Tuscany Candle Christmas Wax Melts Reviews - 2019

November 25, 2019

Tuscany Candle Christmas Wax Melts Reviews - 2019

This is a review of Tuscany Candle Christmas Wax Melts from 2019. Tuscany Candle has really been upping their game, starting with the Fall scents this year.

Joann Fabric carries all the same scents under their Hudson 43 brand, but for $6.99 each! Although sales and coupons can bring that amount down to $3.00. However, I found these Tuscany scents at Wegman's for $2.75, and other stores have them for $2.50.

Cinnamon & Spice
Warm Seasonal Spices
Rich, sweet cinnamon with a hint of a buttery note, not quite a cinnamon roll but more like the white sugary glaze mixed with lots of cinnamon. Very nice scent.

Cinnamon Apples
Baked Apples
A nice combination of cinnamon and fresh apples, kind of like apple cider but without mulling spices.

Gingerbread Cookies
Iced Gingerbread Cookies
This smells just like gingerbread or ginger snap cookies! Great scent!!

Holiday Fireside
Warm Fireside Embers
I expected this to be a woodsy or smoky scent, but it's not that at all. It smells kind of like vanilla with toasted marshmallow and a hint of patchouli. It's a nice scent.

Holiday Home
Vanilla & Birch
This is almost the exact same scent as Holiday Fireside. It smells like vanilla and toasted marshmallow, but I think it doesn't have that hint of patchouli that Holiday Fireside has, and it may have a tiny bit more of the milky vanilla. I like this scent a little more than Holiday Fireside, although it's difficult to tell them apart.

Holly Jolly
Cranberry Holly
This scent is true to its name: It's sweet, slightly tart cranberry with a hint of pine. The pine is not a smoky spruce, more of a balsam, but the cranberry is definitely the dominant note. It's quite nice.

Milk & Cookies
Fresh Baked Cookies & Cream
Super yummy sweet sugary scent that smells like vanilla and butterscotch with a smidgen of milk or white chocolate and a creamy, milky note. Melted, I don't really smell the chocolate but I also smell a brown sugar note, a smidgen of burnt sugar (in a good way), and maybe a barely detectable hint of nuts. I love this scent!

Peppermint Candy
Creamy Peppermint
This is the same as their Peppermint Meringue scent from 2017 and 2018. It puts all other peppermint scents to shame! It's the richest, sweetest, creamiest, most incredible peppermint patty scent I've ever smelled in a wax melt. It smells like peppermint fudge, if there were a thing. I definitely smell a bit of rich chocolate too (not bitter or burnt chocolate), although when melted it's more of a cocoa note than just chocolate, with more depth. I couldn't find this scent in the Tuscany brand, so I bought it in the Hudson 43 brand from Joann Fabric.

Spiced Cider
Apple, Citrus & Mulling Spices
Yep, it's apple cider and it does have a little bit of the mulling spice notes. But it's also a very sweet apple, so more like sweet apple juice with a cider note. I don't smell any citrus notes. It's similar to Cinnamon Apples, but that scent is sweeter and with more apple and cinnamon. Comparing the two, this one does have a hint of a pomander note, which is probably from the citrus. I don't normally like pomander scents because they tend to have a sour, soapy note, but this one does not.

Tree Trimming
Balsam & Cedar
Balsam is a pine scent with a sweet, slightly soapy note. And that's what this scent smells like. It's not smoky and it's not really biting. It's nice, although it does have a tiny bit of a sour or Play-Doh note. I don't smell cedar.

White Balsam
Fresh Balsam & Mint
A harsh pine scent with eucalyptus and a peppery note. There's no sinus clearing effect from the eucalyptus. It could be a savory garden mint note though. It also has a little bit of that aldehydic note that Colonial Blue Spruce has. It's not sweet at all. Fantastic scent!

Winter Berry
Incense & Smoked Berries
I smell pine and balsam with a super tart berry note, more tart than cranberry and only a tiny bit sweet. It's very very tart, sour, and vinegary with a bit of a cat pee vibe. I don't like it at all.

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