight apple, or even the inside of an apple pie. I smell some spice like nutmeg and perhaps a touch of cinnamon. Fantastic scent!

Fresh Cut Frasier
Fresh citrus, aromatic evergreen, and dazzling white fir combine with intriguing notes of gently smoked balsam, precious woods, and a dash of festive spice
This one has been around for several years but returns every year. It's a strong biting pine scent with a eucalyptus note. There's just a smidgen of sweetness in there, but barely detectable, like maybe a sweet vanilla or berry.

Moonlit Magic Pumpkin
Brilliant bergamot spun with moonlit woods and luminous greens float above clove spiced pumpkin fruit, floriental pumpkin flower, hints of incense and rich wood smoked embers.
This is really different! On cold sniff it smells like rich salty buttery scented men's cologne with a smidgen of oud wood! Melted though, it's more like a combination of buttered popcorn and men's cologne. Kind of like the new ScentSationals Black Tux scent mixed with salty popcorn, and a hint of oud wood. It's not a sweet scent. I don't know if I like it or not. Should a man smell like popcorn? I guess it depends on how much you like popcorn! Looking at the scent notes, I guess it's the pumpkin that smells like popcorn to me. A lot of people in our Facebook group said they didn't like this scent. I don't care for it either; I like popcorn and men's cologne scents, but not mixed together.

Perfect Winter Kiss Duo
Frosted Mint
The first crisp snow of the season blankets notes of frosted evergreen, woodland sage, and regal juniper accented by shimmering mint, white cedar, and the freshness of sweet musk.
This is a eucalyptus pine scent which might be the same as Better Homes & Gardens Fragrant Woodland Walk, or similar, and also a little like Aspen Evergreen Walk but not as harsh or biting. Very nice!

Winter Cuddle
Radiant white lemon and aromatic herbs blend with dew-covered orchard apple, pink peppered cedar and soft autumn rain wrapped in ambered patchouli and cool touches of spiced olibanum.
This is the same scent as Stormy Autumn Night.

Pumpkin Berry Tart
The sweet scent of dark berries overlay the warm spice of pumpkin cream
This smells like apples and blueberries with a little molasses and a bakery note and a little saltiness. There's a slight pumpkin note but not much.

Pumpkin Butter Cookies
A delectable harvest pumpkin medley interwoven with spicy nutmeg, powdered cinnamon and pure vanilla cream cookie dough sweetened with a sprinkle of rich brown sugar
On cold sniff this smells like bready oatmeal cookies with a smidgen of cinnamon. But melted, it smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Praline Spice and Better Homes & Gardens Vanilla Caramel Spice (which I believe is the same scent) and other similar sweet rich cinnamon bakery scents. It may in fact be the same scent. But it's still fantastic!

Pumpkin Maple Syrup
A delicious sugary, sweet blend infused pumpkin with maple syrup, salted caramel drizzle, praline swirl and cinnamon sugar for the perfect breakfast topping. Buttercream, warm vanilla sugar and sweet molasses adds further sweetness in this indulgent treat
Oh wow I like this! It's butterscotch maple syrup with a slight salty pancakey note.

Spiced Woodland Currant
Harvest berry and citrus splashed currant spun with hints of black pine gently spiced with cinnamon and clove bud fused with golden amber, warm incense and earthy patchouli
A pine scent with a slight smoky note and a hint of berries I think. It has a slightly sour note but also a smidgen of sweetness (but it's not a sweet scent at all), and I swear I detect a hint of lemon. I really liked this one the first time I tried it. But when I melted it again, I noticed a vinegary note that I didn't like. I couldn't find scent notes for this one.

Spicy Cinnamon Stick
The scent of freshly ground cinnamon sticks embellished with pure notes of crushed clove essence, sweet nutmeg, and a sprinkle of festive allspice
This is an older scent that has returned. It's straight cinnamon with a sweet candy note, like a Red Hot Cinnamon candy. In fact, it smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Red Hot Cinnamon, except that scent has a bit of a "heat" note and maybe a smidgen of cloves, whereas this scent does not. Although looking at the scent notes, this scent has cloves too. Actually, the scent notes are very similar for both scents. ScentSationals Red Hot Cinnamon notes are "Aromatic notes of bright red hot cinnamon accented by crushed clove bud, sweet allspice, and a touch of shimmering nutmeg".

Stormy Autumn Night
Radiant white lemon and aromatic herbs blend with dew-covered orchard apple, pink peppered cedar and soft autumn rain wrapped in ambered patchouli and cool touches of spiced olibanum (frankincense)
This is a men's cologne scent with a hint of sweet apple. I like it, it's different! I don't smell lemon.

Sueded Cinnamon Woods
A warm blend of smoked cinnamon, winter woods, white cedar and vanilla suede with notes of salted caramel, golden butterscotch, brown sugar and tonka bean
On cold sniff I smell buttery coffee with honey and vanilla buttercream. I also smell the "suede" note (a warm ambery cashmere scent), but no cinnamon at all, which is good. Melted, I just smell a nice warm caramely cashmere scent (no coffee or honey or buttercream).

Warm Apricot Cider
Apricot juice and warm cider blend together to create this delicious fragrance. Apple slices, juicy peach accord, cinnamon stick and mulled spices swirl together and lead into a creamy, sweet base of vanilla bean and brown sugar for the perfect finish
This smells like sweet peach flavored apple juice with a hint of tea. Looking at the scent notes, there's the peach (apricot).

Warm Tobacco Leaf
Mandarin leaf, woodland greens and spiced plum combine with rich tobacco leaf and peppered amber amid aromatic hints of warm moss, earthy woods and brushed leather
A fantastic warm tobacco scent with a patchouli note. It has just a hint of sweetness, and a woodsy note (but not smoky). On cold sniff I detect a cologne note and a slight smokiness, but I don't smell these when melted. I don't smell mandarin (orange) at all.

Winter Berry Zest
Dazzling red currant infused grapefruit, fresh rhubarb and sugared pomegranate meld with watery greens, hints of white pear and sugared orange
Super fresh orangey lemony cranberry scent with the crispness of a hint of pine. It's kind of tart, a little sour, just slightly sweet, and it smells fresh and clean. I can't decide if this is something I would want to drink or clean my house with, but either way I can't stop sniffing it! This is one of my favorite of the new scents because it's so "different". Definitely a winter scent rather than a fall scent.

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