ScentSationals Halloween 2023 Wax Melts Reviews

September 4, 2023

ScentSationals Halloween 2023 Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the 6 ScentSationals Halloween 2023 wax melt scents: Black Magic, Frightening Flower, Ghouls Night Out, Sneaky Spiders, Spooky Donuts, Under Your Spell.

Black Magic
White lemon and zesty grapefruit splash over spicy black peppercorn balanced by lavender-brushed sage, red saffron, and pure cedar nestled with ambered suede and creamy sandalwood
A very nice fresh, slightly soapy men's body wash or fresh cologne type scent. Looking at the notes, I'm not really getting those other than maybe a tiny bit of the peppercorn.

Frightening Flower
Sun-blushed pear, fresh apricot, verdant bergamot, and pink rose balanced by a harmony of warm jasmine, candied vanilla and white cake
A very nice fruity floral with pear and maybe a bit of peach. I can't tell what kind of floral it is; maybe a little bit of rose as it has a smidgen of barely detectable bitterness. It reminds me a little of Celebration Time from 2018.

Ghouls Night Out
Top: orange juice, pink guava, pineapple soda; Middle: passionfruit, wild strawberry, coconut milk; Bottom: vanilla cream, pink sugar
Fantastic, very fruity scent that smells like rich blackberry, raspberry, sweet lemonade, and a bit of pineapple. I don't think this is a dupe of any other Rimports scents I'm aware of. It's fantastic! Looking at the notes, I'm not detecting orange or coconut.

Sneaky Spiders
Top: cinnamon, sugar, clove bud, almond; Middle: cookie dough accord; Bottom: brown sugar, churro buttercream, vanilla extract
A rich bakery scent of vanilla cookies with some spices, not really cinnamon, but I think I'm getting gingerbread notes.

Spooky Donuts
Delicate choix pastry filled with delicious pumpkin pure and cream cheese frosting sweetened with rich brown sugar and a warm sprinkle of fresh-ground cinnamon
This smells like cinnamon donuts with a bit of ginger, dusted with powdered sugar. It's very similar to Sneaky Spiders, with a slight difference in the notes that I can't put my finger on.

Under Your Spell
Blood orange, chilled apple and lemon fizz mix with black currant, pomegranate and mandarin in this quenching scent. Golden amber and sugar cane further enhance its juicy qualities.
A nice strong orange with a hint of grapefruit and maybe lemon. On cold sniff I think I'm also getting a tiny bit of wood and maybe a smidgen of cranberry, but I don't smell those when melted. It's a little sweet, but not a "sweet orange". I like it!

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