Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2017

April 22, 2017

Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2017

This is a review of the Spring 2017 Mainstays Wax Melts from Walmart (Aloha Colada, Darkest Sandalwood, Soothing Spa, Sweet Apple, Tranquil Island). The apple, spa, and sandalwood scents only came out in a limited number of Walmart stores across the country, so they were hard to find.

Aloha Colada
Juicy, sun-ripe, island pineapple spun with creamy, smooth coconut milk, a hint of sweet vanilla bean and a generous splash of white rum stirred with dazzling sugarcane.
Typical pineapple coconut scent.

Darkest Sandalwood
Intriguing notes of warm sandalwood and earthy patchouli blend with aromatic tobacco leaf and white cedar wrapped in an appealing hint of balsamic fir and soft vanilla musk.
This one also came out last year but only a few Walmarts carried it. It came back this year but is still hard to find. It smells like smoky tobacco with a very sweet note that kind of makes it smell like barbecue sauce. It's not a men's cologne type scent although there could be a smidgen of cologne in there. It's a very nice masculine scent with a slightly foodie quality. Melted, it really smells like sweet barbecue sauce. When I left the room and came back a half hour later, I thought someone was cooking!

Soothing Spa
Bright herbal greens, white eucalyptus and smooth sandalwood gleam with budding lavender blossom, effervescent bergamot and cool whispers of crushed mint.
This one actually came out last year but only a few Walmarts carried it. It came back this year but is still hard to find. This smells like combination of ScentSationals Zen (soft spearmint with a hint of musk and laundry) with a sweet coffee note and a smidgen of amber. Like relaxing yoga in the morning! When melted, it really smells like ScentSationals Zen and I don't smell as much of the coffee, although it's a richer, warmer, sweeter version of Zen, with less of the minty note (and Zen doesn't have much mint to begin with).

Sweet Apple
Juicy apple is freshened with sweet pear and fresh sliced orange, while crystallized sugar and raw vanilla bean add a hint of sweetness.
This one was hard to find, and not all Walmarts carry it. It's a sweet fake apple scent, like apple candy.

Tranquil Island
Tropical marine waters flow with notes of heady melon flower and sweet, aquatic melon touched by hints of island coconut fused with milky greens, sun-drenched musk and pure white woods
This smells like fabric softener with a tropical fruit note. It's an "okay" scent for me.

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