ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Meijer (2018)

May 20, 2018

ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Meijer (2018)

This is a review of ScentSationals Wax Melts from Meijer (2018). They are only available at Meijer and perhaps some other stores, but not Walmart.

Citrus Sunrise
This is an orange scent with a grapefruit note. It's different from their other new orange scents, like ScentSationals Orange Pops and Better Homes & Gardens Red Lava Citrus. And it's also different from the new ScentSationals Morning Bliss, which is a grapefruit scent with a hint of orange and a slightly sour note.

Cucumber Cantaloupe Fusion
I think this is the same scent as Better Homes & Gardens Cucumber Melon Sorbet. It's a nice pleasant scent that smells like sweet honeydew melon watered down a little bit by the cucumber. It's similar to the old ScentSationals Calypso Sands, ScentSationals Ocean Tides, and AmbiEscents Maui Beach (all the same scent), which also has the honeydew note, but that scent is a little sweeter and has a bit of a floral note.

Exotic Sandalwood
This smells like oud wood, a deep resinous almost tree sappy woodsy scent, but mixed with a sweet note which I think is vanilla, and a very slight sour note that gives it a darker, more intense vibe. There's also a hint of chocolate, but I think that's patchouli (which sometimes has a slight cocoa note). This is not the same scent as ScentSationals Vanilla Woods. It's the same scent as AmbiEscents Sandalwood Vanilla and Better Homes & Gardens Aromatherapy Sandalwood & Vanilla. I really like this scent, and it's very unique! 

Fresh Garden Fusion
I love this scent. It's a super sweet jasmine/gardenia perfume scent with musk and I think a barely detectable smidgen of honeydew melon. When melted, I don't smell any melon, and it smells very similar to ScentSationals Egyptian Cotton and ScentSationals and AmbiEscents Cottage Window.

Home Sweet Home
This scent came out several years ago at Walmart but was discontinued. It smells like light sweet apple cider and cinnamon, but there's another note that I can't figure out, which makes this different from other fall type scents. It's sweeter than most fall scents, so maybe brown sugar? Pear? All fall scents tend to smell similar to me, but this one is unique and I really like it. It's a completely different scent from Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home.

Limoncello Popsicle Fusion
This is the same scent as the new AmbiEscents Italian Limoncello. I love this scent! It's limey and lemony with a lemongrass note, and a little bit salty and just a smidgen of sweetness but actually not very sweet at all. It almost has a bit of a spa quality due to the lemongrass note.

Ocean Air Fusion
A fresh air scent with a zesty slightly sour slightly lemony note. It's kind of a spa scent, and it's not really sweet, but it's fantastic! It's a dupe of an old scent called ScentSationals Big Sur from 2013-2014.

Summer Sunset
This is the same scent as the new AmbiEscents Sunset in Paradise. It's a fantastic slightly perfumey pineapple scent with maybe a sweet vanilla note, and candy note, and a little bit of honeysuckle, and there might be some other kind of fruit in there as well. I'm not a fan of pineapple scents, but it's a super sweet candy-like perfumey pineapple, and it's heavenly, my favorite of all the new AmbiEscents scents!

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