Mainstays Fall 2021 Wax Melt Reviews (Walmart)

August 18, 2021

Mainstays (Walmart) Fall 2021 Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of the 4 new Mainstays wax melts Fall 2021 scents: Bourbon Pecan Pie, Cashmere Mahogany, Crispy Treats, Pumpkin Weather.

Bourbon Pecan Pie
Buttery rich pie crust brimming with chopped pecans, sweet brown sugar, and bourbon-infused molasses topped with velvety swirls of whipped cream
Sweet buttery brown sugar and/or molasses with slightly salty caramel, a milky note, and a hint of nuts. It smells a little burnt (which is probably the bourbon note), but not enough to be annoying. Looking at the notes, they're spot on, and the milkiness is the whipped cream. Although it's not a bakery scent because I don't smell pie crust, although I do detect a bit of graham crackers (which are not in the notes). This smells more like caramel candies with the addition of all those other notes. I really like it.

Cashmere Mahogany
Aromatic herbs and fresh-cut mahogany embracing a spicy warmth of clove-dusted vanilla wrapped in smooth tonka, white amber, and dark tones of earthy patchouli. Additional hints of molasses, vanilla and musk combine to make this the perfect fall fragrance.
An incredible scent of sweet tobacco, vanilla, warm amber, patchouli, and maybe a smidgen of caramel or even chocolate (although patchouli has a chocolatey note), and possibly a smidgen of cinnamon way in the background. It's much sweeter and more foodie than most similar scents. Looking at the notes, I don't really smell the mahogany (a rich, dark wood that sometimes has a cologney note), and I don't really get cloves (but it could be way in the background). Also, no tobacco. The "additional hints of molasses, vanilla and musk" are the same as what's shown for the Pumpkin Weather scent, but I think they apply to this scent rather than that one, as I do smell the vanilla (but I'm not sure why they repeated it twice), the caramel I thought I detected could be molasses, and although it's not a perfumey scent at all, musk could be contributing to the sweetness.

I knew I recognized this scent! It's quite similar to Better Homes & Gardens Sueded Cinnamon Woods, but this scent is slightly sweeter, and I do detect the cinnamon in this scent that I don't detect in that scent.

Crispy Treats
Fluffy marshmallow enhanced with fruity lemon, raspberry, and peach over crispy cereal puffs and a sweet dash of pure sugar cane
This smells like Fruit Loops cereal with orange, lemon, and raspberry (in that order), and I actually smell the cereal note! It's quite similar to ScentSationals Marshmallow Crispies. But this scent has the addition of raspberry, and less lemon and more marshmallow, and it's slightly "richer" and sweeter. Comparing the two, Marshmallow Crispies has a bit of a chemical note that this scent doesn't have. Looking at the notes, I don't smell peach at all, and I'm surprised there's no orange. This is an incredible scent, and the best Fruit Loops cereal type scent I've ever smelled! The scent started dissipating after 3 hours or so, which is not bad, but not great either (I like scents to last at least 4 to 6 hours).

Pumpkin Weather
Apples, pears and eucalyptus wrapped in notes of white pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Additional hints of molasses, vanilla and musk combine to make this the perfect fall fragrance.
Fantastic scent of fallen leaves with a hint of pine and maybe a smidgen of apple. I think this smells a lot like Shades of Autumn from 2018, which I described as "raw wood and fallen leaves with just a hint of pine, and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of apple", but I no longer have it to compare. It also smells similar to Sonoma Falling Leaves. But the difference between this scent and those other fallen leaves/brown apples type scents is that this also has a sweet pumpkin pie note (nutmeg and a little cinnamon). On cold sniff it's like 50% pumpkin pie and 50% Falling Leaves, but with a little more of the apple note. But when melted, it's more like 30% pumpkin and 70% Falling Leaves, and a bit less apple. It's a perfect fall scent, and I love it! Looking at the notes, no pine, but eucalyptus does smell a bit like pine. The "additional hints of molasses, vanilla and musk" are the same as what's shown for the Cashmere Mahogany scent; I do detect a hint of vanilla and maybe a smidgen of molasses (although not so much when melted), but no musk (no perfumey notes).

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