Aldi Fall Wax Melt Reviews 2022 (Collection #1)

October 14, 2022

Aldi Fall Wax Melt Reviews 2022

This is a review of the Aldi Fall 2022 wax melts (Huntington Home brand), Collection #1: Fall Flannel Shirt, Pear Chestnut & Teak, Pumpkin Apple Fritter, Thankful Grateful Blessed. They're $1.89 each.

This is the first of the 4-scent Aldi fall wax melt collections. The second fall collection came out in the third week of October, and we reviewed them HERE.

Fall Flannel Shirt
A lovely scent that smells kind of like Better Homes & Gardens Salted Coconut & Mahogany, a sweet coconut candy scent with vanilla and a hint of a cologney mahogany note. This scent is not nearly as sweet or coconutty (not sure if it even contains coconut), and it also contains cedar which I don't detect in the BHG scent. The mahogany note is also stronger in this scent. I really like it.

Pear Chestnut & Teak
A nice sweet, rich scent of pear and apple with a little bit of cinnamon and possibly a smidgen of nutmeg, but not enough to smell pumpkiny (and it's different from the Pumpkin Apple Fritter scent). It's not cinnamony enough to be an apple cinnamon scent, and it's not an apple cider scent either. Possibly apple juice? But I think there's another fruit in there besides pear and apple, possibly a smidgen of cranberry, although there are no bitter or sour notes. I've smelled this scent before though, and I think it's a dupe of an older apple scent from Aldi or by Hanna's Candle (the company that makes these wax melts). I like it, although I'm not getting chestnut, teak, or any woodsy notes at all.

Pumpkin Apple Fritter
A very nice, super sweet, rich scent of apple, nutmeg (which gives the apple a pumpkiny note), and cinnamon. It's not a pumpkin pie type scent, as there are no bakery notes. I like it!

Thankful Grateful Blessed
This smells like a combination of apple cider with a little bit of mulling spices, orange, candied ginger, a bit of cinnamon, and maybe a smidgen of cloves. Actually, it's pomander, which is indeed a combination of orange and apple with spices. But other pomander scented wax melts I've smelled in the past always had a weird sour note that I didn't like, which is why I think there are other notes in this scent that make it brighter and sweeter, and without that sour note. I really like this one.

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