Sizzlin Scents Wax Melts

Read Reviews for Sizzlin Scents Wax Melts, a small candle and wax melt business in Wisconsin (formerly Indiana) that can be found on Etsy and Facebook.

Chris Anderson, the owner, is always friendly, helpful and professional. These wax melts smell great and in general, throw very well!

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2021-10Arctic NightWoodsy3
2021-10Autumn AirApple/Pear4
2021-10Blooming MumsFloral4
2021-10Blueberry CakeFruity4
2021-10Bonfire BlissFoodie5
2021-10Caramelized PralinesFoodie5
2021-10Chocolate Chip CookieChocolate4
2021-10Country BreezeFloral4
2021-10Drunken PunkinFoodie3
2021-10Early SunriseLemon/Lime3
2021-10Endless WeekendFruity4
2021-10Frosted PumpkinFoodie3
2021-10Hawaiian BlastTropical3
2021-10Lime & LaceLemon/Lime4
2021-10Lingonberry WreathFruity5
2021-10Midnight MoonSmoky5
2021-10Molasses CookieFoodie4
2021-10Nutty BreadFoodie4
2021-10Orange DelightOrange4
2021-10Orchid RainLaundry4
2021-10Perfectly PlumFruity4
2021-10Pickin PumpkinsFoodie4
2021-10Pomegranate CiderFruity4
2021-10Rainforest BlossomHerbal4
2021-10Salted Caramel LiquorFoodie4
2021-10Spring RainFloral4
2021-10Strawberry MuskFruity4
2021-10Sultry NightsPerfumey4
2021-10Summer BreezeLaundry4
2021-10Vanilla & Maple PecanFoodie4
2021-10White Apple OakwoodApple/Pear4
2021-10White CloudsPerfumey4
2021-10White Pumpkin LilacFloral2
2021-10White Sage & LavenderLavender4
2021-04Amazon MistHerbal2
2021-04Angel HeartFloral2
2021-04Banana Palm LeafTropical3
2021-04Berry BlissFruity3
2021-04Black Cherry MerlotFruity5
2021-04Blackberry LemonadeLemon/Lime3
2021-04Blue Pixie DustFruity4
2021-04Bourbon & Brown SugarFoodie4
2021-04Caribbean Day SpaFresh4
2021-04Cedar, Sage & BlackberryFruity3
2021-04Cranberry SalsaFruity3
2021-04Dream CatcherPerfumey3
2021-04Eucalyptus & ThymeEucalyptus4
2021-04French Vanilla CappuccinoCoffee2
2021-04Fruit SaladFruity4
2021-04Golden OpiumPerfumey5
2021-04Havana NightsIncense5
2021-04Midnight PomegranateFruity4
2021-04Mountain BreezeFresh4
2021-04Pillow TalkPerfumey2
2021-04Pink MelonMelon4
2021-04Salted Caramel CoffeeFoodie4
2021-04Serene WatersFresh4
2021-04Whispering WillowHerbal2
2018-03Apple Butter CaramelFoodie5
2018-03Apple CinnamonCinnamon4
2018-03Apple FlowerApple/Pear4
2018-03Banana Cream PieFruity3
2018-03Birthday CakeVanilla3
2018-03Black KnightCologne4
2018-03Blue RainMisc4
2018-03Blueberry CobblerFruity4
2018-03Cherry VanillaFruity4
2018-03Dream Angels HaloPerfumey2
2018-03Dream WeaverPerfumey3
2018-03Egyptian SheetsMisc2
2018-03Fruit SaladFruity4
2018-03Green Tea & CucumberCucumber3
2018-03Hazelnut CoffeeCoffee4
2018-03Hot Cranberry TeaFruity3
2018-03Island FreshLaundry4
2018-03Lemon BlossomLemon/Lime4
2018-03Mandarin CranberryFruity5
2018-03Mango BeachwoodTropical4
2018-03Moonlight PathPerfumey4
2018-03Sassy SaffronSmoky4
2018-03Spring LinenPerfumey3
2018-03Vanilla CottonLaundry4
2018-03Winter ShadowsWoodsy2
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