Scentsy Bars Wax Melts

Scentsy Bars Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Scentsy Bars Wax Melts. Scentsy wax melts are fantastic, but they're very expensive, and can only be purchased from commissioned sales reps. And unlike wax melts that you buy at the store, you can't sniff before you buy unless you attend a Scentsy party.

Scentsy scents smell great, and often with complex notes (although I've found that a lot of them tend to learn towards fruity perfumey scents, which is not a bad thing). Like any wax melt brand, the throw varies considerably; some may throw very well, others not so well. However, many people have said that the quality and throw have declined since 2017 or so.

Because the sales reps work on commission, there may be some aggressive and even less-than-honest sales tactics, which I've experienced firsthand. This is of course not the case with all Scentsy reps.

Scentsy reps and the Scentsy websites recommend using Scentsy warmers, and reps will often say that the wax won't throw as well in other warmers. I did not find this to be the case; I tried Scentsy wax melts in various warmers with different temperatures and brands, including Scentsy warmers, and it made no difference as far as scent throw and duration.

Some reps will also say that the scent lasts for several days, which I have also never found to be the case. Occasionally a scent may last for 8 to 12 hours, but that is a rarity. Like most wax melt brands, the scent lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours, averaging around 6 hours, no matter which warmers are used.

Will I buy these again? Perhaps, since they offer scents that cannot be found anywhere else. But I would only purchase them from a local craft fair or at a Scentsy party where I can sniff before I buy. Even then, I'm not sure if I would buy them because they're expensive, $6.00 per bar (as of 2018), which is a lot to spend on wax that may or may not throw well.

Rich, complex scents that cannot be found anywhere else.
Extremely expensive ($4.99 $6.00 per bar), can't sniff before you buy unless you attend a Scentsy party or buy from a local craft fair or yard sale. Can only purchase from commissioned sales reps who may use questionable sales tactics.
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Scentsy Bars Wax Melt Reviews
2021-05Almond CroissantFoodie4.00
2021-05Be FabulousFruity3.50
2021-05Berry BrightFruity4.00
2021-05Cloudberry DreamsFruity5.00
2021-05Coastal SunsetCoconut3.50
2021-05Here Comes the Sun(flowers)Floral3.50
2021-05Inhale, ExhaleFresh3.00
2021-05Lilacs & VioletsFloral4.00
2021-05My HeroCologne3.00
2021-05Now & ZenFresh4.00
2021-05Paradise PunchOrange4.00
2021-05Pink CottonPeach4.00
2021-05Rainbow SherbetOrange5.00
2021-05Sand SweptCologne3.00
2021-05Strawberry RoseFruity3.50
2021-05Sun-Soaked PetalsFruity3.50
2021-05Tangerine CreamsicleOrange3.50
2021-05Vanilla WavesVanilla3.00
2019-11Apple Cherry StrudelFruity3.50
2019-11Bee My HoneyFoodie3.50
2019-11Berry Fairy TaleFruity3.00
2019-11Candied Cranberry PecanFoodie5.00
2019-11Fields of GoldPerfumey2.50
2019-11Ginger & SpruceMisc5.00
2019-11I'm Snow Over ItFruity3.50
2019-11Marvel: Nine RealmsSpa2.50
2019-11Sheer LeatherCologne3.00
2019-11Snowkissed CranberryFruity3.50
2019-11Squeeze the DayLemon/Lime4.00
2019-11Star Wars The Force - Dark SideCologne3.00
2019-09Alpine MeadowHerbal3.50
2019-09Atlantic AirFresh3.50
2019-09Blueberry CheesecakeFoodie4.00
2019-09Bright & CheeryFoodie3.50
2019-09Butter PecanFoodie4.00
2019-09Go, Go, MangoTropical3.00
2019-09Hug in a MugChocolate3.50
2019-09Ice HotelEucalyptus5.00
2019-09Perfect OatmealFoodie4.00
2019-09Poppy FieldsFloral4.00
2019-09Red Cedar & SageIncense3.00
2019-09Saddle UpIncense3.00
2019-09Sugared StrawberryFruity4.00
2018-06Accidentally in LoveSpa4.00
2018-06All You Need is LoveFoodie4.00
2018-06Aloha CitrusTropical3.00
2018-06Blue GrottoOrange3.75
2018-06Blue HyacinthFloraln/a
2018-06Blue Raspberry IceFruity3.00
2018-06Blueberry RushFruityn/a
2018-06Coastal StrawberryFruityn/a
2018-06Darling DahliaFloraln/a
2018-06Dazzling PomegranateFruity4.00
2018-06Flower ChildFloraln/a
2018-06Grapefruit SunshineGrapefruit3.75
2018-06Havana CabanaPinen/a
2018-06Jungle JamPinen/a
2018-06Lemon Coconut ChiffonLemon/Lime4.00
2018-06Mandarin Grapefruit AmberGrapefruitn/a
2018-06Mandarin SplashOrangen/a
2018-06Midnight in CuracaoTropicaln/a
2018-06Rainforest BungalowTropicaln/a
2018-06Spring ForwardFloraln/a
2018-06Summer SoleilTropicaln/a
2018-06White GrapefruitGrapefruitn/a
2018-01A Wink & A SmileFloral3.75
2018-01Aussie PlumFruity3.75
2018-01Cherry LimeadeFruity5.00
2018-01Flower ShopHerbal3.25
2018-01Fresh Cut GrassHerbal3.25
2018-01Mandarin MoonOrange5.00
2018-01Mediterranean SpaSpa3.50
2018-01Mulberry BushFruity3.50
2018-01Pineapple Coconut VanillaCoconut3.25
2018-01Scarlet WoodsCurrant4.00
2018-01Simply IrresistibleFresh3.50
2018-01Simply RoseFloral5.00
2018-01Vanilla OudPerfumey3.25
2018-01Vanilla SuedeCologne3.75
2018-01Weathered LeatherMisc3.75
2017-12Mariposa LilyFloral3.00
2017-12Painted LeavesPine4.00
2017-12Passion Fruit ColadaPerfumey3.00
2017-12Peach & White AmberPerfumey3.75
2017-12Persian Lime & SandalwoodCologne3.25
2017-12Pink HazePerfumey3.25
2017-12Pretty & PlumFoodie3.25
2017-12Quiet GroveFresh3.25
2017-12Sea Salt & AvocadoHerbal3.25
2017-12Silver BellsPerfumey3.75
2017-12Sweet Pea & VanillaFloral3.75
2017-12Toasted Coconut AmarettoFoodie3.25
2017-12Very Merry CranberryFruity5.00
2017-10Bergamot & Solar DriftwoodCologne3.25
2017-10Berry of ParadiseFoodie3.00
2017-10Camu CamuFruity3.00
2017-10Caramel Vanilla DelightFoodie3.75
2017-10Cedar CiderApple/Pear3.75
2017-10Cherry Almond PieFruity5.00
2017-10Citrus GardenGrapefruit3.75
2017-10Citrus RosemaryGrapefruit2.75
2017-10Cranberry GarlandFruity4.00
2017-10Gingerbread DonutFoodie5.00
2017-10Glacial IcePeppermint3.00
2017-10Holly Berry CinnamonCinnamon3.25
2017-10Homestead HolidayApple/Pear3.00
2017-10Huckleberry & ClementineFruity4.50
2017-10Jumpin' Jelly BeanFruity4.00
2017-10Lavender VanillaPerfumey5.00
2017-10Lemon Thyme BerryFruity3.25
2017-10Love & HappinessFoodie3.75
2017-10Lucky in LovePerfumey3.00
2017-10Mandarin Toffee TreatOrange3.25
2017-10Marshmallow MintPeppermint3.25
2017-10Mellow MomentFloral3.75
2017-10Orange DreamsicleOrange3.75
2017-10Peony PetalsFloral3.00
2017-10Spring SymphonyFloral3.00
2017-10Tahitian Black OrchidFruity1.00
2017-10Woodland SuedePine3.00
2017-06Banana BerryFruity0.00
2017-06Blue ChristmasPine3.75
2017-06Casting SpellsFoodie3.75
2017-06Cherry VanillaPerfumey4.00
2017-06Clean BreezeLaundry4.50
2017-06Enchanted MistFloral2.75
2017-06Fuzzy BlanketLavender3.75
2017-06Ivy & Water LilyFloral2.25
2017-06Lavender & White BalsamLavender4.50
2017-06Lemon SorbetLemon/Lime3.25
2017-06Mystic MagnoliaFloral3.75
2017-06Rio BeachCoconut4.00
2017-06Route 66Cologne3.00
2017-06Strawberry SwirlFruity5.00
2017-06Summer SunshinePerfumey4.50
2017-06Wassail WonderlandPine4.50
2017-06World TravelerCologne3.25
2016-06Amber RoadWoodsy5.00
2016-06Berry Bubble BlueFoodie4.00
2016-06Black Raspberry VanillaFruity3.50
2016-06Brazilian GrapesPerfumey2.00
2016-06Cactus Flower LimeSpa3.50
2016-06Clementine CloveClove3.50
2016-06Coconut FlowerCoconut3.50
2016-06Coconut LemongrassSpa4.50
2016-06Cozy FiresideClove3.75
2016-06Dark HarborCologne1.50
2016-06Dulce de LecheFoodie3.75
2016-06Eskimo KissPerfumey3.75
2016-06Everything NiceFoodie2.50
2016-06Frosted Ginger CookieFoodie5.00
2016-06Guava HoneyFruity3.25
2016-06Honeymoon HideawayFresh1.00
2016-06Jammy TimeLavender4.50
2016-06Just BreatheSpa3.50
2016-06Luscious LemonLemon/Lime3.75
2016-06Lush GardeniaFloral5.00
2016-06Mellow MomentFloral3.75
2016-06Mountain SkyFresh2.00
2016-06Ode to OpulenceFruity3.75
2016-06Pacific DaydreamFresh2.00
2016-06Pear Blossom & CucumberTropical3.50
2016-06Peppermint DreamsPeppermint3.50
2016-06Perfectly PomegranateFruity3.75
2016-06Perk Me UpCoffee2.25
2016-06Pink TulipsFruity2.00
2016-06Pomelo FiestaSpa3.25
2016-06Raspberry BushFruity2.75
2016-06Rosewood & FreesiaPine3.75
2016-06Satin SheetsMisc2.75
2016-06Sea Salt MistCologne2.75
2016-06Sea, Sun & FunBeachy2.50
2016-06Sedona SunsetPerfumey3.75
2016-06Serene GreenLemon/Lime1.00
2016-06Simply PatchouliIncense2.50
2016-06Skinny Dippin'Melon3.50
2016-06Stay AwhilePerfumey3.75
2016-06Sugared CherryFruity2.50
2016-06Summer HolidayPerfumey5.00
2016-06Sunkissed CitrusOrange2.50
2016-06Very Snowy SprucePine5.00
2016-06Winter CypressCologne3.00
2016-06Winter PinePine3.00
2016-05Amazon RainFruity3.50
2016-05Caramel Pear CrispFoodie4.50
2016-05Citrus PopLemon/Lime5.00
2016-05Coconut Pumpkin PieFoodie5.00
2016-05French LavenderLavender2.75
2016-05Key Lime TortillaFoodie3.75
2016-05Lemon VerbenaSpa4.00
2016-05My Only SunshinePerfumey3.00
2016-05Newborn NurseryPerfumey4.50
2016-05Summer SunriseWoodsy3.50
2016-05Summer SunsetFruity3.50


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