Scentsy Bars Wax Melt Reviews - September 2019

September 2019

Scentsy Bars Wax Melt Reviews - September 2019

Scentsy Bars Wax Melt Reviews - November 2018

This is a review of Scentsy Bar Wax Melts from September 2019. These are scents from 2019, 2018 and 2017. I don't know which ones, if any, are still available or discontinued. Some of these reviews are from a few days ago, and some are from last year.

Alpine Meadow
Wild red berries, lemon and dewy greens
This scent came out August 2018. It's a fantastic fresh herbal scent with a hint of cucumber or aloe, a smidgen of pine and lemon, and possibly a barely detectable floral note way in the background. It's only a little bit sweet. Looking at the notes, I don't detect any red berry notes.

Atlantic Air
Ocean mist, sea salt and white orchid
This scent came out March 2017. It's a very nice fresh air scent with a rich men's cologne note, a slightly peppery note, a hint of a salty oceany note, and possibly a smidgen of citrus. It's a little sweet but not an overly sweet cologne type scent, more like a slightly herbal men's body wash. Melted, I think there's also a smidgen of coconut in the background, and maybe a slight hint of floral. I really like this scent. I thought it was going to smell like a lot of other similar scents out there, but it's different. And it lasted the entire day!

Blueberry Cheesecake
Thick, rich NY cheesecake with a light graham cracker crust and delicious blueberries
I believe this scent has been around for years. It's a rich, sweet blueberry scent with a little bit of the "bite" of the cheesecake. Although it's a fake scent with a bit of a chemical note, it's still quite nice.

Bright & Cheery
Creamy-sweet lemon, sugarcane and shea butter
This scent came out March 2017. It sounds like a holiday scent, but it's not. It smells like sweet pear candy with coconut and maybe a smidgen of caramel. It's different and very nice! Looking at the scent notes, I'm way off! Someone else said they smelled pineapple. I guess this is one of those "chameleon" scents.

Butter Pecan
Candied pecan and maple folded with butter
This scent came out October 2018. It's a yummy scent that smells like almond, but not as bitter, and with the rich, creamy, slightly salty note of pecan. It smells a little like butter pecan ice cream, although it's not quite as sweet as ice cream.

Go, Go, Mango
Mango and melon garnished with hibiscus and sweet banana flower
This scent came out Spring/Summer 2018. It's a super sweet tropical fruit scent that kind of smells like a tropical fruit Kool-Aid mix. It's a fun, happy scent!

Hug in a Mug
Chocolate, hazelnut and cookie dough
This scent came out September 2017. Yummy creamy milk chocolate hot cocoa drink, with maybe a hint of coffee. Looking at the notes, no coffee, and I don't detect any nutty notes.

Ice Hotel
Crystalline ice and pure white snow with blue mint, arctic pine and winter citrus
This scent came out October 2016. The only way I can describe this is pine eucalyptus cologne. It sounds terrible, but smells incredible, like a combination of pine and men's cologne, with a hint of smokiness and the warmth of amber, and a smidgen of sinus clearing eucalyptus or mint. Looking at the notes, I don't smell citrus.

Perfect Oatmeal
Creamy oatmeal, rich brown sugar, chopped almonds, and fruity currants
This scent is a 2018 Bring Back My Bar (originally an older scent). It really does smell like a bowl of hot oatmeal. It's buttery and milky, but also salty and very rich (although it's very slightly sweet as well), almost nauseatingly so. Looking at the notes, I don't smell any fruity or currant notes, but I think I do detect a hint of the nuttiness.

Poppy Fields
Romantic Red Poppy, Fig and Rose Petals
This scent came out Spring/Summer 2019. It smells like rose with a little bit of currant, and a hint of fruity candy (strawberry? plum?), with a perfumey note and a tiny bit of creaminess, as well as a slight bitterness but not nearly enough to ruin the scent. Looking at the notes, fig and currant are very similar. I love this one!

Red Cedar & Sage
Red Cedar, Sage and Fresh Forest Greens
This scent came out Fall/Winter 2018. It really does smell like cedar, that sweet, fresh, aromatic woodsy scent. It's also herbal and a little "green", with possibly a smidgen of patchouli and/or tobacco way in the background. It also has a teensy bit of a soapy men's body wash note (but it's not a men's body wash or cologney scent at all). I don't smell sage at all, which is a savory herb. Fantastic scent!

Saddle Up
Soft suede, aged leather, sheer musk and a breath of fresh air
This scent came out May 2019. It's a fantastic scent that smells like cedar wood and leather with musk or sweet floral.

Fruity blend of lemon drops and cotton candy
This scent came out Summer 2018. It smells like Pink Sugar mixed with marshmallow, vanilla, and maybe a hint of caramel. Very nice! Looking at the notes, yes I think I do detect a smidgen of a lemon candy note.

Sugared Strawberry
Fresh luscious strawberries, juicy currants and California sun-kissed lemons
This scent came out April 2019. It's a super sweet, fake strawberry scent with a smidgen of a perfumey note and a teensy bit of tartness. It smells fantastic! It's different from Strawberry Swirl, which is a creamy, slightly milky strawberry scent (with no perfumey notes) that smells like strawberry ice cream. They're both great scents, but I like Strawberry Swirl much more. Looking at the notes, the tiny bit of tartness is the lemon, although I don't smell lemon per se. And I don't smell currant either, although that can have a slightly perfumey note.

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