WoodWick Trilogy Wax Melts Reviews

March 9, 2022

WoodWick Trilogy Wax Melts Reviews

This is review of WoodWick Candles' three Trilogy wax melts: Cafe Sweets, Verdant Earth, and Warm Wood. Each trio contains 3 scents. They're $5 at Walmart and $6 on the Yankee Candle/WoodWick website.

Cafe Sweets
The heavenly aroma of sweet toasted cookie dough with rich vanilla icing
This smells like an oatmeal cookie with a hint of gingerbread. Looking at the notes, no, this is not just a straight cookie dough scent; I definitely get the oatmeal and gingerbread notes.

A delicious treat of creamy caramel and brown sugar with a hint of rich vanilla cream
This is not a caramel scent. It's more like some kind of sweet syrup (maybe maple, but I'm not getting the maple) with a hint of brown sugar and vanilla, a tiny bit of caramel, and a smidgen of orange way in the background (even though orange is not in the scent notes). It's a nice scent but sounds way more enticing than it smells.

Vanilla Bean
Relax with the warm, natural scent of pure vanilla bean
I reviewed this scent in 2019. It's a nice, sweet, rich vanilla scent that might have a smidgen of white chocolate. Unfortunately, it started out with a very strong throw and quickly started losing throw until scent was gone in 1.5 hours.

Verdant Earth
Hemp & Ivy
Wild climbing ivy and verdant clover with hints of hemp seed and sandalwood
Garden greens and herbs like oregano, lemon, black pepper and olive oil, this savory scent without any sweetness smells like a salad. It's quite nice, but very savory, sharp, and peppery when melted, not really something I want my whole house to smell like. It's strong on cold sniff, which gave me hope that it might be strong when melted too.

Sand & Driftwood
A perfect balance of sun-washed wood, sea grass, and soft white sand
I reviewed this scent in 2019. It's woodsy and musty with a hint of pine and smidgen of smokiness, and no sweetness. It's okay but kind of bland. Looking at the notes, this is not a beachy, sandy scent.

White Teak
Crisp balsam branches mixed with sandalwood and teak, with hints of tree moss and cedarwood
I reviewed this scent in 2019. It's a really nice light woodsy scent with a bit of sweetness. It smells like cedar with a hint of raw wood, and possibly a smidgen of bergamot that almost gives it a bit of a men's cologne note (although it's not a cologney scent). It smells like an expensive furniture store, and almost exactly like Better Homes & Gardens Pure White Woods.

Warm Wood
The natural scents of amber, vetiver and musk perfectly capture the essence of a cozy evening by a warm fire.
I reviewed this scent in 2019. Although it's smoky, it's not a "true" smoke scent. It smells like pine and smoky wood, but it's very sour, with a fake Liquid Smoke type smokiness (but not a bacon or mesquite type smokiness) and a strong Play-Doh note. The scent notes are for a men's cologne type scent, but there are no sweet or cologne or vetiver type notes in this scent at all. I don't like this scent.

A complex scent combining rich redwood with sandalwood and soft amber
I reviewed this scent in 2019, but this scent is different. That scent was a fantastic combination of oud wood (a dark tarry wood with cedar notes and no smokiness) and sweet tobacco, with a hint of incensey notes. THIS scent smells more like a combination of the Sandalwood & Clove and Fireside scents, so it's oud wood with a bit of that sour smokiness from the Fireside scent.

Sandalwood & Clove
Fragrant sandalwood perfectly balanced with notes of sweet clove spice
This smells like oud but a little saltier, and with a hint of bergamot that gives it a tiny bit of a cologney note. It's a great scent, but I'm not getting any clove notes.

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