Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2017

January 29, 2017

Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melts Reviews - Spring 2017

This is a review of Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melt Reviews for Spring 2017. I was underwhelmed by many of these, and in general the throw was not very good.

Apple Trio
Spiced Apple
The picture shows red apples with sticks of cinnamon, but I don't smell cinnamon in this one, or if it's there it's very subtle. It smells a lot like the green apples scent, but this one has a very slight caramel note and a smidgen of a fake apple note. Very nice scent!

Apple Bounty
Sweet apple without any spices or caramel or cider notes. It's kind of authentic, but also has a bit of a candy sweetness as well. It smells almost exactly like the red apple scent. Another very nice scent.

Apple Golden
This one smells like sweet apple juice with a hint of spice, or a very light apple cider.

At The Cafe Trio
This is my favorite trio of the Spring 2017 line. Every scent is fantastic, and my reviews don't do them justice.
Cinnamon Shortbread
A sweet roll with buttery and gooey cinnamon. There's no coffee in this one.

Chocolate Croissant
I smell chocolate with a bready note. I don't think this has coffee in it.

Caramel Latte
A rich creamy caramel coffee scent.

Berry Citrus Trio
I don't know if these are the same scents from the Berry Citrus Trio of Spring 2016.
Cherimoya fruit tastes like banana, coconut, strawberry, mango, and pineapple). This is a slightly tropical succulent berry scent.

Fresh Strawberry
This is a creamy candy-like strawberry scent like ice cream or scented lipstick or strawberry with a girly "pink sugar" or marshmallow note.

Pomegranate Lime
This one is not strong on cold sniff, but I do smell berries with a lime note. When melted, it smells like a combination of orange and lime, like an orange/lime cream soda but without the fizziness.

Cucumber Mint
I can barely smell anything on cold sniff. I think I do smell cucumber and a hint of mint, but it's just too weak to tell. Melted, it's a fresh herbal scent but I can't figure out the notes.

Daisy Chain
A sunny summery floral.

Evening Petals Trio
Violet Waters
A nice perfumey floral with a little bit of warmth. It kind of smells like violets.

Cashmere Plum
This smells similar to the light purple scent, but sweeter and warmer. It's similar to Scentsy Luna.

Evening Orchid
Another nice perfumey floral but different from the other two, smells a bit like an iris flower. This one has a raw wood note. Very nice scent.

Mandarin Teak
This is the most interesting scent out of all the new spring scents. It's a creamy orange with a woodsy note, and some other notes that I can't identify that help to temper the orange and wood notes so that they're not too strong. This might be my favorite scent of the new Spring Collection.

Pink Sea Salt
I expected this to be similar to ScentSationals Himalayan Pink Salt, but it's not. It's a fresh pleasant watery floral, not too sweet, with maybe a smidgen of saltiness. It smells like shower gel. Melted, it smelled clean, like someone just got out of the shower. It's a perfect scent for a bathroom.

Sea Air Trio
Marine Water
A typical fresh sweet slightly salty oceany type scent.

Aqua Mineral
I can't tell what this is since it's very weak on cold sniff. Another fresh watery scent I think?

Ocean Peony
A fresh watery floral scent

Vanilla Trio
This is the same Vanilla Trio from Spring 2016.
Vanilla Bean
A nice sweet vanilla with a buttercream note

Vanilla Cream
I thought this was going to be a buttercream scent based on the picture, but it smells more like a warm vanilla cookie

Creamy Vanilla Coconut
This is a typical fake coconut scent, like a cheap coconut air freshener. But I think it's combined with a little bit of vanilla so it's not really too bad.

Weekend Bliss
A fresh watery scent with a sweet warm ambery note and a touch of floral. This has a bit of a candy note too. It smells a little bit like Scentsy Luna.

Wild Honeysuckle
This smells like a pleasant honeysuckle scented soap, and it's not overly sweet.

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