Scentsy Bars Wax Melt Reviews - June 2017

June 18, 2017

Scentsy Bars Wax Melt Reviews - June 2017

This is a review of Scentsy Bar Wax Melts from June 2017. These scents may be new and current, old and discontinued, or "Bring Back My Bar" scents.

Banana Berry
Slightly tart and definitely juicy red strawberries jumbled with yellow bananas and luscious Bavarian cream.
On cold sniff I smell bananas and berries mixed together (strawberry I think), but mostly the banana. It's a fake banana scent, not authentic, which is okay because it smells great, like sweet banana berry candy. There might also be vanilla in this one as it has a creamy, rich note. Looking at the scent notes, there's the cream. I didn't include this in my video review since I didn't have it at the time. When melted, I couldn't even smell it with my nose an inch away from the warmer. Maybe I got an old one.

Blue Christmas
Fresh fir needles in aromatic orange essence, with cloves and cinnamon.
A subtle blue spruce scent, not a biting pine scent. I detect a barely noticeable smidgen of cinnamon in the background. I don't smell any orange although there may be a smidgen of a pomander note. This scent has kind of a salty note that makes it smell a little like Play-Doh, or a sage-y note that smells a little like sausage spice. I'm not crazy about it.

Sweet lemon and pine needles mixed with an intriguing dash of vetiver.
I smell vanilla and baby powder and oriental perfume spices and a little bit of men's cologne. It's a very nice, classy scent. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell any pine in this at all, not a smidgen. If I try really hard maybe I might detect lemon but if I didn't know it was in the scent notes I wouldn't. Vetiver is a common note in men's cologne, so that makes sense.

Casting Spells
A bewitching blend of apple drizzle, roasted pears and cinnamon bark.
This is a caramely pear scent with another note I can't figure out, almost like a woodsy clove note in the background. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell cinnamon at all. This is very similar to Scentsy Caramel Pear Crisp, but not exactly the same. It's very rich but almost has a slightly burnt quality.

Cherry Vanilla
Candied cherry and sugared almonds folded into velvety white chocolate ice cream.
I didn't include this in my video review since I didn't have it at the time. Fantastic scent! It smells like maraschino cherry scented men's cologne, with vanilla for richness and maybe amber because it's a warm scent. It's not actually a men's cologne scent, but it has that sweet alcohol note from men's cologne, so maybe more like a perfume scent. It's not a foodie scent at all. Looking at the scent notes, the richness is probably from the white chocolate, although I don't detect chocolate notes in this at all. I also don't smell almond. After a few hours, it seemed like the alcohol note got stronger and it started smelling a bit like rubbing alcohol and got annoying.

Clean Breeze
White florals with a touch of spring; this is the scent of fresh, clean laundry.
A sweet floral fabric softener or dryer sheet type scent. It's not a harsh laundry detergent scent. Very nice and fresh!

Enchanted Mist
Rose petals, sweet candy apples, and jasmine.
Pleasant fresh air floral with maybe a smidgen of apple, like an apple blossom. Looking at the scent notes, I don't think I smell rose.

Fuzzy Blanket
Lavender, sandalwood, and sweet honeysuckle.
I smell lavender first, and maybe a floral note, but there's some other note I can't figure out, maybe some kind of wood? I guess the floral is honeysuckle but it doesn't smell like honeysuckle to me on cold sniff. But melted, the floral is sweeter.

Ivy & Water Lily
Mandarin zest, rain-kissed jasmine and sheer amber beneath fresh dew drops.
This is a lovely fresh floral scent with a smidgen of lemon that makes it smell like authentic flower petals. It's not overly sweet. Looking at the scent notes I see mandarin, which is orange. I don't smell orange at all, although it might be the lemon I detect.

Lavender & White Balsam
Lavender freshened by wintry white balsam and crisp amber.
Fantastic scent! I smell lavender first, then a slightly smoky spruce (not a biting pine note).

Lemon Sorbet
Fresh-cut lemon and grapefruit zest sweetened by sugarcane.
A sweet lemon with a kick, this one has that biting "fake" lemon note, but in a good way, since that's the kind of lemon you smell in lemon candies, lemon sorbet, etc. It's a bright, fresh sweet lemon scent. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell grapefruit but that's probably the biting almost bitter note I'm detecting.

Mystic Magnolia
Creamy lemony vanilla with sweet and spicy rosewood is brought together with smooth amber and fresh herbal green leaves.
A floral but not too sweet, actually has a bitter note that makes it smell authentic. But also smells a little like a men's body wash, so it's kind of a "masculine" floral. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell lemon, but  real magnolia petals do have a slightly lemony note.

Rio Beach
The scent of sun, surf, sand and samba – coconut milk, tropical fruit, and tonka bean.
This smells like buttery coconut vanilla, but not really a foodie scent as there's another note in there I can't figure out, maybe sandalwood or a smidgen of baby powder or floral, and maybe even a slightly nutty note. Looking at the scent notes, there's the coconut milk and tonka bean (a type of vanilla). I don't really smell fruit, although that's probably the other note I couldn't figure out. It's not a typical tropical scent.

Route 66
An exhilarating breeze of citrus, herbs, and musk.
This smells like an outdoorsy men's body wash, natural and a little spicy. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell citrus.

Strawberry Swirl
Blissfully sweet and creamy, Strawberry Swirl whips together frozen strawberry, frothy milk and vanilla.
This is the richest, sweetest, creamiest strawberry ice cream scent I've ever smelled. I want to take a bite of the bar! It's like an intense rich sweet buttercream scent with sweet rich strawberry preserves folded in, and creamy milky whipped cream on top.

Summer Sunshine
Pineapple and coconut bask in a warm mandarin glow.
I didn't include this in my video review since I didn't have it at the time. I can't figure out the notes in this one, but it smells great. Creamy and sweet, maybe a little coconut, maybe a little fruity, a little honeydew melon perhaps, and maybe a smidgen of lemon and perhaps a bit of amber for warmth? This smells like a rich summery perfume. Looking at the scent notes, the pineapple is the fruitiness (although it doesn't smell like pineapple at all to me, which is good as I don't like pineapple scents), mandarin (which is basically orange) is probably the lemon I detect, and there's the coconut. The scent lasted all day!

Wassail Wonderland
Orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick over fresh fir needles.
A fantastic combination of blue spruce with a smidgen of orange or lemon I think, and maybe a smidgen of spices. But this is not really a pomander scent, which is orange and cloves, a scent I don't like. I've always liked the combination of pine and orange or pine and lemon.

World Traveler
Blackberry, dark pomegranate and oak bark inspire adventure.
A subtle men's cologne or body wash scent, not overly sweet and not too "cologney". There may be sandalwood in there to give it more of a "natural" vibe. Looking at the scent notes, I don't detect any fruit in this scent. It's very similar to a lot of other men's cologne or body wash type scents that I have.

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