Yankee Candle Walmart Fall Wax Melt Reviews 2017

September 8, 2017

Yankee Candle Walmart Fall Wax Melt Reviews 2017

This is a review of Yankee Candle fall wax melts from Walmart from 2017. They are now called Yankee Candle "Home Inspiration", and the price is now $2.93 (originally $3.93, then $3.43 this past spring). The lower price makes it a much more attractive buy for Walmart shoppers looking for something different than the ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens scents.

A Fine Fall Day
On cold sniff, it smells like just another pumpkin scent, but with a smoky note. But melted, it's fantastic. I smell mostly cinnamon, but it's an authentic cinnamon powder scent, not a sweet candy or an annoying cinnamon scent. I also smell a little bit of salty pumpkin in the background, and no smokiness.

Apple Cinnamon Cider
A spicy blend of apple cider with cinnamon, cloves and wedges of orange and lemon
This smells like light apple cider, like sweet apple juice with a little spice (not a harsh mulling spices cider scent). Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell orange and lemon, although maybe a smidgen of orange way in the background.

Banana Walnut Bread
Fresh from the oven, warm banana bread flavors the room with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of vanilla. It's just like the family favorite.
My favorite scent of the bunch! I believe this one is available year-round. It's a fantastic banana scent with a walnut note and sweet vanilla cake.

Beautiful Fall Pumpkins
This smells a lot like Better Home & Gardens Enchanted Pumpkin Valley. I smell pumpkin spice but also some kind of earthy savory spice that I can't figure out. Ginger? Sage? It's not spicy like peppery or cinnamon spice, but there's a bit of a harshness to the scent. I really wish I knew the scent notes in this one. Like most of the scents in the new fall line, this was only "okay" for me.

Bountiful Harvest
The rich scents of the fall harvest layered with cinnamon
This just smells like pumpkin pie, with a little bit of a bready note.

Cool Autumn Nights
The autumn evening invites with brisk earthiness and dreamy interludes of lavender and woodland notes. Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Black Peppercorn; Mid: Lavender, Maple Leaf; Base: Vetiver, Oak
A subtle men's cologne scent with a light wood note. It's not overly sweet or "cologney", so even if you don't like cologne scents you might like this one. This is the same as the Yankee Candle Crisp Fall Night scent.

Cozy Corner
Curl up with the fragrance of soft pillows and casual throws on a comforting afternoon.
This smells like a nice fabric softener scent with a perfumey gardenia note and a warm cashmere note that smells like a smidgen of suntan oil. Very nice.

Creamy Pumpkin Cupcake
A rich, buttery recipe of pumpkin frosting on a cupcake warm from the oven.
This smells like pumpkin pie and vanilla buttercream. Great scent!

Delicious Cranberry
Sweet and wonderful, natural cranberry is blended with vanilla and sugar cane
Crisp clear sweet tart cranberry with nothing added. Smells like cranberry juice. Fantastic!

Fresh Balsam Fir
The crisp, clean alpine scent of balsam with a hint of cedar
A nice Christmas tree scent. It's not a harsh biting pine, more like a softer slightly smoky spruce. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell cedar, which would be a sweet woodsy scent. But it does have a very slight "clean" note.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie
Rich pumpkin pie loaded with cinnamon, nutmeg and everything delicious
A nice, but typical, pumpkin pie scent. Actually more like pumpkin bread, since there's a bit more of a bready note than I usually get from pumpkin pie scents.

Mandarin Orange
The fresh scent of an orange, peeled and separated and just begging to be popped into your mouth
It's a nice orange scent, not much more to say. A bit fake, but pretty much the same type of orange scent that a lot of orange scented wax melts smell like.

Pumpkin Apple Harvest
Cinnamon and nutmeg, fall's rich baking spices, are layered with crisp red apples and pumpkin that's been sliced and sprinkled with a pinch of brown sugar
This is almost the exact same scent as Better Homes & Gardens Farm Apple Pumpkin. Even the wax is a similar color. This scent is very slightly richer and sweeter though. It's a strong sweet apple scent, but more of an apple cider than straight apple, or even the inside of an apple pie. I smell some spice like nutmeg and perhaps a touch of cinnamon, and that's what gives this a smidgen of a pumpkin pie note. Fantastic scent! But because the Better Homes & Gardens version is a scent monster with a throw of 5 out of 5, and it costs $2.00 instead of $2.93 for the Yankee Candle scent, if you like this scent then go for the Better Homes & Gardens Farm Apple Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Berry Parfait
This scent, and the Pumpkin Apple Harvest, are my two favorites of this line. They smell almost exactly the same to me. Pumpkin Berry Parfait smells like apples with the richness of a tiny bit of pumpkin spice, and there might also be a hint of some kind of berry. I can't tell what the berries are from the picture on the label, maybe cranberry? When melted, I also detect a tea note, and a hint of peach. It's a sweet, rich, fantastic scent.

Shades of Fall
the crisp swish of fallen leaves around your boots, the woody scent of juniper and the last amber rays of warm sunlight on a cooling afternoon
This is a slightly smoky scent with a smidgen of warm perfume, but it's not really a sweet scent. It's really hard to describe, but it's very nice and relaxing. Looking at the scent notes, I don't detect juniper or pine at all, although that may be where the smoky note comes from.

Sparkling Cinnamon Spice
A bundle of cinnamon, rich and spicy, with a swirl of citrus to make it sparkle
I smell cinnamon and a little bit of clove, and there's also a very slight "fizzy" note, like cinnamon soda, if such a thing existed. There may also be a smidgen of some kind of berry note. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon, but this is kind of a "refreshing" take on cinnamon. Looking at the scent notes, I don't really smell citrus.

Vanilla Spiced Pumpkin
This smells like a combination of gingerbread and pumpkin pie. It's a nice fall scent.

Warming Pumpkin Cream
Another pumpkin pie type scent. This one doesn't have as much pumpkin pie spice as other pumpkin pie scents I've smelled, and there's a smidgen of some other note in there, maybe a different spice. It's very similar to Bountiful Harvest, but a little sweeter and without the bready note.

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