Yankee Candle Walmart Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2016

February 23, 2016

Yankee Candle Walmart Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2016

This is a review of Yankee Candle (Yankee American Home) wax melts from Walmart for Spring 2016. The throw on these is mediocre, which is unacceptable as they cost $3.99. As of 2018, some of these now discontinued scents can be found at Ollie's stores.

Buttercream Frosting
On cold sniff, this just smells like a sweet vanilla rather than a rich buttercream frosting. It has a little bit of a "fake vanilla" note, but when melted it does become a bit more "buttercreamy".

Classic Denim
This is a nice fresh air laundry scent, more like a dryer sheet than detergent. This smells a little similar to Mainstays Fresh Cotton, and has less of the harsh detergent notes of Better Homes & Gardens Line Dried Linen. It may have a smidgen of clean lemon but barely noticeable. This may be a dupe of the regular Yankee Candle Clean Cotton scent, but I'm not sure.

Exotic Jasmine
On cold sniff, this smells like real flowers growing in a greenhouse. This may be the most authentic greenhouse type flower scent I've ever smelled in a wax melt! I don't know if it smells like jasmine per se, maybe more like an Easter Lily, or it might actually be jasmine but just a natural version rather than the usual fake perfumey type. I can actually smell the petals!

Fresh Apple
Just like the name says, it smells like a fresh apple. It's not overly sweet, no cinnamon or bakery notes. It does have a very slight "fake apple" note. I'm surprised the scent was almost non-existent, as apple scents are usually quite strong.

Lovely Lavender
This is kind of a fake lavender scent with a slightly waxy chemical note on cold sniff. But it smells better when melted, like a lavender scented cleaner, a little bit like Fabuloso cleaner but not as good since it's not sweet enough. It's not very sweet, but it's not an herbal savory spa lavender either, and it has a slight soapy note.

Perfect Margarita
This is a nice fresh sweet creamy lime scent. It's not a harsh "industrial cleaner" type lime, and it might have a hint of vanilla in it to give it that creamy note. This is the same scent as the regular Yankee Candle Margarita Time. I really like this one, a perfect summer scent!

Pink Island Sunset
This is a pleasant tropical scent without any pungent tropical notes such as sourness or fake coconut. I smell a little bit of coconut and a smidgen of tropical fruit, but there's also a slight fresh air note and maybe even a smidgen of vanilla. It's pleasant but kind of boring and nondescript, and smells like a lot of other scents out there. But most people love this scent! It's the same as the Yankee Candle Pink Sands scent. The scent disappeared within 3 hours.

Sunny Sands
By the name I assumed this would be a dupe of the Yankee Candle Sun & Sand scent (which smells like Coppertone suntan oil), but it's not. It smells like a combination of that scent, with the suntan oil notes. But there's also a smidgen of a sour fruit note. It's not really sour like a sour tropical fruit though, and I think there's also a floral note. It's a nice scent, but I can't figure out the actual notes. The scent fizzled within 2 hours.

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