Better Homes & Gardens Fall 2022 Wax Melts Reviews

August 12, 2022

Better Homes & Gardens Fall 2022 Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the new Better Homes & Gardens Fall 2022 Wax Melts made by Rimports (the company that makes ScentSationals wax melts) and MVP Group (the company that makes Mainstays wax melts).

Rimports wax melts' UPC codes start with 843283 and MVP Group wax melts' UPC codes with 721366. There is no difference in the scent quality, throw strength, or wax texture between the two manufacturers' Better Homes and Gardens wax melts.

These will be available at Walmart along with other Better Homes & Gardens Fall wax melts that have returned from previous years, and additional scents from a new "Harvest" collection by MVP Group.

Apple & Cedarwood
Herbs, Harvest Apple, Cedarwood, Blonde Woods, Amber, & White Musk
This is a sharp, vinegary scent with savory herbs like sage, blended with apple and maybe a hint of pine. It's not a sour, savory scent (like a salad), and it has a tiny bit of sweetness. It's a bit too tart for me. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting musk or any perfumey notes, but maybe that's where the smidgen of sweetness is coming from. I'm not sure if I smell cedar either, although it is a bit woodsy.

Apple & Spiced Poundcake
Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, Apple, Poundcake & Brown Sugar
Fantastic rich, warm, buttery scent of molasses, cloves and nutmeg, with a hint of apple, and a rich, salty note that smells a teensy bit like popcorn. It's sweet but not as sweet as other similar scents.

Balsam & Fir Cedar
Evergreen, cedar, blue spruce, and lush fir join resinous woods wrapped with wild holly, silver-tipped sage, and fragrant olibanum finished with smoky, ambered musk
Evergreen, Cedar, Blue Spruce, Sage & Amber
A fantastic warm, smoky, rich, slightly salty woodsy spruce scent with a bit of biting pine. It's not as biting as a lot of other pine scents, and might have just a hint of very slightly zesty herbs like rosemary. I love this scent! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting musk, olibanum (frankincense) or any perfumey or cologne type notes (this scent is not sweet at all).

Blood Orange & Kumquat
A dazzling burst of succulent blood orange, sweet orange zest, and sugar-dusted tangerine infused with the brilliant tartness of fresh kumquat layered with effervescent mandarin and harvest cranberry
Blood Orange, Sugared Tangerine, Orange Zest, Kumquat, Mandarin & Cranberry
I thought I wasn't going to like this scent because it doesn't smell that good to me on cold sniff, a little like Mainstays Amaretto & Blood Orange with that burnt orange note. But when melted, it's really good! It's a pungent, zesty, rich, slightly sour, almost lemony satsuma type scent. Kumquats have a lemony piney scent with a bitter note, and I'm definitely getting that along with the orange. It's a little sweet but more savory. Because it's so pungent though, it can be a little nauseating, but toning it down with a sweeter scent would probably help (I think it would smell great mixed with apple!)

Cactus & Sandalwood
Cactus Blossom, Pear, Melon, Golden Apple, Juniper Berry & Sandalwood
A fresh men's cologne or body wash scent with a light woodsy note, as well as herbal and grassy notes, a bit of black pepper, and maybe a smidgen of apple. Looking at the notes, on cold sniff I think I do get a smidgen of melon in the background (but not watermelon), but I don't get that when melting. It's a pleasant scent for any room of the house. This scent has returned from Spring 2022.

Cotton Flower & Musk
Bergamot, Cotton Flower, Jasmine, Freesia, Amber & Musk
I can't figure out exactly what I'm smelling, but it's quite pleasant. It's a mild fruity floral scent with a little bit of a milky vanilla note, a hint of bergamot (which gives scents a fresh, cologney note, although this is not a cologne type scent at all), a smidgen of cashmere (a slightly laundry type warm amber), maybe a smidgen of coconut, and a hint of peach. The peach is very subtle, maybe only 10% or 15% of the scent. It's a bit bland, but I really like it. Looking at the notes, they're spot on, although I'm surprised I don't see any fruit notes.

Lemon Balm & Cedar
Lemon and orange citrus blended with ivy, neroli, hint of jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood and musk
Lemons, Orange, Neroli, Jasmine, Lemon Balm, Sandalwood, Cedarwood & Musk
This is orange, not lemon, and I don't get any cedar. It's a fantastic, sunny orange with a rich, slightly salty, slightly zesty note, and a hint of lemon. Looking at the notes, I'm also not getting neroli, jasmine, or any floral notes, although perhaps the slight sweetness is indeed from floral notes (although I don't detect them per se). This scent has returned from March 2021.

Myrtle & Fern
Myrtle Leaf, Sage, Green Oak, Spiced Nettle, Gingerbread & Wood
A fresh, soapy, slightly sweet, very slightly savory, herbal scent with a note of bergamot (it has a teensy bit of a cologne note), and maybe a tiny bit of woodsy pine. I'm also getting a barely detectable hint of what smells a bit like ScentSationals Blackberry Lemonade (which may just be a smidgen of lemon and some kind of berry), along with just a smidgen of vinegary-ness. Despite all those other notes, it's really just an herbal scent, not a cologne, lemony, or fruity scent. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting gingerbread at all. I like it!

Neroli & Bergamot
Wild bergamot and zesty lemon mixed with the white floralcy of sunlit neroli wrapped in sweet orange blossom accents, night-blooming jasmine, blonde woods, and transparent musk
Neroli, Jasmine, Bergamot, Lemon, Blonde Woods
I'm definitely getting the neroli in this scent, although it's not as rich and distinct as most neroli or orange blossom or petitgrain type scents that are kind of similar to tuberose (a super rich, super sweet gardenia type scent). I think that richness and sweetness is tempered a bit by bergamot, which adds a slightly peppery, slightly citrusy men's cologne note (although this is not a cologne scent, but it's kind of a "masculine" floral). Maybe also a smidgen of sandalwood and vanilla in the background. I really like this scent! Looking at the notes, they're spot on. This scent has returned from Spring 2022.

Oak & Lavender
Oak, Red Cedar, Crushed Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot & Leather
This is not what I expected based on the name and notes. I thought it might be similar to Yankee Candle Dried Lavender & Oak (which smells like sweet lavender and a hint of wood). This scent, however, is salty, zesty and herbal, like rosemary, mixed with a little bit of lemon verbena. I'm not sure if I smell the lavender. Looking at the notes, there's the rosemary, but I'm not getting anything else, no oak or cedar (no woodsy notes), definitely no leather, but possibly a smidgen of bergamot (which may be the lemony note, and it does have a tiny bit of a fresh men's body wash vibe). I like it, and it's very familiar. Yes, I found it... it's almost exactly like (if not the same as) Better Homes & Gardens Clear Blue Oasis, although the notes are different.

Pear & Vanilla Bean
Harvest Pear, Cane Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon & Whipped Cream
Burnt caramel, vanilla, and a bit of pear. The slight burnt note actually works for this scent, and keeps it from being too sweet. The pear is subtle, maybe only 15% of the scent. I like it! Looking at the notes, I don't smell cinnamon.

Pumpkin & Pistachio
Creamy apple butter and salted pistachios blended with the rich notes of brown sugar and almond milk brulee infused with gently spiced pumpkin
Pumpkin Puree, Salted Pistachio, Apple Butter, Almond Milk, Creme Brulee & Brown Sugar
This scent is quite true to its name. It's mostly super sweet pistachio with sugary marshmallow vanilla, and maybe even a hint of caramel or brown sugar. I'm also getting a hint of nutmeg that does give this a tiny bit of a pumpkin note, and I think I'm getting a barely detectable smidgen of cinnamon apple. I think it also has almond in it, but the almond has a tiny bit of a perfumey note, like almond scented skin cream. Fantastic scent! Looking at the notes, they're spot on! So I'm getting around 50% pistachio; 20% apple and nutmeg; 15% vanilla, marshmallow, caramel and brown sugar; 15% almond scented skin cream.

Both Rimports and MVP Group are putting out the same exact Better Homes & Gardens scent for this season. The Rimports version has a rust colored label and wax, and the MVP Group version has a greyish blue label and wax. Both versions are available at Walmart stores and on their website as of the date of this review. They smell exactly the same, with the same throw and wax consistency, although due to different batches I think the MVP version has a barely detectable smidgen more of the pistachio and is a teensy bit sweeter.

Roasted Chestnut & Acorns
Fire Roasted Chestnut, Acorn, Gingered Pumpkin, Hickory, Maple & Tonka
Salty, rich, slightly buttery, slightly smoky chestnut with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon and a little bit of milky vanilla and/or sandalwood (a milky woodsy note). Looking at the notes, the smokiness is from the hickory (just a bit), the milky vanilla could be the tonka, and the nutmeg and cinnamon are the gingered pumpkin. This scent has just a tiny bit of sweetness, which could be the maple, although I don't detect maple per se. Fantastic scent!

Rose & Sandalwood
Milky white sandalwood and luminous musk embracing fragrant rose petals and shimmers of soft lavender atop gently spiced cedar warmed with Irish amber and crushed vanilla bean
Clove, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, Sweet Pea & Mandarin Leaf
This smells like a combination of milky sandalwood, a bit of lavender, and very slightly smoky roasted chestnuts. On cold sniff it's just a tiny bit sweet, but not when melted. I don't detect rose at all when melted, although maybe just a smidgen on cold sniff only because I know it's supposed to be there. Looking at the notes, the only one I'm getting is sandalwood and lavender (which, strangely, is in the description but not the notes on the label). No rose (or extremely subtle), and definitely zero orange. Maybe what I think is roasted chestnuts is actually the combination of the sandalwood and clove, although I don't smell clove per se. I like this scent, even though it's not what I expected based on the name and notes.

Salted Coconut & Mahogany
A woody blend with a tropical twist of creamy coconut melding with white mahogany and soft elements of crushed lavender
Citrus, Herbal, Wood, Coconut & Vanilla
This scent has returned from Spring 2021. It's a sweet foodie coconut with vanilla and a hint of a cologney mahogany note. It smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens White Tahitian Woods (but that scent doesn't have the cologne note) and quite a bit like ScentSationals Coconut Sands (which is more coconutty and slightly less sweet). Melted, it smells a bit like super sweet coconut candy, which makes it smell almost exactly like Sonoma Coconut Mahogany (but just a tinge less sweet). Fantastic scent! Looking at the notes, I don't detect any citrus or herbal notes, but I do get a tiny bit of lavender. This scent has returned from March 2021.

Like Pumpkin & Pistachio, both Rimports and MVP Group are putting out the same scent with different colored wax and labels (Rimports' has a tan label and wax, MVP Group has a grey label and wax). Both versions are available at Walmart stores and on their website as of the date of this review. They're the same exact scent with the same throw and wax consistency.

Sea Moss & Sage
Wild bergamot splashed over white minerals and salted sage amid attractive elements of aquatic sea kelp, warm cedar, and transparent musk
Sea Moss, Sea Salt, Sage, Bergamot, Citrus Zest & Warm Cedar
A salty, savory, slightly zesty green herbal scent (the sage) with a bit of sweetness that would make it smell a little bit like men's body wash if it were sweeter. I do get a little bit of that moss note. It's a nice scent. This scent has returned from Spring 2022.

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